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Thu 17 Jan 2013
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E1S5 - Finest Yakitori Cafe - Todd

Your contact with μ-90 this morning left you feeling, more than ever, that today was the day. Day one of your new calling; superhero!

Exciting as that prospect is, the rent is still due next week, which means another grinding day waiting tables at the Finest Yakitori Cafe, at the edge of the Shoals District.

Mrs. Fujikawa, the owner, keeps the TV in the cafe on all the time; DTN News, mostly. In between customers, you've seen news stories about the high price of electricity, and the resistance from environmentalists to expanding the city's power plant, some 'investigative journalism' about vote-rigging at a local dog show, a sports piece about the upcoming Surfing Championships, and some 'infotainment' background about the latest blockbuster film.

Suddenly, the feed breaks in with a live report. "This is Karen Kwan, reporting live and direct from a rooftop on the University of Hawai'i campus. Emergency crews and the Metro PD are evacuating the campus and several surrounding blocks. The indigent superhuman known as Tropic Lightning is on a rampage! Haikili, who has encountered Tropic Lightning in the past, has yet to put in an appearance." The shaky camera footage accompanying the report shows what appear to be repeated lightning strikes, and at least one explosion at ground level.

You are startled from your reverie by Mrs. Fujikawa ringing the bell on the kitchen counter. "Todd! Order up!"

[OOC: Gain 1 Determination for ditching out on your job to get involved in this insanity. Unless you'd rather wait tables all day. :)]

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Thu 17 Jan 2013
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Re: E1S5 - Finest Yakitori Cafe - Todd
"Sure thing Mrs F," Todd says.

He grabs the two waiting plates, drops them off at table five, and keeps walking towards the door, removing his serving apron and paper cap on the way, dumping them on table one near the door.

Spotting the number 12 on its way to the university he sprints after it, leaps onto the rear bumper, and hangs on for a free ride to the action.

[Damn right I'll take the Determination! :)]
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Fri 18 Jan 2013
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Re: E1S5 - Finest Yakitori Cafe - Todd
Mrs. Fujikawa stares at the door as it swings shut behind you, speechless.

The #12 bus is an express to the University. You're close when traffic starts to pile up--you're near Kuakini General Hospital, just a few blocks from the University, and you can see the man from the news report, hovering in the air above the Hospital as he fires a lightning bolt from his palm down at the huge grey transformers that power the building!

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