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E1S4 - Aboard the Kiyomi Maru - Angelfish

You're aboard the Blue Sea Research & Development vessel Kiyomi Maru, with Dr. Ishida. You're just suiting up for a dive to test your new text-to-speech communication gear, and you and Kenji are having one of those discussions.

Kenji waves a hand, negligently flicking ashes across the bridge. "I know; they're heavy, they're… imperfectly streamlined, and I know that you don't think they're necessary. But you must not dive without the missile pods." He glances out the forward port, toward the horizon. "The ocean is a dangerous place." He grinds out his foul little European cigarette in the overflowing ashtray, as if that lends his proclamation an air of finality. He immediately lights another.

You know he's referring to Skate being out there somewhere, and you know all too well why he never mentions his son directly anymore. Before you have a chance to respond, the emergency radio squawks to life.

"...ayday, mayday, mayday! This is the…<garble>Maru out of Osaka. We have struck a…<garble>below the waterline. Taking on water. Mayday, mayday, mayday!"

The research vessel's Global Maritime Distress and Safety System locks onto the radio call, decrypting the embedded GPS coordinates.

"Mayday, mayday, mayday! This is…<garble / long squeal>aka. We have… ことって何 ?" After the last words in Japanese, the audio cuts off.

Kenji drops his cigarette. "He just said 'What the Hell is that?'"

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Re: E1S4 - Aboard the Kiyomi Maru - Angelfish
Angela heads for the bridge, the pointless repetition of this argument forgotten in the face of a distress call.  "Get the engines started.  I'll get the coordinates" she calls over her shoulder.  It's just a coincidence, that message coming just as Ishida-san brought up... Skate she thinks to herself, but she shivers a little anyway. Have to face him sometime...  Right now just focus on the distress call.
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Re: E1S4 - Aboard the Kiyomi Maru - Angelfish
GMDSS coordinates put the distress call thirty miles or so southwest of the Kiyomi Maru.

Kenji scrambles for the wheel, and the research vessel's engines rev. The Kiyomi Maru rises up on it's hydrofoils, accelerating. Speed is wonderful, but it reminds you just how fragile this vessel is.

Tense minutes pass, and no further transmissions on the emergency channel are received. Whatever you're headed for has gone silent.

It's a speck on the horizon at first. Drawing closer, you see that it's a fishing trawler, nets deployed. There's something about the shape that's wrong, somehow, and you can tell that it's listing hard to port.

Ishida-san alters course, aiming to bring the Kiyomi Maru into a pass by the stricken ship's port side. "Can't get too close, we'll foul in her nets..." He grunts, working the controls.

Just then, you notice what appear to be heavy steel cables wrapped around the trawler, amidships, and sailors who have fallen overboard! Amazingly, as you watch, three of the sailors are lifted up by waterspouts, and dumped back on deck! There's a sound of wrenching metal as the massive cables tighten, buckling the trawler's superstructure! Other cables--no, clearly steel tentacles--smash downward, knocking more men into the water!

[OOC: Compel: Take a point of Determination for bringing Dr. Ishida into a dangerous situation.]

[OOC: This scene continues in E1S1-Somewhere at Sea. Take your next action there.]