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E2S2 - U. of Hawai'i-Akamai Campus - Nereid
The following day finds you in the science building, in a laboratory. Taggart's artifact is inside an electron microscope's sealed chamber.

The toolmarks confirm Taggart's theory; it's a neolithic artifact, between six and ten thousand years old. The electron microscope would be able to detect even a molecule of metal left by a modern tool in any of the grooves, and there are none. This was carved by someone using lithic reduction techniques, chipping away stone with another stone tool.

You look closer at the high-magnification screen. There are occasional tiny flashes of light, like sparkles. One little flash every minute or so--if you weren't looking at the screen so hard, you'd never notice them.

Brent, your part-time office assistant pops his head in the door. "Dr. Maheloni? The gas chromatograph readouts just came in." He passes you a department-issue iPad, showing a complex graph. The artifact's chemical makeup is silicon dioxide, molecularly configured as the mineral chalcedony, with some moganite inclusions. Typical mineralogy for the Black Sea and Ural Mountains area.

The artifact seems to be just what Taggart thinks it is, although those tiny flashes are distinctly odd...

Just then, your phone rings. It's an appointment reminder: You're supposed to meet the other superheroes from yesterday at some place called 'Blue Sea Research & Development'.
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Re: E2S2 - U. of Hawai'i-Akamai Campus - Nereid
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Oh shoot..lost track of time again..

Kai breathes for a moment and calms herself.

A rushing around will accomplish less than being a few minutes late. She thinks

She then meticulously documents her findings and carefully puts the piece in its secure holding location.

Then she plugs the name blue sea research and development into her phone's search engine and them pops the address into her GPS app.

Leaving he tells Brent
, I have an off campus meeting. Lock up when you leave.
Oh, I looked over your paper for Dr. Hall...your paper is fine, good search , excellent grammar.
 Don't worry. Hall is difficult on his upper level students, but Egypt is his passion. It is like he lived there or something.

Also, none of us always get As every Phd on campus has a few Bs along the way.  Best of luck

And with that she heads out to her smart car and follows the GPS to find the others.
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Re: E2S2 - U. of Hawai'i-Akamai Campus - Nereid
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Brent smiles at your encouragement. "Thanks! I'll be lucky to pull a 'B' in Dr. Hall's class--he's a great lecturer, but he's fierce when it comes to grades."

Brent's a good student, just a little high-strung. He doesn't deal well with stress, despite going to school in laid-back Hawai'i.

Your GPS indicates that Blue Sea is located on the northern edge of Akamai City, in the Nimitz Bay area near the container port. It's an odd neighborhood for a research and development company, but a good place to be semi-anonymous.

[OOC: Thank you for Dr. Hall. He's going to be fun. :) Continue in E2S3 - Blue Sea R&D unless you have errands you'd like to run on the way.]
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Re: E2S2 - U. of Hawai'i-Akamai Campus - Nereid
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OOC: you are welcome, I couldn't resist the homage when I thought about it. I will as fast my smart car can take me to the others (and change into super duds) so I don't want to jump in before I am suppose to , so let me know when I arrive.

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Re: E2S2 - U. of Hawai'i-Akamai Campus - Nereid
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[OOC: You can show up just as Todd does, to save time. I'll edit his arrival entry.]