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Mon 1 Jan 2018
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Chapter Four: The Final Empire
You all awake at the same time, the remnants of a splitting headache draining away as you open your eyes. You are all lying on a dusty stone floor in a burned out building, shafts of sunlight slanting down through the half shattered ceiling. If you squint, you can see the contours of the Emporium in the soot stained walls, but only the ghost of its soul remains. The villagers are spread in a circle around you, still sleeping, but there is no sign of Sigmund.

Next to Gilad is the glowing white diamond from the pommel of the dancing swords, and a small white stone statuette of a man in robes, looking very similar to the Owner. It pulses softly with a warm yellow glow.
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Tue 2 Jan 2018
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Chapter Four: The Final Empire
As a ray of sunlight shines down on his face, the bard's eyes flicker open. For a brief moment, basking in the warm light, the perils of their adventure feel like no more than a distant memory. Gilad smiles... and sputters as he coughs out a mouthful of dust.

Groaning as he sits up, Gilad rubs his head, taking a look around the ruined building. "Are we... home?" he murmurs. His hand brushes against the diamond beside him; the bard holds it up into the light for a better look, and recognizes a remnant of the Owner's animated sword. "Pity, we made a good team in the end." Gilad muses to the diamond, with a faint grin. He glances down at the white sabre he discovered back in the Sun Falls. "Mayhaps we shall again, my sword could do with a handsome adornment..."

Pulling his thoughts away from enchantments and treasures for a moment, Gilad looks over to see how his friends are faring... and notices their band is one short. "Sigmund?" he calls, getting to his feet. "Already up and scouting, I'll wager..."
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Tue 2 Jan 2018
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Chapter Four: The Final Empire
Vander wakes, bleary eyed and with a bit of a headache. His first thought it to look for Zanne, and upon finding her he head over and gently touches her hand. He then whispers her name until she wakes.
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Thu 4 Jan 2018
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Chapter Four: The Final Empire
Shakru grunted and turned over to one side, slowly he opened his eyes and saw the others laying there next to him. He groaned again and rolled back over onto his back

If I'm dead then the grand Druid is playing an evil joke on me and the afterlife really sucks, he thought to himself

But then the aches and pains in his body made him realize he was very much alive. That added to the lingering but receding presence of the owner in the back ressesses of his mind made him realize he'd actually survived his great sacrifice. On the one hand he was glad but on the other hand he felt slightly betrayed by fate for not letting him have his glorious death... Oh well maybe fate had an even greater end for him that would be sung at the fire side of Tribal gatherings for centuries to come.

With that thought in his mind he slowly pulled himself up onto his knees then onto his feet. Steadying himself he looked at the others with a big grin on his face "so my soft and fragile friends we survived our adventure" and he roared with laughter