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Fri 20 Mar 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
OOC:08:24, Today: Time Keeper rolled -3 using 2d6-7. prowess roll (5)
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Sun 29 Mar 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Time Keeper:
You stagger backward, but Circe's blow wasn't solid enough to break your ribs. This time...

[OOC: Anyone can go in any order!]
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Sun 5 Apr 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Ty'daal quickly assessed the situation, then leapt at the transformed lion grappling it around the neck and under the shoulder to wrestle it away from the wand it was going for.

As he did so, he snarled at Time Keeper, "Next time stay out of my way human. You cost me my triumph over the witch and yourself a bruising," not knowing Time Keeper had been saving him from a timeline that no longer existed.

(17:45, Sun 05 Apr 2015: Ty'daal rolled 6,2 using d6,d6 ((6,2)). Using Prowess+Wrestling, so +5, total of 9.

I was waiting for someone else to go first this round, but I'll go ahead and move the scene along :)

Hopefully that wraps up the lion and means no wand for the sorceress.)

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Mon 6 Apr 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
At first, lion-Honua doesn't resist your grapple--but the moment you pull him away from where the wand lays among the flowering plants, he begins to snarl and fight back! At least in his current form, he's no match for your strength!

[OOC: You have him in a complete hold. His only available action is to try to break free, and you can inflict your Strength damage on him without requiring a test.]

[OOC: Time Keeper and Angelfish are up, in any order!]
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Tue 7 Apr 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
This time..... Time Keeper staggered under the back hand but kept his feet and his focus even with the stinging cheek. Pulling to him the time stream he lengthened it into an ethereal rope and swung it high over the witches head pulling it tight hoping that by halting time round her it would give the others the time needed to put her down and end this.

OOC: 07:11, Today: Time Keeper rolled -1 using 2d6-7. time control (7) and spend a determination activating master of time.total 6

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Thu 9 Apr 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Time Keeper:
[Tagging Master of Time to stunt Stunning off of Time Control; cool. I'm assuming that your time-freeze stunt goes against Willpower.]

Attempting to tangle Circe in the time stream brings her attention back to you. "Mortal, you may be the Master of Time--thanks to your Grandfather's hubris--but I am the Sorceress Supreme!"

Your bands of temporal energy slide through Circe's timeline, barely intersecting with it. It's as if you and she occupy fundamentally different temporal states...

[OOC: Angelfish is up!]
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Fri 17 Apr 2015
at 23:08
Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Ty'daal has the lion held tightly, but it means that neither of them can reach Circe's wand, and Time Keeper seems to be slowly losing control of his fight.

Angelfish moves around the circle carefully, trying to keep her eyes on both pair simultaneously...   As long as Ty'daal keeps his grip on the lion...

Gauging her moment carefully, she darts into the densely flowered bed and snatches the wand from beneath the lions nose.  Certainly wouldn't try that trick without the suit on...

Clutching the slender, fragile rod in one armored hand, she begins to type, oh so carefully indeed...



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Sun 19 Apr 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Circe snarls. "The combined magics of four thousand years would be released in a single instant! Perhaps the Eternal Island would survive... perhaps." She holds her hands out a little from her sides, palms toward you; but her eyes are still on Time Keeper. "Come inside then; you may issue your demands to me over cups of wine, as was done in days of old, when mortals knew their place."

[OOC: Anyone may act in any order you choose!]
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Fri 24 Apr 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
hmmm, thought Ben, she sees me as a threat, she knows the strengths of the others but her eyes are always on me, perhaps her powers are more time connected than she lets on.

"How civilised witch but then we know you are anything but" he replied in a clear calm voice " but we will bow to your invitation..." and he swept his hand in front of him inducing she should go first. " And witch we mortals do know our place, it is here defending our kind against creatures like you" he added
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Tue 28 Apr 2015
at 22:41
Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Circe draws herself up in a regal--or perhaps divine--manner, and sweeps inside the palace entrance, presuming that you will all follow.

The inner chamber of the palace is like an ancient Grecian temple; mosaic floors, tall marble columns, and bronze braziers hanging by chains from the ceiling providing light. Furnishings that would not be out of place in ancient Mycenae are placed in pleasing groups across the vast floor, and elegant statuary line the walls. The two largest statues flank the open doorway opposite the entrance, one representing Poseidon, the other the Titan Cronos. Multicolored light glows from the room beyond, shifting and changing as you watch.

