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Wed 15 Jan 2014
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Dramatis Persona - Who's Who?
Herein will be written the various names and descriptions of those encountered in the tale.
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Wed 15 Jan 2014
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Chateau Du Rosselle
Renard Rosselle: the aging lord. (Asher)

- An aging soldier, the viscount still presents a formidable figure of a man, standing well over six feet in height with broad shoulders.  His hair is salt and pepper, coarse rather than thinning, and his strong face has grown craggy and lined as to match.  He's not an old man yet, but well-into his middle age.  Even so, his obsidian eyes remain sharp and hard, alert to what transpires about him.

The lord generally wears a long, heavy coat of an older style, and always has a vest over his shirt.

Clovis Rosselle (Asher/Aion)

- Eldest son of Renard.

Alais Rosselle (Asher/Aion)

- Eldest daughter of Renard.

Jacques Rosselle (Asher/Aion)

The younger son - possibly still in his teens - Jacques is a slump shouldered, florid-complexioned man.  He's heading toward plumpness, though still only on his way, and has the look of a disgruntled clerk from time to time.  The young man could have been reasonably good looking, but the drink and a gloomy personality seem to have soured his visage.

Simone Rosselle (Asher/Aion)

- The youngest of the Rosselle family, Simone is a dark-haired cat of a girl, sharp featured, inquisitive, and at times quite demanding in her curiousity.  She wears her hair shortish, down to her shoulders, and it tends toward the curly; it suits her onyx eyes.  She's surprisingly athletic in appearance, not an ounce of spare flesh on her, and poised despite her age.

Andreas Gerou (Aion)

- cousin of the group, via marriage of Renard's younger sister Danielle to Lord Gerou of Ilmorre.  Andreas is a short, young man with unremarkable chestnut hair and thin features.  He usually sports a short, dark jacket of the Ilmorran style - complete with lace at the neck and wrists - high boots, and a small smile playing about his lips.

He has, in fact, demostrated some skill with riding and a dueling saber.

Elaine Blanc (Zinner)

- Maid to Alais, Elaine is a pretty young woman in her late teens, much the same age as the youngest members of the family.  She wears her hair up in a bun, keeping it out of the way, but occasionally strands get loose, much to her annoyance.  Her voice remains soft and quiet, even when she's agitated; it takes a great deal to force her to raise her voice.  Even so, there's no sense of give or fear to her; it's simply her way not to cause a fuss.

Sterling, the valet (Asher)

- Sterling is a man roughly the viscount's age.  His hair has gone iron-grey, but his shoulders are as broad and square as ever.  Indeed, when he stands beside his employer, one might mistake them for Field Commander and Aide.  He's quite proper, straight as an arrow when standing, walking...or speaking.

Sadler (Asher)

- Sadler is one of the house footmen.  A cheerful, gregarious fellow, he is lean of body, short of hair, and sharp of eye.  His uniform is always immaculate, and he always seems balanced on his toes, as if ready to spring forward and assist those in need.

Janus Rudolpho (Zinner)

- Janus is one of the stablemen, in charge of the upkeep and preparation of the horses.  His strong jaw and wiry frame are at odds with his sad eyes, and he often stares at the ground rather than meet the eyes of those with whom he speaks.

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Noblility of Chaville
Chateau Du Tariquet

- Viscount Claude Du Tariquet: The father.
- Viscountess Diane Du Tariquet: The mother.
- Count Elroy Du Tariquet: The young heir to the family; lean to the point of gauntness, dark of hair and mood.
- Josephine Du Tariquet: The daughter.

House Tallier

- Carel Tallier: The family head;
- Lucia Tallier: Sister to Carel.
- Boudreaux Tallier: Brother to Carel; deceased.
- Lavall: Tallier: Brother to Carel; deceased.
- Mirelle (maid): deceased.

House Glasier (currently involved in a merchantile struggle with House Tallier)
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Wed 28 Feb 2018
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Ser Viktor Alvarado: Nobleman of Argos

Kristoff: Rough indigent, seeming head of a small group of the same.