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Thu 11 Feb 2016
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E6S2- Kona Hut - A, I, N, TK, Ty
Located on a public beach at the north fringe of The Shoals, Kona Hut sells locally-sourced organic coffee to businessmen on-the-go and tourists enjoying a day in the sun.

A trendy beach-side coffee shop, Kona Hut is literally a hutógrass roof and allówith broad open windows on three sides under fold-up awnings. A handful of cafe tables and chairs on the boardwalk outside surround the hut on its three open sides, but most patrons prefer to get their lattes and americanos to go.

Inside, two baristas work carefully around the crowded equipment. A powerful espresso machine, assorted french presses, and coffee mills cover the rear counter, surrounding a small sink for washing-up. A small refrigerator and a small freezer beneath the counter hold milk for frothing, and ice for Kona Hut's signature iced macadamia frappuccinos.

Traffic purrs quietly along the nearby street, up-slope of Kona Hut. To the north gentle summer breakers roll in on the white-sand beach. A handful of surfers and a few dozen sunbathers are scattered across the sand.

[OOC: Where does everyone want to be, in relation to Kona Hut?]
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Fri 12 Feb 2016
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E6S2- Kona Hut - A, I, N, TK, Ty
Ty'daal had anchored himself in the shallow water near shore, but far enough down not to be noticed by sunbathers or swimmers. Every so often he would float up into a wave, keeping an eye on the coffee house, then swim back down.
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Fri 12 Feb 2016
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E6S2- Kona Hut - A, I, N, TK, Ty
Ben stroles over to the beach in front of the coffee shop and sits himself down on one of the may benches between the beach and the shops.

Once settled he lets his mind wonder into the time stream, locating the present he then looks back to see if anyone now sitting there seemed out of place or did anything unusual when they had entered. He wanted to try to identify their target before Todd walked in so he could give them a heads up of potential suspects.

As he surveyed the time before he kept an eye open for the blond guy of his earlier vision

OOC:08:40, Today: Time Keeper rolled 0 using 2d6-7.  post cog roll (7) total 7

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Fri 12 Feb 2016
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E6S2- Kona Hut - A, I, N, TK, Ty
Amm-Fibian singles out a lone surfer and fires the TUNA at him from beneath the waters.

OOC:Amm-Fibian rolled 3,2 using D6,d6
1 + 6 possession = 7 total

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Fri 12 Feb 2016
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E6S2- Kona Hut - A, I, N, TK, Ty
In reply to Amm-Fibian (msg # 4):

Kai enters the Hut and smiles at a barista before taking a seat where the bad guy will not miss her or Todd.

She is wearing a blue and white dress that hides her "battle outfit" underneath.

She is a little late, since deciding which dress, of the few she owns should be shredded in case  the super villain from the future attacks...

Only know does she realize that she didn't need to wear a dress at all, just because this is a pretend meeting of two online literary friends she didn't have to dress like it is a first date.

Man...I really can't get my brain around this undercover stuff.

hmmm...if I am a little late where is Todd? 

She whispers...well it is a loud whisper...again she just isn't good at this sort of thing.
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Sun 14 Feb 2016
at 11:10
E6S2- Kona Hut - A, I, N, TK, Ty
Covert mission or not, the surf was too good to pass up today.

Todd finished his eighth ride for the morning, then picked up his board and planted it in the sand.

He pulled a loose white shirt out of his bag, tied his hair into a ponytail, and set off towards the Kona Hut.
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Sun 14 Feb 2016
at 19:48
E6S2- Kona Hut - A, I, N, TK, Ty
Angelfish swims up to Ty'daal, giving a playful salute when he looks her way, then settles in to wait.

I'd really like to be up on the beach where I could see Todd and Kai... But there's no way I'm gonna risk meeting Todd's future psycho without the suit, and i just don't think anybody would believe me if I showed up with a board and tried to pass it off as a high-tech wet-suit!

(OOC: updated Angelfish's character sheet - adding Sonar Ping - 'cause I really need a weapon that doesn't blow people up! :) )

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Wed 17 Feb 2016
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E6S2- Kona Hut - A, I, N, TK, Ty
Time Keeper:
You cast your thoughts backward, along the time stream, looking for the man you saw in the future... He hasn't been here. Any number of nondescript Anglos have picked up coffee here over the past month--but the white-blond hair and olive complexion are an odd combination, one that would stand out. Maybe they don't drink coffee in the future?

Ty'daal, Angelfish:
You're both hovering low in the water, just beyond the beach-shelf where the breakers begin to curl. You can just see Amm-Fib'ian, down below you in the shadows, operating the T.U.N.A--and then going limp in the water. You both figure that that means he's picked a host and transferred out.

[OOC: You have control of your host for the entire Chapter.]
The surfer you chose is a fine physical specimen of humanity; fit and strong, with an above average sense of balance. That will come in handy as you attempt to learn to surf the hard way--by taking control of him while he's riding a wave.

[OOC: Test his Coordination of 4 vs a Difficulty of 5 not to wipe out!]

Nereid, Todd:
You've joined up, and are sitting at one of the cafe tables on the shady side of Kona Hut, pretending to flip through a well-worn copy of Slaughterhouse 5 from Dr. Ishida's library. An afternoon talk show is playing on mute with subtitles on a TV above the espresso machine, and a couple of middle-aged tourists are relaxing and taking selfies in front of the hut.

Suddenly, the TV goes to a blank blue screen, and one of the tourists complains that he's lost cell signal. "I had five bars just a second ago. Now I can't upload our pictures..." A jogger running next to the beach-road suddenly stops and pulls his earbuds out, wincing. You can hear the static all the way over here.

A Prius, headed down the beach-road in the opposite direction, suddenly swerves and heads straight for Todd! Through the windscreen, you can see the driver's terrified expression!

[OOC: Todd: Test Coordination vs a Difficulty of 6. Being hit by a Prius does 6 Stamina.
Nereid: Test Coordination vs a Difficulty of 5 (as long as you plan to dodge in a different direction from Todd. Being hit still does 6 Stamina, though.]

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Fri 19 Feb 2016
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E6S2- Kona Hut - A, I, N, TK, Ty
In reply to DainXB - GM (msg # 8):

Runaway Car People!

Nereid hesitated as she made sure the non super powered people were properly scattering.  That fleeting moment almost cost her

OOC: 5:55, Today: Nereid rolled 1 using 2d6-7.  Test Coordination 4.