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Tue 15 Jan 2013
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E1S3 - Kuailo Marina - Amm-fib'ian

[OOC: If this setup doesn’t fit with your concept, let me know and we'll retcon it.]

You're at the Kuailo Marina, where Detective Nathaniel Jones moors his dilapidated houseboat, the Driftwood.  You can't be certain of the colloquial meaning of the vessel's name, but it seems accurate enough--if it were unmoored, it would certainly drift away.

Detective Jones, wearing khaki shorts and a loud Hawaiian shirt, is pretending to fish off the Driftwood's stern. You know he's pretending; there's no bait on the hook. It's his usual way of indicating that he wants to consult with you about something…
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Tue 15 Jan 2013
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Re: E1S3 - Kuailo Marina - Amm-fib'ian
In reply to DainXB - GM (msg # 1):

OOC: Ian possesses a heavy Hawaiian woman at the marina, preferably with shorts and sandals and giant sunglasses. (Do I need to roll for that?)
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Tue 15 Jan 2013
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Re: E1S3 - Kuailo Marina - Amm-fib'ian
In reply to Amm-Fibian (msg # 2):

[OOC: Test Possession vs her Willpower of 3.]

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Wed 16 Jan 2013
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Re: E1S3 - Kuailo Marina - Amm-fib'ian
In reply to DainXB - GM (msg # 3):

OOC: You rolled 1,4 using d6,d6 ((1,4)).
-3 + 6 = +3   :O
Looks like the effort succeeds by a small margin.

A heavy set Hawaiian woman with a large brimmed hat, a loud hawaiian shirt, shorts, an inflatable turtle life preserver, and pink sandals walks up to  Detective Jones on his house boat.
"Good early daytime Detective!"

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Wed 16 Jan 2013
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Re: E1S3 - Kuailo Marina - Amm-fib'ian
In reply to Amm-Fibian (msg # 4):

[OOC: That's a Moderate Success. According to the detailed rules in Great Power, you'd have to retest after a Page in an action scene. Under these circumstances, you've got her for probably fifteen minutes without trouble. Just Ian's luck to have picked the Hawaiian equivalent of 'Auntie Mame'; strong-willed and outspoken. :)]

"Good morning, Ian." Nate Jones reels in his line, and sets the pole aside. Through human eyes you can see that his red-and-yellow shirt contrasts strongly with his dark brown skin. It has a slightly less intense pattern than the one your current body displays. "I never get used to this." He continues, shaking his head slightly.

"Is she thirsty? I have beer..." He gestures to a blue-and-white cooler near the stairwell to below decks.

He settles into his deck-chair, and pushes one toward you."That boat you mentioned; the one you found the night you... arrived? I did some digging. The owner of record was the Southern Shore corporation. It was chartered by someone named Taggart, who was supposed to have been associated with the University of Hawai'i--despite the fact that there is no Professor Taggart at U. of H."

"That's not the interesting part, though. Southern Shore seems to be a shell corporation, but just recently they've been throwing a lot of money around. They've bought a shipload of steel, plus titanium, niobium, and some very high-end electronics."
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Wed 16 Jan 2013
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Re: E1S3 - Kuailo Marina - Amm-fib'ian
In reply to DainXB - GM (msg # 5):

Ian via Hawaiian woman awkwardly sips a drink.

"This drinking remains a strange sensation. The skill is more difficult than it looks." She says with a mouthful of beer.

Ian stands and puts the beer down. "I am quite curious why they would throw money around, that stuff is very valuable in your world. I shall investigate this Southern Shore corporation at once, as well as look into this mysterious Professor Taggart. Where may I find these locations?"

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Wed 16 Jan 2013
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Re: E1S3 - Kuailo Marina - Amm-fib'ian
Nate goes below for a moment, and brings up a small notebook. "Southern Shore has offices here in Akamai. Doesn't look like much, though, just leased space in an office park. The name Taggart was a dead end as far as records search went, but we could..."

Just then, his phone shrills, and he digs it out of the pocket of his khaki shorts. "Senior Detective Jones." There's a pause as he listens, then he cranes his neck to look back over the Akamai skyline toward downtown, and says one of those human words that doesn't translate as anything. "What set him off this time? No, of course you don't know... Casualties? OK, good--I'm on my way. I have no idea... Sure, because Metro's handled him so well in the past!"

