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Thu 26 Sep 2013
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E3S7 - Blue Sea R&D Lab - Angelfish, Time Keeper
Dr Ishida is so startled when you surface in the moon pool carrying Time Keeper's limp form over one shoulder that he drops his cigarette. "What happened? Are you alright? Is he alright?"

Time Keeper:
You were submerged briefly as Angelfish made her escape, and once again when she dove under the lab to get to the underwater access. The repeated dunkings have restored you to consciousness. Maybe they were also responsible for the soaking rain in your nightmare... or maybe that was a true vision of the past...
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Fri 27 Sep 2013
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Re: E3S7 - Blue Sea R&D Lab - Angelfish, Time Keeper

Angelfish lays Time Keeper out on the lab floor, and quickly begins divesting herself of the armor.  As soon as she can speak, she explains...

"I don't know what to do for Ben, I think he over did it with his powers... he just collapsed." She kneels down beside him, checking his pulse and breathing.  Angela's medical training is limited to first aid courses and comparative biology, but Ben seems to be coming around...

"That explosion we felt?  It was some armored lunatic calling himself TechKnight.  He claimed he was trying to force the authorities to investigate the ship, show them the truth and reveal the "cover up".  He was trying to cause a gas leak, maybe a bigger explosion...  Ben certainly saw a huge disaster in the near future...  I think he pushed too hard..."

She pauses as Time Keeper opens his eyes...
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Fri 27 Sep 2013
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Re: E3S7 - Blue Sea R&D Lab - Angelfish, Time Keeper
It took a few minutes for Ben ti bring his tattered mind out of the time stream and back to reality, a lot of thoughts were going on in it that he had no answers for. As the real world righted itself for him he slowly groaned and opened his eyes.

His first thought was he'd died and gone to heaven then he realised he was still breathing and the blurred image before him wasn't and angel in the biblical sense but and angel he knew well.

with a croaky voice " any chance of a drink of water..." he managed to say through dry lips.

After a moment he looked up into his friends concerned face and smiled " Don't fret .... I'm ok just allowed the time stream to get the better of me for a moment.... man what a rush that was...." he didn't elaborate on his comment but changed the subject

" did we manage to stop that jerk in the armour? " he then looked round for the first time and saw the doctor standing off to one side " Hi there Dr didn't know you made house calls." he then broke down into  fit of laughter over his own joke which quickly turned into a raking cough which doubled him over of a moment and took his breath away. laying back down on the cold metal floor he closed his eyes " I think I'll lay here for a moment if thats OK? I think if I attempt to get up you might be cleaning up last nights chicken curry off your sub"