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E5S5 - Chek Lap Kok Airport - Todd, Nereid, Ian
Fifteen and a half hours on a jumbo jet takes you from Honolulu to Hong Kong. Concourse One at Chek Lap Kok Airport is vast. You could fit more than one football field in here, and still have space left over.

There's a reason it's so big; it has to be to handle the crowds! Coming down the escallators you can see below you a sea of humanity--one big enough to have visible tides as swarms of people move through the crowd toward baggage claim areas and ticketing kiosks.

Detective Jones leads you past the regular baggage claim areas, following a printout pulled from his jacket pocket and the convenient multilingual signs. "Freight claim is down here, according to this..."

Six jumpsuited laborers with powered pallet-jacks are guiding a steel shipping container beaded with condensation down the broad hallway. An Asian woman in a black business suit is striding alongside. "Agent Jones! Agent Harper Kwai-Pun. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance." She says, extending a hand.

Traveling for fifteen and a half hours in what amounts to a water-filled triple-wide coffin next to your dry-suit has given you plenty of time to read on a MIB-issue waterproof tablet, and to plan.

[OOC: Test Intellect vs a Difficulty of 9. Criminology Expert gives you a +2.]

The slosh and clunk of your steel aquarium's arrival on the ground means that it's finally time to shut off the aerator, suit up, and exit.
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Re: E5S5 - Chek Lap Kok Airport - Todd, Nereid, Ian
Wandering through the concourse Todd thinks back to the flight. He'd made the most of the time, establishing a meditative connection with μ-90 and seeking his assistance with the Hong Kong job.

It didn't help much.

"Love to help, but geez. You're a lot closer to 21st century China than I am. If you spent more time hitting the books instead of the waves you might be better prepared for Hong Kong," μ-90 lectures.

"Yeah, thanks for pointing out the obvious,"Todd sends back. "I find whiney snark soooo useful."

"I'll see what I can find out, but eventually you're going to have to get off your butt and use your brain. You're great at the PT regime, exceptionally so. Time for lifting weights or doing four hours of MMA training? Sure, you can do that.

"But you're beyond lazy when it comes to actually thinking. Or do you want to be a dishwashing super-powered hanger-on for the rest of your life?
," μ-90 continues. Only this time he flashes an image of Todd as an old man, impoverished, battered, living in hovel, alone.

Todd bites off his habitual retort. He's heard μ-90 pay out a hundred times, but the image... He feels the truth of it. And doesn't like what he sees.

Is that what I'm heading for? Or - maybe  it's time to stop being a screw-off...

"You're right. I need more self-discipline, and long-term focus. Step one: when I return home I'll go back to night school."

μ-90 doesn't respond for several long seconds. "Good start. Really good start. As for the other stuff, tune it after you settle in Hong Kong, Gramps."

As Todd's attention comes back to the moment he thinks maybe the flight was more useful than it first appeared.

Using this to narratively justify bumping Martial Arts to Master (+2), adding Wrestling, and increasing Willpower +1 to 4.
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Re: E5S5 - Chek Lap Kok Airport - Todd, Nereid, Ian
OOC:Amm-Fibian rolled 3,5 using d6,d6 ((3,5))
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Just what I needed!