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Chapter 2: The Halls of Carendisal
The throne room of Carendisal shines resplendent as ever. The golden walls rise to meet the gilded roof seventy feet above. Richly adorned tapestries hang from the walls at ten foot intervals, each depicting a famed scene from Thane's history. A rich, sapphire blue carpet extends across the bossed mahogany floor like a bridge from the room's massive entrance doors to the raised platform at the far end upon which four thrones are set.

In the largest and most extravagantly carved of these an elderly man is seated. King Algedain Carendil II of Thane. The throne beside his rests empty, as it has done since the death of Queen Illindra Carendil almost a decade ago. Her sapphire tiara rests upon it in lasting memory of her. The second pair of thrones are set down one platform from that of the King's throne. To the King's right is a less extravagant version of the king's throne. Seated upon it is the young and muscular form of Prince Marabir Carendil, High Prince and heir to the Throne of Thane. To the right of the Queen's throne a small chair stands, elegantly carved but hardly worthy of being called a throne. The hawk-eyed and elfin form of Lord Morfion is seated upon it.

Around the platform stand the King's bodyguard, an elite group comprised of two dozen of Thane's most celebrated warriors. Scattered about the room are a further two dozen of Thane's most important nobles. Before the thrones stands the muscular and armoured form of Prince Tyronius Carendil, brother of Marabir and second in line to the throne. His attention, like all of those gathered, is upon the small party that stands in the centre of the room.

Their attention is well-earned. The last time so many Varim stood inside the throne room of the High Palace of Carendisal, Falandis the Just of Thane and all but one of his heirs (a son with no head for diplomacy, fortuitously absent hunting) met a sudden and untimely end. Today, however, the Varim gathered in the centre of the room show no such signs of evil intent. They are led by an eyreth knight, armed in darksteel and silver, whose haughty bearing, jeweled shield and magnificently forged mace mark her as one of the most high-ranking nobles in Mereldinor. At her side stands Rylthara Dyr, representative of House Dyr, a slender, beautiful mage who runs her eyes along Marabir's young and muscular form with a disconcertingly lascivious gleam. The other two representatives of the Ruling Council-- an ancient institution comprised of the four most powerful Houses in the ice-city of Mereldinor-- stand behind. These are Salmyr Quenessi of House Quenessi, a youthful-looking eyrin garbed in black silk stitched with silver thread, and Falnis Orthran, garbed today in the purple and silver of House Orthran, known (and infamous) to many in Thane, as a thief, liar and assassin. A small bodyguard of armed elves stands about them, though since the Ruling Four trust each other about as much as a fox trusts a farmer's bow, the guards are few and their weapons too ornate for war.

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King Algedain Carendil II
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Chapter 2: The Halls of Carendisal
"Thane greets you, honourable representatives of Mereldinor," Algedain says regally from his throne, "Our noble land appreciates the assistance that you, our staunch allies, have graciously extended to our kingdom, and are confident that with our combined knowledge and resources we shall find answers to all of the mysteries that have been unearthed of late."
Salmyr Quenessi
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Chapter 2: The Halls of Carendisal
"Honorable, mm? Somehow, I do not think the old man is directing that at us," Salmyr mutters beneath his breath to Falnis.
Falnis Orthran
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Chapter 2: The Halls of Carendisal
Falnis seems busy admiring the opulence of his surroundings and trying to avoid Marabir's accusing gaze.
Githrya Arashi
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Chapter 2: The Halls of Carendisal
Githrya, meanwhile, steps forward, ignoring both of her fellow ambassadors.

"Indeed. Mereldinor thanks you for your," Githrya's lips twist sourly, but she manages to force out, "open-minded acceptance of the aid the Ruling Council has offered you. Though our history with Thane has been... tumultuous at times, we are confident that we can move past this crisis together, and use it as an opportunity to further build the strength of both our nations."