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Thu 20 Mar 2014
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E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
Time Keeper:
The ferry trip to Kona on the big island was pleasant. The bus-ride to the edge of the Kau Forest Reserve was less so, surrounded by tourists, backpackers, and hikers. Still, standing in the shade of the trees at the foot of the towering volcano, you have to admit that you can't beat the scenery.

David stalls for a few minutes, allowing the other day-trippers to spread out along the various trails. "OK, you said you could do... whatever it is you do... and save us a day's hike. Mea A'a Ka'aukai spends most of his time up there." He points toward the treeline circling the upper slopes. "There's a spring at about four thousand feet, right in the middle of the Reserve. That's where I met him before."
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Fri 21 Mar 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
Ben suggested they take one of the lesser used paths then once they were away from the crowd. He looked up where David had pointed.

Holding out his hands " OK my friend welcome to the Time Keeper Express, will passengers please keep their arms within the vehicle at all times and at no point are you to spit ..... it stings when it hits you in the face at high speed."

With that he picked up his friend and reaching into the time stream grasped the one heading for the spring and pulled himself along it getting faster as he went.

As they moved out he zipped between trees and up vertical cliff faces until they reached the area David had indicated. Slowing he came to a gentle stop and placed his friend firmly on the ground. Letting him catch his breath

"Ok lead the way from here"
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Sat 22 Mar 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
David drops to a seated position on a dry lava-stone wall at the edge of the trail. "That was... intense!" He looks a little woozy. "I think my ears popped...twice..." Not unreasonable, since you've traveled four thousand feet up as well as five miles inland.

Just beyond the dry-stacked black stones is a natural spring forming a small waterfall into a deep blue pool. A parks department sign lists all the things that you aren't allowed to do in or near the spring, but even that blatant intrusion of modernity doesn't mar the timeless quality of the spot.

Suddenly, you sense someone standing behind you, despite not hearing anyone approach. He is short and slender, with wiry muscles and white hair, probably sixty years old. He's wearing a barkcloth malo in the old traditional style, a brilliant-blue kihei cloak tossed over one shoulder, and flip-flops. His frown is fierce.

"So we meet at last, Kiko Manawa*. Know that I would have preserved your destiny, if I had been able."

*"Time Keeper" in Hawai'ian. (I think. :) )
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Sat 22 Mar 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
At the sound of the voice ben's instincts kicked in and he went into a defensive stance stepping in front of David to protect him. At the same time he reached into the time stream and grasped present time in both hands ready to fight or run with his friend.

"You know it's not polite to sneak up on people....even if you are an elder." He said " David here suggested I come to see you but from your words so far it seems you expected me ..... And please don't try to play me for a fool I will know if you do by reading your time line into the future."

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Sun 23 Mar 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
The old man raises an open palm toward you. "I play no one for a fool--I have found that fools do that well enough for themselves." His eyes are half-closed, yet you feel that he is aware of the slightest motions in the world around him.

As you grasped the time stream, you felt a sense of great age. The age of this place, this spring and it's waterfall, but also the age of this man. He's far older than he appears to be. He's a kahuna; not in the silly way haole surfers use the word, but the real thing; a "keeper of secrets"--a shaman.

"From your inception, I have expected you. The alteration of your destiny made it inevitable that we should one day meet." His frown deepens, and his eyes grow sad. "Your grandfather's actions saw to that."
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Mon 24 Mar 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
Ben's eyes blazed with anger at the mention of his beloved grandfather " Don't you dare lay this on my grandfather, he was a good compassionate and honourable man."

He stepped forward slightly " Tell me what you think you need to ..... not even I have seen this meeting taking place in the future of times .... so speak so I can get off this mountain and back to my messed up chaotic life"
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Thu 27 Mar 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
Mea A`a Kaʻaukai shakes his head angrily. "Your grandfather was a misguided fool, meddling with forces he could barely concieve, let alone understand!" His brow furrows. "I am kahuna nui, skilled in the ten arts, Master of the Night Rainbow, and I would not have dared to twist destiny itself, no matter the reason! He saved your life, ended his own, and shattered time itself in the doing of it." He turns away, gazing into the waterfall. "The price of that act lays heavily upon the world--and upon you most of all."
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Fri 28 Mar 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
Ben staggered slightly as if he'd been hit and the wind was knocked out of his sails at the way this man spoke of his grandfather.

His shoulders sagged visibly as he turned to look out over the landscape. " tell me what happened .... I've always had a feeling that something was not right with me ....something out of place...out of time..... the women said as much in her sly cryptic way..."

He turned back to the old man" I need to know everything.... I need to see if I can put it all right"
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Fri 28 Mar 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
The old man raises his hands, and hums faint words. A mist drifts out of the waterfall, settling over the pool like a thin coating of fog. "Look into the mist. See the time before time, which even you cannot grasp."

