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Fri 8 Feb 2013
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E1S9 - 'Pacific Time' Clock and Watch Shop - Time Keeper
[OOC: The name for your shop just came to me. :) If you hate it, I'll change it to whatever you like.]

Ben, you woke up this morning with a dream in your head--one of those dreams; the ones that sometimes come true.

There's a shipwreck, gigantic steel cables lashed around a big fishing trawler... The ship is dragged down, leaving only bubbles and a few fish floating to the surface...

You couldn't shake it, but you couldn't do much about it, either. There was no way to tell where or when the ship would be endangered. Later, having lunch at your watchmaker's shop, you caught a TV news piece about the Coast Guard rescuing a bunch of Japanese fishermen whose trawler went down. The interviews with the survivors must have been badly translated; they were full of stuff about a blue man, and a woman who made things explode, and believe-it-or-not a giant squid.

You're just finishing your lunch, when a vision strikes again:

A building, shaped like a chopped-off pyramid with balconies... It's surrounded by police cars. The vision is so real you can hear the sirens... There's a sudden shift; the police cars are gone. You somehow know that you're seeing the same exact time, just not the same exact future. Everything looks normal... Suddenly, the building explodes in a massive fireball!

You know that building! You're sure you've driven past it before, over on the east side of Akamai City, where you can see Molokai from the highway.
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Fri 8 Feb 2013
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Re: E1S9 - 'Pacific Time' Clock and Watch Shop - Time Keeper
Knowing that time was of the essence when it came to his visions Ben quickly scribbled a note on a piece of card and stuck it in his shop window and headed for the door, the note simply read - back in 10-

Taking his car he headed onto the highway but morning traffic being what it was he started to waste too much time so pulling over into a deserted side street he locked his car up and pulling a mask over his head legged it.

As soon as his bind contacted the power within him that link his very being to time itself he was moving like a blur. The world around him slowed as he moved and within seconds he was sliding to a stop outside the building in his dreams.
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Sat 9 Feb 2013
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Re: E1S9 - 'Pacific Time' Clock and Watch Shop - Time Keeper
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[OOC: Take your next action in E1S8 - Southern Shore facility. :)]