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Fri 15 Jan 2016
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E6S1 - Blue Sea R&D - A, I, N, TK, Ty
You've all had a few weeks to recover from your recent adventures. The missing persons freed from Circe's spell by Angelfish, Ty'dall, and Time Keeper have been reunited with their families, and Sharkbaiter reports that things are returning to normal with the dolphin population as well. Apart from occasional nightmares, they are all doing fine.

Speaking of nightmares, there was a bit of a jurisdictional dispute over custody of the stone artifact when Nereid, Todd, and Ian returned it to Hawai'i: The Akamai City PD has a claim on it as evidence in an ongoing murder investigation, the MIB suggested quarantining the thing in their secure labs, and a law firm acting on behalf of Dr. Taggart made a spurious claim that the artifact had been stolen from him and was therefore his legal property.

On the other hand, the ACPD didn't really want the thing back in their evidence locker... so it was remanded into the custody of Dr. Ishida, for study. It's here in the lab, under a glass dome and surrounded by an array of electromagnetic sensors.

Ty'dall and Ian float in the lab's moon pool, everyone else is seated comfortably enough on lab stools or chairs--but nobody wants to turn their backs on the artifact for very long...

Ishida-san has been in lecture mode for the past half hour, explaining his findings. "...it really does resemble one of Ian's people--and according to Ian one specific person; 'Moray'arity', a master criminal he was never able to catch. Which begs the question of how the image of a 250 million year old creature is carved into a stone that, according to Nereid, is 'only' 10,000 years old..." He crushes out another of his nasty little cigarettes, and immediately lights a new one. Waving away smoke, he continues. "My instruments aren't showing anything out of the ordinary for this type of stone. I've bombarded it with EM radiation of varying frequencies, and detected nothing--unless someone was in the room with it." He gestures at a computer display screen on the lab wall, covered with wavy green lines. "Then--and only then--there is a small but measurable response. The artifact emits a tiny bit more energy than it receives, whenever a human being is around."

He's about to continue his lecture, when the lab phone rings. Dr. Ishida answers, and almost immediately puts the caller on speaker. The voice belongs to Detective Jones; "Heads up, people! A while back I flagged all your public identities on a watch list, just as a precaution. Exactly six minutes ago, someone initiated a massive computer search--massive enough to lag the internet across the entire Pacific Rim. Your names are being searched; I don't know what it means, but someone's making a concerted effort to find out who you are."

[OOC: Last issue, you all earned a Minor Achievement, and can therefore make a Minor Change in your characters if you wish.
You can:
• Add a permanent extra to a power, reducing Determination level by 1 or adding a limit to the power to compensate.
• Remove a limit on a power, reducing Determination level by 1 to compensate.
• Master a stunt, reducing the hero’s Determination level by 1 to compensate (see Stunts in The Basics).
• Permanently raise an ability by 1 level, lowering another ability by 1 level to compensate. Abilities may still not go above 10 or below 1.
• Gain a new specialty or a level in a specialty (up to Master level).
• Exchange an existing extra for another extra, an existing limit for another limit, or an existing specialty for another specialty of the same level.

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Fri 15 Jan 2016
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E6S1 - Blue Sea R&D - A, I, N, TK, Ty
Ty'daal lifted his head listening, then let it slip back into the water as he floated calmly in the moon pool. He had no concern of someone finding out who he was, he had never tried to hide who or what he was, and he knew enough to know that he didn't know enough to help his human allies with their data network. Though should they discover who it was and it prove to be an enemy, he would carry out swift reprisal on them.
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Sun 17 Jan 2016
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E6S1 - Blue Sea R&D - A, I, N, TK, Ty
In reply to Ty'daal (msg # 2):

My career is over...I've been accused of stealing an artifact, my students have been attacked by a ghost summoned by said artifact, and if UH doesn't cut me over these things....someone's gonna out me as a big insurance risk.
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Sun 17 Jan 2016
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E6S1 - Blue Sea R&D - A, I, N, TK, Ty
Dr. Ishida waves his cigarette at the artifact in it's bell jar. "You've also recovered a missing artifact; one that may change the way we look at history. Trust me, universities have a way of forgiving transgressions--so long as the university gets some positive publicity out of it."
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Mon 18 Jan 2016
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E6S1 - Blue Sea R&D - A, I, N, TK, Ty
Amm-Fibian puts down the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes book he has been reading and puts on his new Sherlock Holmes style hat and large pipe he purchased on the internet.
"I'd like to see any information you may have on this trace, Detective. Also, I have some thoughts on this artifact & Moray-Arty."

