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White Castle Dungeons
You grew up local town of Drchov, where you spent most of your life, both with your family and as an apprentice of an elven Wizard Anlyth. It has been rare for the elves like Anlyth to settle in human lands, but with the proximity of Mirathor forest to this area Drchov and it's environs have seen it's share of wood elves.

When Red Fox and his bandits killed your father, the tax collector Derick, your family was struck hard with this tragedy. Thankfully Lord Radavan helped you, for your father was one of his oldest friends and advisors. He made sure that your mother will live a comfortable life for the rest of her days, but sadly no amount of money could bring your father back to life.

Someone has to stop them from terrorizing the people and your father's death at the hands of Red Fox and his bandits just made it a deeply personal matter for you. And after all, it would be a great adventure like those stories your uncle Stabor always told you when he visited. Brave heroes defeat the villains and are rewarded with riches and fame, justice prevails and evil is vanquished!

A great opportunity came when your uncle Stabor returned from his adventures. The news of his younger brother's death struck him hard and his visit became a short one indeed. But he promised you one thing before he left. I'll organize an adventuring party to pursue their bounty, bring these killers to justice and recover the money they stole. I should return by the equinox and if you want, you can then join us. Mark my words, Red Fox and his henchmen will rot in prison for what they did. And so your Ranger uncle left you to prepare yourself for the oncoming adventure, learning what you can to help you against the bandits.

A day before the equinox Stabor returned with good news. He managed to recruit some other members for your adventuring party on your quest to capture the Red Fox, whom you will meet up with in the nearby village of Bojanov tomorrow. Also, he found someone who should know where Red Fox and his bandit's are hiding, a shepherd named Brzota, but he wanted money for this information. Stabor had to collect a debt from his inkeeper friend to be able to pay Brzota for his information and he took you along. The Ranger and a Wizard's apprentice, on a quest together.

It was about two hours after sunset, a dark moonless night. You haven't spent much time in the inn. The inkeeper paid his depth to Stabor pretty much immediately and the only thing of note that happened was Stabor getting into a short brawl with two drunk soldiers that hassled the townsfolk. Stabor put them to their place and you two left the inn for home, planning to stay the night here and meet up with the others in Bojanov tomorrow.

Unfortunately, fate was cruel that day yet again. On the way home you were ambushed by the very bandits you set out to capture. An arrow cut it's way through the darkness, striking Stabor in the heart. You saw the cruel red-haired man, Red Fox himself. He was the one who killed your father and now, he killed your uncle too. And before you could do anything, one of his henchmen hit you over the head with a club and you lost conciousness.

You awoke in a strange dungeon cell, your hands bound in chains, so that you could use your magic. The only place in this area that would fit were the ruins of White Castle, so you knew that had to be the place they held you in.

Before you could collect your thoughts, you have heard footsteps. It was Red Fox, here to visit you. So, you are awake then. Good. he smirked at you. First, sorry for your uncle, but he was a potential threat to us and I prefer to deal with those early. Oh and we have framed some two drunk soldiers for the deed. They'll never know it was us, so don't expect to be saved.
Don't worry, we won't hurt you. I have an... associate, who can use someone like you in his experiments. I will send you to him as soon as possible. Now, be a good girl and don't cause trouble, alright?
he grins at you and leaves you alone.

A few hours later, you begin to hear loud noises and the ground and ceiling starts to shake like there is an earthquake. It lasts for a long time, before deathly quiet takes it's place. You notice that no one came to check on you in some time and begin to panic a little. But there is nothing you can do about it now. Exhaustion takes it's toll and you slip into an uneasy sleep.

When you wake up, you notice that the chains with which your hands were chained to the wall are now losse, as several stones fell from the wall during the yesterday's "earthquake". The door to your cell also fell from it's hinges. Now free, you sneak out of your cell, but don't find any guards here like yesterday. And that is definitely strange. Nearby you find the room where bandits kept some of their valuables, your gear was there aswell. And also the stairs leading from the dungeons.

Suddenly, you hear the sounds of fighting from outside. And the "earthquake" starts again.

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Sun 10 Jan 2016
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White Castle Dungeons
Dread lifted from Sparrow's heart at discovering her chains had been undone.  She jumped up, ignoring the protest of sore muscles, and raced into the nearby storeroom.  Drawing on the magical ring Anlyth had given her, she tucked her amulet into her skirt-pocket and grabbed her knob-headed staff.

Above, there were the sounds of heated battle and the rumbling of stone.  Could it be that her uncle's heroes had arrived and engaged Red Fox's men?  Wasting no more time, she tore up the stairs.  This was no time for caution!  Red Fox must face justice!
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White Castle Dungeons
You hear a savage roar from up there and then the "earthquake" gets worse. You run up the stairs and out of the keep into the courtyard. There, you see a group of adventurers battling the 2 giants.

---> White Castle
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White Castle Dungeons
It has been a days since the bandits captured you and brought you to this place. You don't really know why they took you prisoner, since that was uncommon of bandits and no one seemed to pay much attention to you. Instead, the leader of these bandits seemed to pay more attention to the other prisoner in these dungeons a blonde female wizard, to whom he gave a minute of his precious time to come gloat at her.

As you languished in your cell awaiting you fate, whatever it may be, the ground started shaking upstairs and a few loose stones fell from the ceiling. It was very odd, that was certain, but the silence that followed was even stranger. No one came to check on you prisoners, not even on the blonde wizard woman. Hours drifted by and you fell into an uneasy sleep...

When you woke up, you discovered that the door to your prison cell didn't survive the "earthquake" yesterday and finally fell of it's hinges. Excitedly you leave your cell towards freedom. On the way, you pick up yout gear from the bandit's storage room. While going up the stairs, you notice the blonde wizard who was also captured by the bandits leaving for the courtyard. Figuring that you need to work together to escape, you follow after her to the courtyard.

---> White Castle

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White Castle Dungeons
Darnias was furious. Some common criminals kidnapped him! But now he had a chance to escape. He recovered his belongings from where the bandits stored them. It was way too close to the prison area to be safe, but he didn't expect bandits to be smart. He donned his black robes, took his staff and placed his necklace made of vampire's fangs on his neck. It was fortunate he didn't lose it to some greedy bandit, for things like this were very expensive. He followed the blonde woman and hoped that she will lead him to freedom.

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