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If you are interested, please send me an RTJ containing the following:

Character Name:

Race: (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Kroll)

Advanced Class: (Warrior, Ranger, Wizard, Witcher, Druid, Scout, Shaman, Burglar, Mage, Alchemist)

Character Concept: A short summary of what you want your character to be good at and their personality/history.

We will go through the rest of the character creation process together.






Kroll - Very large and strong hairy humanoids with hard, grey skin. Their most distinctive feature are their ears, which are similar to bat ears. This gives them great sense of hearing and makes them capable of echolocation. They live in tribal societies of hunters and warriors.

Classes (basic):

Fighter - A strong hero and expert with melee weapons.

Hunter - Great archer, knows how to survive in the wild aswell as hunt and tame animals.

Trickster - Hero great with throwing weapons, always has a trick up his sleeve, knows best how to survive in the city and disguise himself.

Apothecary - Knows how to treat wounds, make healing poultices and poisons, posseses great endurance against physical harm and great social skills.

Enchanter - Posseses magical skill, can bless or curse and is great in social interaction with supernatural creatures.

Classes (Advanced):

Warrior (Fighter/Trickster) - A knight archetype with melee mounted combat, social interactions with nobility and leading people in combat.

Ranger (Fighter/Hunter) - Archer and Melee fighter specializing in fighting MONSTERS.

Wizard (Fighter/Enchanter) - Spellcaster who knows fire and air magic.

Witcher (Fighter/Apothecary) - Melee fighter specializing in fighting UNDEAD, RISEN and DEMONS. Can use magical signs against them.

Druid (Hunter/Enchanter) - Nature spellcaster who knows water, earth and wood magic.

Scout (Hunter/Trickster) - A spy archetype with horse archery, can start their own secret underworld organizations and specializes in leading people outside of combat.

Shaman (Hunter/Apothecary) - Animal spellcaster, knows how to shapeshift into animals as well as control them with magic, travel in and control the dream world, healing animals and make advanced narcotics/drugs.

Burglar (Trickster/Apothecary) - A thief archetype, adept at hiding in cities, can climb across both vertical and horizontal spaces and make contact poison.

Mage (Trickster/Enchanter) - Spellcaster specializing in Mind and Illusion magic.

Alchemist (Apothecary/Enchanter) - Crafter making bombs, acids and poisonous gasses as well as advanced cures. Knows Reanimating magic with which he can create servants.

Classes (Expert):

Paladin (Warrior/Witcher/Wizard)
Inquisitor (Mage/Scout/Witcher)
Zhrec (Druid/Shaman/Ranger)
Elementalist (Wizard/Druid)
Arcanist (Alchemist/Shaman/Druid/Wizard)
Shadow (Burglar/Alchemist/Mage)
Warlock (Alchemist/Mage/Shaman)
Lord (Warrior/Scout/Burglar)
Avenger (Warrior/Ranger/Burglar/Scout)
Destroyer (Warrior/Ranger/Witcher)

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