Circe claps her hands together twice, and a small menagerie of animals--pigs, birds, a goat, and a monkey nudge a table with a pitcher and several wine-kraters into the center of a group of divans. The monkey, crouched on the table, pours wine. "Drink! So long as you hold my wand, I can cast no new magics; I am, it seems, your prisoner." Both anger and disgust are evident in her tone. "The beasts you see here were once trespassers upon Aeaea; now they are my servants, until such time as I find them sufficiently penitent."
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Sun 3 May 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Circe flounces over to one of the couches, and casts herself upon it dramatically. The monkey hands her a krater of wine. "You say you defend yourselves against me--but what have I done but defend my island against trespassers?"

"True enough, I seek total dominion here, and that fire-haired lout outside might dispute it with me--but how is that any business of yours?"
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Tue 12 May 2015
at 06:38
Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
"It is our business because you are enslaving people witch.... turning them into animals to do your bidding.... I don't give a damn about you and your island but when innocent people are hurt by your actions then I will not stand by and allow that to happen" Replied Time Keeper not even bothering to take a cup of tea that was offered knowing there were more ways than casting spells for the old hag to enchant them
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Wed 13 May 2015
at 07:00
Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
"Enslaving?" The incredulity in Circe's voice is clear. "They were already enslaved to their own passions--I merely gave those passions... visible form." She sips wine from her krater. "The sharks that serve to defend my island now; they were predators before--hunting fish to fill their bellies, competing with one another to see how much of the sea's bounty they could take. Men like that get what they deserve!" She gestures toward the goat that helped to push the table into position. "Lancelot here had the manners of a goat when he came to treat with me--and has them still!"
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Thu 14 May 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
"Hunting to fill their bellies... they were fishermen earning a living to provide for their families. They took only what they needed and revered the sea and what it gave them. These islanders tend the seas look after its wild life and only take what they need."

By now Time Keeper was starting to get riled with the old witch " You say you wanted to be left alone to rule your island then why bring attention to yourself in this way. I will not stand by and allow you to arrogantly believe it is your god given right to shackle people like this. I will do all that is in my power to appose you if you do not relinquish your hold enthuses people and turn them back"
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Sat 16 May 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Circe sips her wine. "Those are your demands? 'Freedom', as you call it, for my servants? That, and nothing else?" Her eyes narrow, reflecting the multi-colored glow from the adjacent chamber. "And if I acquiesce to your demands, will you oppose me still? My plans to bring Aeaea into supremacy here are well underway--If I do as you wish, would you aid me in bringing them to fruition?"
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Sun 17 May 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Angelfish has been standing quietly, letting Time Keeper do the talking.  Reclining on one of the couches in her armor would be nothing short of ridiculous, and the TXT-to-Speech app allowed for no inflection and little subtly.

So she stands, and she listens, and she keeps a very close eye on Circe's "servants" - the witch may not be able to cast new spells without her wand, but that didn't rule out clever little paws snatching the prize back...

"Those are your demands? 'Freedom', as you call it, for my servants? That, and nothing else?" "And if I acquiesce to your demands, will you oppose me still? My plans to bring Aeaea into supremacy here are well underway--If I do as you wish, would you aid me in bringing them to fruition?"


Angelfish holds the wand cautiously, protecting it from Circe's "servants", and types with great care.  It will not do to be misunderstood...







She watches the witch intently.  For the first time, her own "voice" sounds loud in her ears...
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Sun 17 May 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
"This island is my place, and this era is my time as much as it is yours; I have lived for many centuries. Through all that time, my powers have grown--and my plans alongside them. If you decline to support those plans, it is sufficient that you do not oppose them." Circe puts down the heavy gold krater, and extends a hand toward Angelfish. "Now, if I am to reverse my spells and restore these cretins to their natural forms, I will need my wand back..."
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Wed 20 May 2015
at 09:57
Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
"you honestly think we will give you your source of power back just like that, on your say so?" replied TimeKeeper.

"I have to admit you and I are alike in one way .... we are both displaced people, people out of time, but that's were the likeness ends. Where you only wish to feather your own nest and make people bow down to you I am trying to make a difference, make people's lives safer."

" I wonder what would happen if we just destroyed your little stick? would your power be undone? would your spells be broken?"

All the while Time Keeper talked he let his mind enter the time stream to review the possible out comes of either destroying the wand or giving it back to the witch

OOC:10:58, Today: Time Keeper rolled 2 using 2d6-7. precognition roll (7). total 9

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Thu 21 May 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Time Keeper:
So many futures, all hingeing upon the decisions made in the next few seconds...
The one where Angelfish snaps the wand in frustration ends in whiteout as four thousand years of accumulated magical energy wipe Aeaea from the ocean!
The one where Ty'daal angrily grabs the wand and breaks it is but a slight improvement; in his last seconds he summons his water-shield, deadening the blast infinitessimally--but the floating island is still destroyed.
The futures where Angelfish hands back the wand have more variety, at least; in most, the animals in the room and in the gardens outside return to their human forms--knights in medieval armor, fishermen wearing cut-off shorts, and Honua of course, flame-haired and angry.
But then chaos ensues as Honua, the knights, and Circe set upon one another, with the three of you caught in the middle!

