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Sun 16 Mar 2014
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E4S2 - Dr. Taggart's Office - Nereid, Todd
Lt. Moleta gets you to the warehouse district of Nimitz Bay in record time. Six blocks away from "Ancient Seas Antiques", he shuts off the lights and sirens in his otherwise-unmarked car. The parking lot behind the warehouse is deserted except for a late-model Lexus sedan. The external metal stairs gleam faintly in the light from the fixture above the business' door--a door which apears to be ajar... "OK, Doctor, we'll back your play. Call me now on your cellphone, and leave the line open. If things go bad, we'll be inside in seconds."
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Mon 17 Mar 2014
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Re: E4S2 - Dr. Taggart's Office - Nereid, Todd
In reply to DainXB - GM (msg # 1):

Okay, I have the decoy and here is the cell phone call.

After slipping the cell phone into her purse, Todd and Lt. Moleta hear her psychic link

But rest assured I won't be trusting the cell tower to be my only connection to you guys

And she takes a deep breath, exits the car and heads for Taggart's office.
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Tue 18 Mar 2014
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Re: E4S2 - Dr. Taggart's Office - Nereid, Todd
Todd watches her wander off.

He stares at his watch. Tick... tick... tick...

"Huh. This stakeout thing kinda sucks in the excitement stakes."

He looks at the building Nereid is heading towards, scanning for hidden lookouts or electronic surveillance devices. After thirty seconds he realizes he doesn't have a clue what to actually look for, unless the bad guys are dumb enough to hang a sign out saying "hidden lookout and surveillance device here".

"Hang on a second, Lieutenant. This is gonna look a bit weird."

He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and morphs into his evolved form. His head expands and his hair recedes. Three breaths later he opens his eyes and looks again.

I'm using my Evolution Futuristic power to bump my intellect to 6, and I'll spend a Determination point to stunt a "scan for hidden watchers" roll.

Intellect 6 + Roll -1 = 5.

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Thu 20 Mar 2014
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Re: E4S2 - Dr. Taggart's Office - Nereid, Todd

You swing the door open, noting in the process that the lock is locked--it's just that the doorframe has been splintered apart on the inside, where the deadbolt broke through. The outer office appears empty, the lights are off. The door to Taggart's inner office is standing open, and light is spilling out onto the anteroom carpet.

Detective Makaiau slides away from you in the back seat, pressing himself up against the car door.

With your evolved intellect, you scan the parking lot and the visible sides of the warehouse. The moon is low in the sky still; combined with the streetlights, the building and external stairs cast long shadows across the empty parking spaces. The warehouse is essentially a huge cube, straight sided and flat roofed. But the exaggerated cast shadow of the roofline has a slight bump, as if someone were crouching down 5.3 meters from the northeast corner of the building. That location would give an excellent vantage point for observing the stairs and Dr. Taggart's door.
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Thu 20 Mar 2014
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Re: E4S2 - Dr. Taggart's Office - Nereid, Todd
In reply to DainXB - GM (msg # 4):

Nereid yells into the office

Hello? Really we are doing the creepy wrecked office thing? Cause after the shadow creature killer thing was really all the horror-mystery cliches I want to deal with today.