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Mon 7 Jan 2013
at 15:48
Character Generation
Herein lies the rules to character submission and generation.  Additions will be made to this thread as necessary.

The game will be limited to a total of five players.  Submissions will be considered on the basis of two points:

1.  The character's viability within the setting itself;
2.  The characater's viability as a member of the group;
3.  The capability of players to actually keep up with at least a once-a-week posting schedule.

In the submission, I would like to see the following:

1.  Character concept and history, fully fleshed out.  Note: Characters should not currently be living in Gabriel.
2.  What one hopes for the character, bearing in mind the setting of this particular game.
3.  Game stats.  This part isn't fully necessary, though at the least some non-numerical rundown of the character's hoped-for abilities would be nice.

Keep in mind that viability within the setting is one of the three critical points.  A wildly complicated character, with all kinds of weirdness in their background and personality, might be a very interesting character to play.  They might also be completely unsuited to this particular Anima game.  By contrast, a concept involving nothing more than a former soldier who has journeyed to Gabriel on a whim might work extremely well, depending on the character's personality...and in the end, be a far more rewarding character to play.

Also, any weirdness intended for the character in terms of abilities should probably reflect in their past history.

Currently all books are allowed for use.  However, players considering a specific path of powers they hope to realize over the course of several levels should probably clear them with me upon submission, as it really stinks to come up with a grand idea for Ultimate Power, base the character around such down to every aspect of their point expenditure, and then have me say four levels down the line 'Oh, so THAT'S where you were going with this stuff?  Sorry, I think it's unbalancing/against the spirit of the rules/just plain interpreting the rules incorrectly.'

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Mon 7 Jan 2013
at 18:15
Stats and Numbers
Stats: 65 point generation method, 10's counting as 11 points.

Secondary Skills: Core Exxet Rules, with 1 physical and 1 mental Natural Skill as well as 5 Free +10 bonuses per level, +100 Stat bonus cap (counts Natural and Free bonuses).

Any skill with an extra bonus - Class, Free, Natural - counts as 'trained'.

Special Note: As I do not have Arcana Exxet at this point (though I am expecting its arrival Any Time Now), I will be extremely leery of things from that book.  Once it arrives, I'll be reading it and preparing my List of Bad Things that I won't be permitting in the game.  It'll be short, I expect.

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Mon 7 Jan 2013
at 18:21
Group Unity
A note about the game and participation/unity.

Characters who aren't very good at working with others will only be considered if their players assure me that they'll carry through with FORCING the character to work with the group (ie, he/she may not like it, but they'll do it for a reason that works for the character).  I won't be doing much of that for the players.   Additionally, characters/players whose purpose for being is to stir things up won't last long.

Inter-party conflict can be good.  Constant inter-party conflict rarely is.

Also, while the game is not on rails, there is a definitive story.  Characters with a huge, convoluted story and wide, extended goals to which they are focused and dedicated probably aren't a good fit.  The game will be set in Gabriel, will mostly operate in Gabriel (with some trips out of the country), and will concern events in Gabriel.

This is not to say character backstories and goals aren't important.  They are, and allowance will be given to them in-game, weaving them into the plot.  But players who join and ignore the story in favour of doing their own thing will be shifted out of the story, possibly to write fictional accounts of what their character does with their new free time.  ^_^

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Tue 8 Jan 2013
at 14:21
Character Capabilities
Another note about the game and character creation:

The game will have a fair bit of violence.  Seeing as it's a game in Gabriel, fighting isn't going to be the focus, but dramatic action is a good thing in an Anima game.  So it will happen.  It'll probably also be pretty ugly from time to time (note the 'mature' label).  Players should at least be competent.

But, again, this is a game set in Gabriel.  Characters are going to need skills or abilities that allow them to do more than fight.  Whether it's social stuff to manage society events, sneakery for rooftop-hopping while ferreting out secrets, creative skills to wow and impress, whatever...the capacity to do more than fight is necessary.

Plus, given the prevailing attitudes in Gabriel, utterly crude and uncouth characters who stomp around in smelly armor all day aren't going to do so hot.

These are things to consider.  Some kind of balance between the fighty-fighty capabilities and 'everything else' is probably a good thing.  It doesn't have to be a perfect balance, but characters massively unbalanced to either side (ie, the foppish aristocrat who is completely incapable of fighting or even using supernatural powers to assist in a fight, or the fighting type whose concession to skills runs along the lines of 'Withstand Pain' 'Athletics', and 'Composure') will likely be rejected.

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Tue 8 Jan 2013
at 16:02
Putting a Face to the Name
Character descriptions are necessary, and detail, please.  General, approximate Appearance chosen as well, and either extremely well described (to give the idea of how good-looking the person should be considered, as well as HOW - ruggedly attractive is completely different from 'bishonen') or included numerically as a footnote of some kind.

People choosing Appearance 10 will be mocked and scolded required to justify it.  Yeah, I know it's pretty hard to justify an Appearance of 10 for a character.  Consider it homework for those who wish to play a supermodel.

Character portraits are necessary once one actually gets into the game.  Portraits must be some kind of closeup of the face (for detail, thank you), must be artwork (no photographs unless they've seriously been photoshopped into 'art').

Character 'Biographies' are encouraged.

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Tue 8 Jan 2013
at 16:05
A small hint:

Enemies are a popular disadvantage to those wishing to take social gifts.  I will note that I take flaws very seriously - those with Enemies, expect to have them make your lives miserable.  And they won't be 'they attack you!'.  This is a game with Intrigue in it, so anyone taking 'Enemy: Black Sun' is going to find out exactly what the Black Sun can do to someone in life.