One thing is clear in your vision: The shimmering multicolored light spilling from the inner chamber of Circe's palace is as great a nexus of change as any decision made by anyone here. And somehow, the nature of the floating island's future will be determined by that knot of energy...
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Tue 26 May 2015
at 07:56
Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Time Keeper looked into the light and knew that if he could disrupt the time stream Knot it would at least strand the island in one time and she couldn't inflict her misery on other times.

Pulling the time streams around him he sped up the time in his immediate facility and raced towards the arch and the time knot.

OOC: 08:56, Today: Time Keeper rolled 3 using 2d6-7. speed roll (7). total 10

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Wed 27 May 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Time Keeper:
Getting to the nexus in the next room is easy; hitting it at speed, on the other hand...
Past the huge statues lies the central chamber of Circe's temple/palace. High overhead, a golden dome reflects the rainbow light coming from the nexus. Within a circle of spiral-carved pillars is... a spiral of fractal rainbows... a whirlpool of temporal and magical energy... a place and time where the meanings of those two words shift and change... As you enter the nexus, you see the pillars containing it flicker rapidly through several forms; marble Grecian, grey-stone Medieval, wood carved in native Hawai'ian design, and many others. Like the pillars, you feel yourself, your timeline, beginning to flicker!!

[OOC: Test Time Control vs a Difficulty of 10!]

Ty'daal, Angelfish:
As Time Keeper races into the next room, toward the shifting colored light, Circe laughs--a sound like brittle glass breaking. "And so the trap is sprung!" she says with evident glee. "With the power rushing in through his broken timeline, the nexus will be strong enough to make Aeaea supreme upon this island! Kuaihelani and Avalon will vanish like dreams, and the Isle of the West will be mine alone!" Her voice drops to a contralto purr. "And that is only the beginning..." 

Time Keeper:
[OOC: Gain 1 Determination because Circe (and I) just railroaded you hard.]

[OOC: Time Keeper defends, then anyone can go in any order!]
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Wed 27 May 2015
at 06:46
Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
OOC :07:46, Today: Time Keeper rolled -3 using 2d6-7. time control roll (7) plus spend a determination and play the master of time aspect total 4

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Wed 27 May 2015
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Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Whispering to Time Keeper...
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Wed 27 May 2015
at 09:42
Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
Watching the swirling time streams the master of time looked into the many past, present and future realities and was amazed. He put his hand out and felt billions of peoples lives run through his hands.

My god, he realised, no one should be able to control this much power, no one person should be able to influence the lives other others on such an gigantic scale. He needed to put a stop to this.

His eyes were drawn to the time stream that was his own and followed it back to the knot in it that was the day he woke with his powers. He grasped it with his mind and shouted into the serving energy

"Grandfather I know you did things that you thought were right. I know you sacrificed your life to save mine I feel that you might have done it to for this very moment to happen. I FORGIVE YOU, AND I CALL UPON YOU AND ALL THE ELDERS AND ANCESTORS OF MY BLOOD AND MY PEOPLE. I ASK FOR YOUR HELP NOW IN PUTTING RIGHT THAT WHAT WAS MADE WRONG. I ASK FOR YOUR AID IN DEFENDING OUR LOANDS, OUR PEOPLE AND OUR TIME."

He felt power race though him he was not the master of time he was time itself. He took a step in to the stream and let it possess him join with him be him

" I CALL ON MY FOR FATHERS AID ME NOW!!!" and he closed his eyes and became time
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Wed 27 May 2015
at 13:19
Re: E5S10 - Aeaea - TK, A, Ty
The alien warrior stands to the side, his grip on the lion unbroken as he watches the tense dialogue between the mysterious Time Keeper- a man he barely knew- and the witch Circe. The immense power in the room was palpable and he knew instinctively that the confrontation between the two of them was not one he could influence at the moment. Then Time Keeper disappeared into the swirling energies and his gaze fell on the witch.

"Foul woman, you offered negotiations, and now reveal yourself as a true black-hearted villain. I will see you ended!"

With that he flung the transformed lion to the side and leapt at Circe, coming down with his fists clinched together to smash her to the ground.

(09:12, Today: Ty'daal rolled 1,1 using d6,d6. It's clobbering time! Spending another determination (5 remaining) to add +2. +1 from Martial Arts. So I have a +7 to hit, 8 damage from Strength if that hits.)