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Fri 17 Oct 2014
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E5S6 - Kuaihelani - TK
Time Keeper:
The hanging raindrops in the air part like a curtain ahead of the canoe. Behind, you can see the slowly-refilling groove in the water that is the canoe's wake. The dark blob on the horizon is bigger now--as fast as you're moving, it seems as if whatever that is is also moving toward you.

Noah drops his paddle, panting. "Dad, I feel sick..." Ty leans back, mouth open, letting the raindrops fall in. "<Thirsty work...>" he mutters in the Ni'ihau dialect. Kanu unhooks himself from the manu and says to William "That's an island, for sure. Where are we?" Then he suddenly doubles over in pain!

You're feeling it too, a little; thirsty, dizzy, a faint nausea. It might be from over-exerting your power, or it might be something worse.

[OOC: Test Coordination vs a Difficulty of 7. Hint: it's something worse. :)]

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Fri 17 Oct 2014
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Re: E5S6 - Kuaihelani - TK
OOC: 08:09, Today: Time Keeper rolled -1 using 2d6-7. coordination roll (6). total 5