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Fri 22 Nov 2013
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E3S11 - Todd's Apartment - Todd
Morning (as usual) comes all too soon, but your meditation routine waits for no man!

μ-90 always manages to know what you've been up to lately. It's like he can read your mind--the trouble is, you can't read his back. "Been keeping the Late Chalcolithic safe for mysterious flying chicks and 'gamblers', huh? I had to do a little research to even figure out what that place you were in was for. You primitives and your 'money'..." The image of μ-90 in your head shakes his head in disbelief.

Your future-sensei may not believe in money, but you do. You've got a shift at the Finest Yakitori Cafe, plus you've promised to help out Nereid... and then you click on the news:

There's been an explosion or a gas leak or something at the container port. The video is kind of confusing. Karen Kwan on DTN news is reporting live from the scene... Holy Crap, that looks like Time Keeper and Angelfish! And Ty'daal! And what's-his-name, the detective with the MIB!

Suddenly the video cuts out, and there's a scramble as the news anchor back at the studio is caught unawares. Then the on-location video comes back--a tight close-up of a pretty teenaged girl in a bikini, being interviewed by Karen Kwan. "Oh, well, like, there was this boom, and then some screams, and a pretty big splash. Now it seems mostly over. Except for the sensationalizing by the media, it was a relatively small event really. Not much to see here at all."
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Sun 24 Nov 2013
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Re: E3S11 - Todd's Apartment - Todd
"So you're dumb as a rock about history. Fair enough, oh descendent-to-be, but not something to brag about."

Todd maintains a light meditation as he moves to his bedroom to get into his crime-fighting costume. Which looks almost identical to what he wears everyday, mainly because it is. Fancy costumes cost more than a kitchen hand at Finest Yakitori Cafe can afford.

"Catch ya, kid. Don't wait up," Todd thinks as he cuts the connection, then bounds out the window towards the port.
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Sun 24 Nov 2013
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Re: E3S11 - Todd's Apartment - Todd

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