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Fri 3 Jan 2014
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E3S16 - Somewhere Outside of Time - TK
Time Keeper:
You're standing on... something. Wherever you are, there's probably ground, probably sky. You probably have a body. She certainly has.

She has masses of black curls, and a Mediterranean complexion. Her nose is too aquiline and her eyes too deeply set for conventional beauty—yet she is utterly enthralling. Her contralto voice holds laughter. "Such an earnest young man; so eager to aid his friends, regardless of the cost to himself."

You realize that her lips aren't moving as she speaks. You get a sense of motion, as if she is walking a slow, speculative circle aound you, yet somehow she never leaves your sight — or whatever sense you use to percieve this non-place.

"So willing to sacrifice. Do you not realize that you are living on borrowed time?"

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Sat 4 Jan 2014
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Re: E3S16 - Somewhere Outside of Time - TK
As the light come back and his vision returned his first thought was he had died then the voice brought his wondering mind back into focus. This meant he was not dead but where was he?

He relaxed slightly giving his future over to time and a slight smile crossed his face when the woman's voice told him he was on borrowed time.

"We are all on borrowed time" he repled in a calm voice " its not the amount of time we have its how we use it. If I'm to die today then I am happy that I used my time well and that I gave my friends extra time to do what they needed to to to help the inoccent from suffering."
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Sat 4 Jan 2014
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Re: E3S16 - Somewhere Outside of Time - TK
Time Keeper:
That musical laughter returns to her voice. "'All'? Hardly!" She reaches out a graceful hand, stroking the back of a finger down your cheek. "Poor mortal, you can see time itself, yet you cannot see destiny. You think I refer to 'borrowed time' as a metaphor for human life-spans!" She shakes her head sadly, but you sense the mockery in that gesture. Whether it's mockery of you or mockery of the emotion of sadness, you cannot determine. "Your time is literally borrowed--and a working of that magnitude could scarcely escape my notice, even a world away!"
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Sat 4 Jan 2014
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Re: E3S16 - Somewhere Outside of Time - TK
"Ah I think I see" he said in a whisper " my pulling and pushing of the time stream, my manipulation of it borrows time for a time?" He asked with a light tone.

"And this borrowing of time has drawn me to your attention. I take it I'm in the presence of an.... And I mean no disrespect .... An entity of vast power...." He turned to face her " now all I have to work out is have I awakened a slumbering beast or a Devine being...."

He looked her in the eye and for the first time since he got his powers felt totally at ease with them. His mind went out to touch his surroundings gauging whether he was in a time stream or not. He did it with an open ease, not wanting this being in front of him to think he was trying something underhanded

"So here we are now what? Time waits for no man and I have friends to protect"

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Mon 6 Jan 2014
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Re: E3S16 - Somewhere Outside of Time - TK
Time Keeper:
"You see nothing!" She scoffs. "Your actions merely ride the currents of time; amusing for me to observe, but you do not alter destiny. That working was reserved for your ancestor."

She whirls, her white dress spinning around sandaled feet, and with a gesture opens a... window... in the non-space that you share. "Time waits for no man--except you, of course!" She chuckles. "But destiny; destiny waited for him!" Through the window you see a figure; a man hunched over some arcane device, his body shielding it from a tropical rainstorm. "The audacity of it! A mortal contending with the forces of Death itself!"

As you watch, your time-sense shows you the time streams flowing in that window upon the past. In a flash of lightning the man vanishes, leaving only a view of a graveyard in the rain--but you see the timestream twist in impossible ways, forming a multidimensional knot of blackened strands!

"Audacity carries a price, of course; destiny cannot be denied forever. But until your borrowed time comes to it's end, I have a rare opportunity to study the knot in destiny's skein." You sense a certain predatory desire behind her words; She wants to learn something; and for her, obviously, knowledge is power...
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Wed 8 Jan 2014
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Re: E3S16 - Somewhere Outside of Time - TK
Time keeper got the feeling he was a bug being examined by a being of vastly superior power than him. When he looked through the time window into the past he felt he knew the figure they were watching.

When he suddenly disappeared time keeper gasped, did the figure teleport or, no that wasn't possible, could it have moved out of time.

He put all these thoughts to the back f his mind he needed to know what this beings intentions were.

" then I suggest that if you have finished playing with me. Showing me things I don't at the moment understand that you place me back in your playground and watch what I'm capable of with the borrowed time I have"

"Unless you have any constructive advice to give that is"

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Fri 10 Jan 2014
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Re: E3S16 - Somewhere Outside of Time - TK
Her eyes spark with inner fire. "Advice from the Sorceress Supreme? Costly, so very costly... But your price has already been paid, hasn't it?" Again, the womans voice holds laughter. "Learn to bend destiny to your will as did your ancestor! Or, failing that; try not to die before I discover his secret for myself!"

She raises a hand, and a bronze wand is suddenly held between her tapered fingers.
"Αντίο, θνητός!"

With that, you suddenly--some might say catastrophically--re-enter the timestream!

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