:You see yourself, only a year or two younger than you are now. You don't remember the particular day, or what errand you were on. You cross a busy street...

The younger you never saw the car that killed him.

The vision in the mist changes. A funeral; your family, heads bowed, around a casket. Your father and your grandfather are both there; beneath their sorrow, they seem angry at one another...:

Mea A`a Kaʻaukai's voice is quiet. "If you cast your powers back through the time stream, you will not find these days. That does not mean that they have always been untrue."
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Tue 1 Apr 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
"No!! That's not right...." Ben starts pacing "NO! This is a lie... You lie... You are trying to trick me....."

He falls quiet and looks at David pleading " tell him.... Tell him he's lying...."

Turning he looked directly at the old man then dived into the time stream following the strands of his life back, ever back trying to prove to the old man, to himself that what he had just seen was a lie.
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Wed 2 Apr 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
Your memories don't match the vision in the mist--but your precognitive sense can detect... something... about the vision. The "texture", the "flavor", of that set of images; it's just like your visions of the future that are true.

You blink, returning to the present, and the vision in the mist is gone. So is the old man!

You realize that David is speaking. "...he's kind of a recluse, you know. I don't know, maybe he had some reason not to come by the spring today." He shrugs. "Could be it's fate, right? Your destiny wasn't to cross paths with Mea A`a Kaʻaukai this time." David inhales deeply, and looks out at the sea. "The trip was worth it anyway, though, just for the view."

He doesn't seem to realize that anything at all has happened...
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Sat 5 Apr 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
Ben shook his head to clear it "yeah ....yeah you must be right. Perhaps we should try again some other time."
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Thu 10 Apr 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
realising that David was unaware of what had just taken place Ben suggested they head back before it got dark.

Once again he picked his friend up and using his powers got them off the mountain in double quick time then took more mundane transport back to the city.
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Thu 10 Apr 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
[OOC: I'm having some scene-timing problems. :/ You and Ian are now about 12 hours ahead of Angelfish, Ty'daal, Todd, and Nereid. Sorry I had to stall you a while as I tried to sort things out...]

Aboard the ferry back to Akamai City, you and David are standing at the railing, watching the city's skyline come into view as you approach Aumakua. Suddenly, you are staggered by a precognitive vision!

Explosions, gunfire, destruction--all in the streets of your beloved city! Massive tanks crushing cars in the streets; peculiar, futuristic aircraft sweeping through the skies, twisting between buildings! Panicking citizens running in all directions!

David looks at you as you stagger against the rail. "Are you getting seasick? You look kind of... pale and green."
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Fri 11 Apr 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
Ben gripped the rails so tightly his knuckles went white " ..... Damn ..." he moaned as the vision evaporated before his minds eye.

turning to David looking pale and sick " .... I just had a time vision ..... like a film of something that might happen..... something really bad." He took a few deep breaths of salty sea air " Look David you trust me don't you?.... I can't explain now but do me one big favour take yourself up to the mountains when we get back to the old hunting lodge grandad used to take us as soon as we get back and stay there until I come to get you."

He looked out over the sea not wanting to meet his friend's eyes " I don't want you in the city if I can't change time, alter my vision I don't want you hurt...."

"And David take your gun with you"
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Sat 12 Apr 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
David nods, still a little puzzled. "Sure I trust you. I can go up to the lodge, I guess..." His voice is hesitant. Then he frowns, and looks you straight in the eye. "Wait! You're trying to get me out of the way! How bad is this vision? More importantly, how many other people are going to be in danger? I can't just go off by myself and hide, not if there's something I can do to help everyone else!"
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Sat 19 Apr 2014
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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
As the ferry started to Dock Ben looked out over the water and shook his head." I knew if you got involved I'd not be able to tell you what to do. I want you safe not putting yourself in harms way."

He sighed" ok there is a big bad coming and I and my friends need to try and stop it. You want something to do call the council of elders explain to them if you can. Tell them you had a vision... It not actually a lie as I did have a vision and you know about it."

" tell the elders they have to ready the retreats that there will be a need to use them if we fail in our task. Tell them to pass the message on within the community but when the shit hits the fan they need to lead as many people out of the city as possible, both tribe and non tribe take everyone you can."

He turned to his friend " I'm trusting you with the lives of the city to you. You need to lead and lead well... I need to fight to protect you and the city.... Honour the ancestors and lead your people to safety."

With that there was a gentle bump as the ferry docked "I need to leave you here take care my friend if you need my help leave a sign at grandfathers lodge and I will find you... Good luck"

And with that Ben moved off the ferry and finding a quiet area pulled the time stream around him and shot off to find the team

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Re: E4S5 - Kau Forest Reserve, Hawai'i. - TK
[OOC: Continued in E4S6-Akamai City. (Which I will post later tonight.)]