OOC: I'm raising Criminology to Master.
Also, I'm rolling to have some theories about the statue and the trace.Amm-Fibian rolled 5,5 using D6,d6
0 + 9 Int + 3 Investigation = 12 total

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Mon 18 Jan 2016
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E6S1 - Blue Sea R&D - A, I, N, TK, Ty
"Detective Jones?" Angela pitches her voice toward Ishida's phone "Not that we don't appreciate you looking out for us, but do you really think it's likely that an internet search - even an intensive one - is likely to expose us? I've got a pretty good idea of what's out there about Angelfish, and frankly, there's a lot of misinformation and just plain garbage.  I mean, I think I would remember if I had helped repel an alien invasion in Manhattan!"

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Mon 18 Jan 2016
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E6S1 - Blue Sea R&D - A, I, N, TK, Ty
Detective Jones replies "This search might; we're seeing massive slowdowns sweeping through the entire internet backbone. I'm no techie, but the folks here that are say they haven't seen anything like this, ever--and it's directed straight at you." There's a note of genuine worry in the Detective's baritone.

Bubble-pipe clenched firmly between your teeth, you consult the waterproof terminal Dr. Ishida provided. After a noticeable delay, the information from the MIB servers arrives. The trace pattern is rapid and enormous; no single human being could be initiating it, and even a team of specialists could not scan so many systems so rapidly. Something akin to what humans call a "network worm" appears to be at work--but one of incredible sophistication. Sophistication not known to human technology...

The pattern of queries is of particular note: Not all of your identities are being searched with equal frequency! The worm is tallying times and locations when you have appeared in public, linking you together, assembling video coverage of incidents for comparison, delving into government systems for identity comparison... But it's most active lines of inquiry point in only one direction; toward Todd!

The lab's wall-screen display switches to show Ian's analysis. The trace kind of looks like your Facebook profile; people who know people who know you. Except this is your superhero profile. You dumping a water tower on Tropic Lightning, you and Nereid outside the Pai-Gow Palace, a close-up of you dangling from the skids of Karen Kwan's DTN news chopper... Pictures of you fighting bad guys pop up, compared to pictures of you pulled from traffic cameras and who-knows-what public surveillance. Now there's one of you leaving Rick Chung's Kung Fu Academy! And one of you taking out the trash in the alley behind the Finest Yakitori Cafe! Whatever it is, it's zeroing in on you--fast!
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Tue 19 Jan 2016
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E6S1 - Blue Sea R&D - A, I, N, TK, Ty
Ben sat quietly in the corner of the room half listening to the others talk. Slowly his mind sank into the comfort of the time stream. He seemed to be spending more time there these days when he was not in the clock shop or on a mission but this time instead of just floating he focused his mind on his friends and their futures to see if he could find out what possible problems they might have if their IDs were made public

OOC:14:50, Today: Time Keeper rolled 0 using 2d6-7.  precognition roll (7). total 7

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Tue 19 Jan 2016
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E6S1 - Blue Sea R&D - A, I, N, TK, Ty
"It's elementary! Todd's life is an open book; certainly he is the simplest of us. Yet this thing, alien, AI, ...or... Hmmmm.
Anyway, this thing is learning everything it can about him. Either Todd has some secret of which even he is probably not aware, or this thing is interested in some type of identity theft. Again, Todd would be the simplest to impersonate.
Maybe we should confront it on its own grounds, putting Todd on the internet."

Amm-Fibian begins typing furiously.

"In any case, I'm inserting a failsafe into Todd's online identity. Something we all know is false, and which will prove any false Todd to be just that.
Something we know is false... Ah, yes, there were go..."

OOC: I'd like to make an Asset, "Todd's love of the great American novel"