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E5S3 - Pu'uwai, Ni'ihau - TK
Visiting the village of Pu'uwai, on the west coast of Ni'ihau, is like stepping back in time a hundred years. A row of bicycles leans against a dry-stone wall made of black volcanic rock, just down the narrow lane from the village's one-room schoolhouse. The view across the Pacific here is... different, somehow, than in other places. This is the edge of Hawai'i, the last land for thousands of miles.

A'alona Kalakona's house is upslope of the school, around a curve in one of the bike paths that serve Pu'uwai as streets. She leaves you standing on the veranda for a while after your knock, then answers the door. Your bag, with your Time Keeper constume tucked safely inside, is at your feet.

You haven't seen her since the funeral. In the intervening time, she's aged. Deep lines run from the corners of her nose to the corners of her mouth, and her hair is streaked gray and white. She squints as she looks you up and down. "<You look well.>" She says, after a minute. "<Come in. You can put your things on the shelf, there.>"

The house is simple, furnished with a mix of native and colonial things. To your left, carved wooden bowls and an oil-lamp sit on a dinette table with tubular steel legs. In the living room, a battery-powered weather radio hangs on the wall by the door, alongside traditional Hawai'ian carvings, and above the low shelves she indicated.

A'alona Kalakona hobbles to the couch, and sits cautiously at one end, as if she is afraid that either she or the couch will break. "<The tea will be ready soon. In the meantime, you can tell me why you chose to visit.>"
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Re: E5S3 - Pu'uwai, Ni'ihau - TK
He looked at the old woman, he knew he was here to nose around and see if he could find out what was making the sharks act funny but he had a nagging feeling at the back of his mind that he was here for something else to but couldn't put his finger on it.

" To tell you the truth I don't know. Lately I've been questioning grandfather's death, I just can't explain it, its like I've got a 1000 piece jigsaw but the last piece is missing and i can't see the full picture because of it..." he looked up into her eyes "Crazy I know ...." he trailed off for a moment.

" Perhaps I need to get back to my routes, find myself in the old ways work out who I am and what I should do with my life. I was hoping coming here would give me the solitude to do that .... and as you were the only person I knew here I wondered if you could allow me to stay or at least point me in the direction of someone who could give my room and board."

" I would also like to know all you know of my grandfather, I knew only the man that brought me up but I feel I should know the man he was away from family life....if that makes any sense?"
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Re: E5S3 - Pu'uwai, Ni'ihau - TK
The elder sits for a long time without speaking. Finally, she says "<Your grandfather was a good man. No one in Hawai'i could say a thing against him; he had honor and did right by everyone he met. This is true.>"

The teakettle whistles above the gas burner, and she moves slowly into the kitchen to make tea. She's looking out the window and not at you when she continues. "<But when I remember him my heart is darkened, and filled with fear and distrust. You may say that I am an old woman, and that my memory plays tricks, but this is not so. I wonder sometimes if he was a man of two spirits; not so simple a thing as showing one face to his family and another to the world; something deeper than that.>"

She pours tea in two china cups, but does not turn around. "<Your grandfather hid much from his friends. Do you?>"
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Re: E5S3 - Pu'uwai, Ni'ihau - TK
Ben blushed slightly " don't we all" he said in reply " I have my secrets I will admit but I to have had a growing feeling of displacement, not just me but with the world and my grandfather."

"I had a dream, maybe the elders would call it a vision, whatever it was I saw a man in the rain standing by a grave. Though I could not see his face I knew it to by Grandfather, but I felt dread and couldn't bring myself to look at the grave itself."

He rubbed his eyes " Perhaps it was nothing, a tired mind and nothing else." he waited for a moment not sure if he should be telling her so much but she was an elder, knew, even loved, his grandfather and if the old man trusted her then he would to.

" I went hiking the other day with David, I told him how I felt he said he'd spoken to you  and suggested we go and see Mea A'a Ka'aukai. I did and he suggested that grandfather did something to alter reality, time even and it was because of me...."

He looked pleadingly into the old woman's eyes "please if you know anything tell me"
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Re: E5S3 - Pu'uwai, Ni'ihau - TK
A'alona Kalakona's hands tremble as she serves you tea. "<So my memory does not play tricks! I remember no action of your grandfather's that was not beyond reproach--yet in my heart I feel betrayed and fearful, as if an old friend had fallen from virtue and risked carrying others down with him.>"

Her eyes are hard. "<Whatever your grandfather did was because of you? Mea A'a Ka'aukai said this thing?>"
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Re: E5S3 - Pu'uwai, Ni'ihau - TK
"He said my grandfather meddled with powers he shouldn't have, that kahuna nui himself would not dare interfere with. He said grandfather saved my life but ended his own and shattered time in doing so"

Ben felt a lump well up in his throat " Did my grandfather really die to save me? did something I do cause his death?"

"before he went he said the price of that act lays heavily upon the world--and upon me most of all. What does that mean?"