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Game Setting Information
Bright Lights, Black Hearts is set in the country of Gabriel.  The year is 989.  The events of the Breach of Heaven are nearly a half-year in the past, and had little of the impact upon Gabriel as upon the Western half of the Old Continent.

Gabriel's neighbours include Moth (North), Goldar and Helenia (West), Phaion (East), and the Inner Sea (South).  Of particular nearby interest is the island of Tol Rauko and the City of Free Trade, Deimos (on the border of Phaion and Gabriel).  The population of the country sits at just over five million souls, the vast majority of Aion, Asher, or Zinner descent.  The local language is a dialect of Latin (not requiring particularly specific fluency), its inhabitants are referred to as Gabrielense in background, and the primary religion is Christianity.

Gabriel is ruled by a council of families, headed by an Arch-Chancellor.  The current Arch-Chancellor is Joshua Fardelys, the youngest (and most influential) ever to hold the title.  Since the Breach of Heaven, Gabriel has announced its independance from the Holy Empire, but has not declared support for the Azur Alliance.  Like other countries of this area, it seems to have chosen a neutral standpoint between powers, seeking to carve out its fortunes alone.

Gabriel's influence comes from its trade, unrivalled save by Abel and perhaps Arlan.  Its nobility arises from the ranks of the merchant class, purchasing titles for themselves and their families.  Those merchants not rich (or connected) enough to do so are termed bourgeoisie.  Beneath them are the peasantry, the poor, the homeless.  In Gabriel, social circles rarely mix; to do so is to invite social censure.  And in Gabriel, social censure equates to ruin.

Face, standing, appearance...these can make or break fortunes as easily as cunning, sagacity, and daring.

The above covers some of what is contained in Gaia: Beyond the Dream, Book One.  For more details, the section on Gabriel should be considered (but not thought of as necessary - further information will come as the story unfolds).

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Re: Gabriel
Gentlemen and ladies -

You are currently 'passengers' in a caravan bound for Chauville.  It's taking the long route, mind, from Helenia through La Roche and Heverville, stopping at Bellegrade then striking South for the capital.   Currently the caravan has passed through La Roche and approaches Heverville.

The caravanmasster, a florid, expressive Ilmorran who goes by Ambrose Baptiste, has announced the caravan will be stopping just outside Heverville at the home of a friend of his, where it can sit without having to pay a fee.

The caravan itself is well-armed and protected - two dozen wagons (all roofed and walled, like gypsy-wagons) and three-score people, including three sets of eight guards and their captain, who swap shifts about.  There's always one set of guards ahorse (or on picket duty, at night), one set awake, out of armor, but with weapons close at hand (when travelling, they lounge atop the wagons), and one squad asleep.

Additionally, M. Baptiste has a small group of 'irregulars', an odd set of people who come and go from time to time.  A couple of them occasionally fly off on windriders from Galgados, truly a sight to see.

M. Baptiste and his wagons are fairly well-known at markets from Arlan to Phaion, from the look of it, and everywhere inbetween.  It hasn't been cheap signing on with him, but the trip has been relatively peaceful thus far.  This is in part possibly due to the explosive violence that erupted on the borders of Helenia and Goldar some weeks ago, just before you joined up with the caravan; from the sounds of it, a tribe of Goldar attempted a full-out invasion of the peaceful land and was repulsed by a coalition of Empire-paid mercenaries, the knights of St. Helena, and (if rumors are to be believed) another tribe of Goldar.

Reports of bizarre storms and wildfires are obviously the products of raging imaginations.

The date, at game start, is September 1st, roughly nine months after the events of the Breach of the Heavens.

You may now begin considering what you know of each other.  :)
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Re: Gabriel
For those interested in the exact route of the caravan -

1.  The earliest anyone could have joined it would be in Eron, Dalaborn.  At that time, it was returning from Goldar.  Then it continued, through Rakvara to Siffermay, where it met a group of traders from Galgados.  From there, East toward Ilmorra.

2.  Crossing the border into Ilmorra, it passed through Calysta, North to Eustace, then back to Hausser.    It stopped in Hausser for a while, then toward Helenia (well after the battle occured).

3.  A stop in Farna followed.  Then the wagon-train swept up toward La Roche, in Gabriel, and we know the location from there.