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Wed 10 Apr 2013
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E2S7 - The Ross Ice Shelf - Everyone
Another two days and nights of travel, and the Kiyomi Maru reaches the rendezvous point Ian decrypted from the mecha-squid's programming. It's at the very edge of the Ross Ice Shelf, extending from the frozen shore of Antarctica.

March is the beginning of winter in Antarctica, the air temperature is barely 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Those of you on deck have broken out the ship's cold weather gear.

Dr. Ishida is moving the ship slowly, as close to the ice as he dares. The view is spectacular, if desolate; stark white ice-plain, and mountains in the distant interior of Antarctica.

Those of you using binoculars spot something out on the ice. Scale is difficult to judge, with no reference points, but it seems to be large: A conical silver shape, swaying slowly back and forth, it's motion showing no relation to the blowing of the wind.
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Wed 10 Apr 2013
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Re: E2S7 - The Ross Ice Shelf - Everyone
Ian configures his sub to use the reflective ice to perform a sensor sweep of the area, hoping to avoid Ishida using more disruptive forms of sensing and detecting.

OOC: Amm-Fibian rolled 5,5 using d6,d6 ((5,5))
Int = 9, Investigation +2
Total 11
(I used Int instead of Awareness since he is using tech to have a look.)

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Wed 10 Apr 2013
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Re: E2S7 - The Ross Ice Shelf - Everyone
You focus your sensors upward through the ice, compensating for it's density and refractive index. Your screen shows something quite extraordinary. A mecha-squid, standing upright on it's tentacle cluster, moving with laborious slowness across the ice field!

Beyond it, coming from the direction of the rugged shore beyond the ice shelf, is a long, low, metallic... vehicle? There is a ripple of motion down it's sides, low to the ground, and it seems to be articulated in the fashion of a human-built train.

THe Kiyomi Maru approaches closer to the solid ice, moving slowly to avoid floating chunks nearly her own size. The edge of the ice shelf is a frozen cliff eighteen or twenty feet high here, at what seems like it's lowest point for many miles in either direction. The cliff edge rises to fifty or even a hundred feet in some places, and segments of that edge occasionally calve off, forming small icebergs.

Dr. Ishida says "We're as close to the ice as we can safely get. The currents here are unpredictable. Todd, can you throw the stern anchor into the ice hard enough for it to catch? Then the sea anchor in the bow should keep us out of danger."
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Wed 10 Apr 2013
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Re: E2S7 - The Ross Ice Shelf - Everyone
Todd puts down the metal rod he's been twisting for hours. "Finally, a chance to do something useful,"

He eagerly leaps to his feet, grabs the anchor, and asks, "how far out?"

[This gives me chance to ask how much it weighs, and if I need a strength roll to make the distance. Otherwise just co-ord, yes?

Coordination 6 Roll 1 = 7.]

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Wed 10 Apr 2013
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Re: E2S7 - The Ross Ice Shelf - Everyone
Ian shares the scan information with the ship above.
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Thu 11 Apr 2013
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Re: E2S7 - The Ross Ice Shelf - Everyone
You heft the anchor as the motors pay out anchor chain. It's a very high-tech design, more like a pair of pivoting plow-blades than the symbolic 'anchor' shape people are familiar with. It's a heavy chunk of chromium steel with two sharp edges; you figure it ought to fly pretty straight.

It does! Anchor-chain shrieks through the reels, and the anchor buries itself a fathom deep in the low ice-cliff, a short distance from the top. With the bow sea-anchor drawing the ship in the direction of the current, the chain snaps taut almost immediately.

Everyone aboard:
"Come take a look! Ian's passing up sensor data from under the ice shelf." Ishida-san twiddles the controls to one side of his 'driver's seat' and manages to reconfigure a cockpit display to show Ian's feed.

The video is badly color-corrected, but watchable in real-time. The slow rocking motion of the mecha-squid as it 'walks' toward it's destination is in sharp contrast to the almost fluid movements of the train-like vehicle coming out to meet it.

You can see the images as well, through the clear bubble of Ian's mini-sub, on his display screen. The water here is cold; cold enough to be uncomfortable. Fortunately, the impeller-drive of the mini-sub dumps it's waste heat into the water passing through it.
[OOC: Sooner or later, you'll face an environment-based Compel: Away from the sub the water is too cold, and if you go topside to bundle up you'll start to dry out. Cheers. :)]

[OOC: Are you putting everyone into a telepathic link again?]
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Thu 11 Apr 2013
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Re: E2S7 - The Ross Ice Shelf - Everyone
In reply to DainXB - GM (msg # 6):

folks hear a soft voice in their heads.

Hey, it's me again. Remember I am only reading forethoughts…so you have to think the words you want to send to the loop. If anyone is uncomfortable with this just let me know.