Nate looks at the plump Hawaiian woman sitting gingerly in his deck chair. "I've gotta go..." Suddenly, there's a gleam in his eye. "Saddle up, you're coming with me!"
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Wed 16 Jan 2013
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Re: E1S3 - Kuailo Marina - Amm-fib'ian
The Hawaiian woman sloppily finishes her beer and stands up with a loud belch.

"I will require a different host for the trip. This one is strong willed. Perhaps you could tell me the problem, I may have a helpful device. Also, what manner of creature will we be riding? You did say saddle up did you not?"
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Thu 17 Jan 2013
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Re: E1S3 - Kuailo Marina - Amm-fib'ian
Nate can't resist. "We'll be riding an Impala--and we've got to hurry! Pick somebody, or--and I can't believe I'm suggesting this--mind-jump me, drive downtown, and head for the explosions." He's already in motion, jogging up the dock toward the marina parking lot.

"There's this guy. Around the time this city was being built, we were in a war. He got exposed to some chemicals over there, and they gave him powers. The army seconded him to the CIA, who had him doing stuff so classified even he doesn't know what he did. Afterward, he was messed up. Came back here and never left. He lives on the beach, and drinks."

The Detective's land vehicle is considerably newer than his houseboat. "People call him Tropic Lightning--that was the name of his old Army unit. It's on a patch on this ratty old jacket he wears. He's gotten old, but the... mutation, or whatever, keeps him healthy physically." He looks at you over the roof of the Impala. "Mentally, not so much. I'm gonna try and talk him down. If I can't, that's where you come in."
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Thu 17 Jan 2013
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Re: E1S3 - Kuailo Marina - Amm-fib'ian
"Take over your body? That would just be weird."

Ian looks around near the Impala.
He sees a man in a business suit with a briefcase.

"He should do nicely."

You rolled 1,6 using D6,d6 ((1,6)).
Good grief!
So -5 +6 possession equals 1

"Talk him down? Upon which tall structure is he standing?"
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Fri 18 Jan 2013
at 06:50
Re: E1S3 - Kuailo Marina - Amm-fib'ian
The businessman in the suit just kept walking when Amm-Fib'ian tried to use the T.U.N.A. device on him.

"Interesting, that man really wanted to get home."

Ian looks around as the woman starts to break out of the possession...

"There, that young man on the wheeled board." He said looking at a Skate Punk.

OOC: I'm not super eager to blow my determination on this roll, so I am just trying again on someone new.
You rolled 5,6 using d6,d6 ((5,6)).
-1 +6 for Possesion = +5 vs the Skate Punk.

As the fat woman walks away confused, the Skate Punk approaches the car. He has long hair, a good tan, an obscene t-shirt, and baggy shorts.
"Let us burn some rubber Detective. Did I use that slang correctly? I want to sound... cool... in this disguise."

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Fri 18 Jan 2013
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Re: E1S3 - Kuailo Marina - Amm-fib'ian
"Copy that. Rubber will be burned--as soon as you get in the damn car!" Nate sticks a tiny plastic dome to the dashboard. It begins to pulse brightly with red and white lights. The tires squeal as he weaves the Impala through mid-morning traffic.

"Disguise, huh? That what we're calling it these days?" He doesn't spare a glance in your direction, but you sense his attention on you and the body you wear. "The fat lady gonna be all right? She's not likely to fall off the end of a pier or anything, is she?"

Traffic gets heavier as you approach the University campus. Part of the problem is that the colored lights that control the flow of human-piloted vehicles are dark--so are most of the buildings. The garish illuminated signs you have seen before are presently inert.

Detective Jones takes several risks, and at one point appears to be driving on a surface normally reserved for pedestrians, but you can soon spot the source of the growing chaos: A human male, much as Nate described, supported in midair by a crackling nimbus of electricity. As the Impala squeals to a stop, Tropic Lightning raises a hand and fires a bolt of high-energy electrons toward a transformer attached to a large building marked with a red cross inside a white circle. You are certain that the transformer's grounding will be inadequate.

[OOC: Take your next action in the E1S2-University of Hawai'i-Akamai Campus thread.]