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Thu 29 Nov 2012
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Rating and Game Concept Information
This game will be rated Mature and, while an official statement of age is not required for mature games, I would like for you to tell me your age in your RTJ so that I know what kind of a game to run for you. The way a 15 year old would like his game run would probably be different than a 30 year old. Maybe I'm wrong. If you have a specific style of game in mind, let me know.

This game is a collection of various stories within the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. They are not likely to intersect with one another, although the world around them may be affected by what other characters have done.

The FR campaign setting is only being used as a backdrop for the purpose of geography and general info on various cities and other locations. This does not mean that the history will be exactly as written in the book.

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