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Thu 14 Jul 2016
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Continued Conversations
Okay, this thread is for people wanting to continue conversations that have apparently died and the game has moved on.
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Sat 16 Jul 2016
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Continued Conversations
"Really? Now you're running off? in an unfamiliar city?" Truth be told Adell was not worried about his ability to catch up with her. He had the training to move quite quickly, and the stamina to keep it up for a while.

"But yes." He said, more subdued when he caught up. "Mr. Gerou said the reason he wanted to go home was his injury was... bothering him. Your right that he shouldn't fight Elroy now. Fortunately for him, these silly customs ought to give him some time to recover, before he has to fight. I wouldn't be so quick to assume he will die."
Genevieve Galatea
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Sat 7 Oct 2017
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Continued Conversations

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