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Fri 10 Aug 2018
at 21:47
Hello, can I assume that you're here because you've heard Lord British has gone missing and that evil has fallen over the land once again?  Then welcome and may I wish you a quick success in your endeavors.

In your RTJ, I would like a character concept from your which includes the following details:
  • Character name
  • Race (Human, Elf, Dwarf, or Halfling only)
  • Class
  • Background
  • A character goal or two
  • A quick sentence or two detailing why you decide to become an adventurer
  • Expected posting rate
Characters will start as beginning adventurers having just left Iolo's Hut.

Regrettably I have realized that I need some basic guidelines in place to keep things civil and me interested in running games.  As follows:
  • Be civil to each other in OOC.
  • Run interesting character quirks past me first.
  • Non-evil characters only.  I intend this to be a heroic high-fantasy game.
  • I understand that sometimes RL prevents one from posting but please, when possible, let me know if you plan to be absent for an extended period
  • Access to the core book is helpful but not strictly necessary

Please note: this is an open sandbox world and the plot will be driven primarily by you, the players.  There is a main quest that you can advance as you will or you can wander around to explore Britannia and engage in side-quests as you wish.  Again, you drive the story here, not me.  Please include the line "I understand this is an open world" in your RTJ so I know you've read this.

As for myself, I'm looking to take a group of 4 or 5 players which will not be on a first-come basis and I am usually available to post updates 4-5 times per week.

There is an Ultima V wiki here for reference as the campaign progresses.

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Codex of Ultimate Wisdom
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Sun 5 Apr 2020
at 17:17
Once the game has started, we're going to fast-forward through Iolo's introduction and begin just outside his hut.  Ask whatever relevant questions you need to during character creation.

The basic premise is that Lord British went to explore the newly discovered underworld and promptly disappeared.  In his place, the regent Blackthorn has assumed command until British should return.  The only problem is that Blackthorn has slowly departed from the eight virtues and slowly become a tyrant.  This may be related to the appearance of powerful three shadowy creatures whispered to be Shadowlords but nobody has yet been willing to test this theory.  In response, Iolo and Shamino attempted to summon the Avatar of legend... and failed.  Nobody really knows why, just that the Avatar never arrived so the call has gone out through various circles to raise a group of brave and trustworthy adventurers, you.
Codex of Ultimate Wisdom
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Sun 5 Apr 2020
at 17:48
Some relevant game information:

Grenades and blackpowder weapons are not available.  Apologies if this spoils your character concept.

Most specializations from the Core and Companion are generally available and there trainers around Britannia to teach you how to enter one.  If you're not sure, ask before deciding!

If you wish to add a specialization from Dragon Age, send me a message and we can hopefully work something out.

A change to the Mage Hunter will be required because of no blackpowder weapons:
1) The requirement to enter can replace Accuracy with Fighting should you choose (Bows are still a valid choice, for example)
2) The novice talent remains unchanged but you will be forced to choose another weapon group.

There are various walkthroughs available should you choose to go looking for them.  Please don't, it will only ruin the game for you if you do.

I encourage you to take notes!  There is a lot happening and it may be important to remember exactly who asked you to go talk to someone....

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me!

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