This isn't to say that enemies will show up every moment of every day and ruin every plot.  But they're not going to be a 'once per two levels' thing.

Additionally, I'm limiting the number of Enemies I'm allowing in the game to something I can handle.  If everyone picks Enemy, it creates a horrid situation for both players and GM.  Hence, I'll be choosing out of the mess of Enemies I receive what I think are the best ones.  And that's all.
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Tue 8 Jan 2013
at 16:08
Social Gifts
It is not necessary to buy gifts that make one nobility to play this game.

Additionally, one who purchases a Nobility gift should realize that while it will mean one is treated as nobility in Gabriel, that's only to a point.  Oh, that much is worth the price of nobility.  But Gabriel has left the Empire, and whether someone is the Earl of Worchesterester ester doesn't ultimately mean two figs to people in Gabriel who choose not to care.

After all, it's not a title from their country.
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Wed 9 Jan 2013
at 14:17
Character Sheets
To further annoyamuse those working on characters, character sheets must have the full DP and MK expenditures listed.

This is to say, every place DP is used must have the amount of DP used in brackets beside it, as well as its various constituents.  For example:

Attack: 140

This should be written:

Attack: 140 (Base 100, +15 Dex, +25 Class) (200 DP)

Amount of DP spent in each catagory should also be listed next to the catagory in question, as well as the maximum.  For example:

Primary Combat (340/360 DP)


Ki Abilities (120/150 MK)

For those having problems with this, I can assist.  But it's to help make my job easier, so I'd like people to learn to do this and not just get me to do it every time they spend DP.

Skills should be written up as above, with specific notation to all bonuses.  Here's a really complicated example covering all kinds of bonuses.

Athletics 140 (+40 Stat Bonus, +20 Free Bonus, +15 Class Bonus, +10 Jack of All Trades Bonus, +30 Natural Bonus) (50 DP)

The Stat Bonus includes any Natural Bonuses spent on the skill.  So in this case, the person might have a Dexterity of 11 (+20 bonus) and have made Athletics their Natural Physical Skill at one level (total Stat Bonus of 40).

Make sense?

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Fri 11 Jan 2013
at 19:04
Skill Caps
To some extent, we will be using skill caps (that is, for the first three levels, TBD later if it'll continue).

No skill can rise above 200 for the first three levels.
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Sun 13 Jan 2013
at 14:30
Social Death (Repost)
Reposted in Character Generation Area to clean up the "Setting" thread.

Just as it is possible to be killed and this lose one's place in the story, it's possible for a character to ruin themselves to the point where nobody in the story will have anything to do with them.  There are no "social life points", no rules for this; instead, common sense should be used with the knowledge that actions have consequences.

Someone playing an arrogant, crude rustic had best be on their role playing tiptoes; this is Gabriel, after all.  A sensibly played character of that sort MIGHT be looked upon as a fascinating curiosity, but one shouldn't count on that impression holding forever, even for a well-played character.

If a character shoots themself in the foot enough, effectively ruining their chances if getting anywhere with anyone (and after the gm noting that this is coming a few times, not out of the blue), they'll effectively write themselves out of the story.

Just something that bears noting.
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Wed 16 Jan 2013
at 17:11
Starting Magic Levels
Just in case people missed it in the rules.

Starting magic level for characters runs pretty much as follows:

Wizards: Half of total value.
Summoners and Mixed Class Mystics:  One quarter of total.
Non-Mystics: To Be Determined (this almost never comes up, so will be dealt with on a case-by-case level).

Obviously Innate Path Knowledge adds its full +40 to the value above.

Magical Knowledge will be gained for use by levelling up, and can also be gained for use by actively studying in-game.
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Sat 19 Jan 2013
at 13:37
Starting languages will be based on both one's intelligence and one's access.  Everyone knows Latin.  People with Intelligence of 6+ have the option to know another language.  People with an Intelligence of 8+ may know several, but only if they are from a cosmopolitan background or are scholars.

Knowledge of any of the dead languages must not only have the proper prerequisites, but also have a rational and GM approval.

Please don't go overboard on your languages, especially given the ages of the characters in question.  When in doubt, ask the GM for advice.

Note that while Gabriel has its own dialect of Latin, it's at least comprehensible to those from outside the country; no special language needs to be taken.
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Mon 21 Jan 2013
at 14:25
Though in many cases it will be obvious, please include your enthnicity in your descriptions.  :)
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Tue 12 Feb 2013
at 14:58
Re: Ethnicity
Some good news.

The players will have one chance to make changes to their characters - that's coming up soon.  After a 'shakedown' bit for everyone to see how their characters are working out, you'll get a shot at altering what you feel needs altering (not, for example, something that will be taken care of when you go up a level, but something intrinsic to the character that just didn't work out).

Some bad news.

That's your only change.  After that, you're stuck with whatever you pick for the character later on.
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Wed 3 Apr 2013
at 15:27
Level Up!
Good news.  You're all level two.

Pass EVERYTHING through me (and I mean everything).  Additionally, changes can now be made to your characters without penalty.  This is, in fact, the last opportunity for such.  You've all seen action, so you have a better idea of your character's capabilities and the rules for such.

I'll say that I didn't see any glaring issues that can't be fixed by levelling up, but you might feel differently.