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Mon 1 Apr 2013
at 22:33
Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
The X-Men are in good spirits on April 10th, 2013. After a great
breakfast as a group they make their way down the halls, smiling
and joking amongst themselves. Class begins in a couple of minutes
and the students pick their seats in the newly restored classroom.

Scene Distinctions:
Back to Normal
Spring is in the Air
Early Morning

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Tue 2 Apr 2013
at 21:10
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"I wonder if the Professor will let us have class outside
today! It's so beautiful. I wanna stretch my wings in the sun."
said to Gemma and Kurt with a smile. She was wearing a pink dress and sandals.
The back of the dress was very open, revealing her wing tattoos, but the front
was modest.

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Tue 2 Apr 2013
at 21:14
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"No way Barbie, you know the Professor; Our boring studies
come before everything. Especially fun. Now open your dusty old books
to page seven-hundred and two and let's discuss the mating patterns of
African Swallows."
Gemma gave a weak impression of Xavier,
making a serious face all the while. Helen and Kurt couldn't help
but giggle. Gemma wore a black tank top, the sleeve of tattoos on her left
arm ending in a spiked bracelet. Her right arm covered in a fishnet arm warmer.
She wore blue jean shorts that hardly even reached her thighs.

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Tue 2 Apr 2013
at 21:17
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"Did you just make a Monty Python reference in your
Professor voice?"
Eric asked with a laugh. "That's
brilliant. But I have to agree with Helen, going
outside would be great today."
he nodded in agreement. Eric wore
a blue t-shirt with the British flag on the chest, and tan cargo shorts.

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Tue 2 Apr 2013
at 21:28
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"But Gemma is right, ze Professor vould be unlikely to vant
to do so. Ve would be easily distracted outside. Jeff and Gemma pay
little attention as it is. And don't get me started on you, herr Nasan."
said with a grin, pointing at Nate who was already doodling. Gemma
rolled her eyes and Helen walked over to see what he was drawing.
Kurt wore a white under armor t-shirt and blue basketball shorts, his
tail poking through.

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Wed 3 Apr 2013
at 00:52
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"Ey i pay attention just fine!"

Jeff hurriedly puts his phone away into the pocket of his Bermuda shorts. Unbuttoning the top two buttons of his Hawaiian shirt and wafting the collar to fan his chest.

"Anyone else think its gettin' stuffy in 'ere already? it aint even may yet and I'm losin' to the heat already"

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Wed 3 Apr 2013
at 06:09
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
TK sat in the front of the class, per usual. He was reading his book while listening to the conversations going on around the room. He really did want to go outside as well, but he realized it to be easier to take notes in the class room. He stood up, reveling his white Tee with a cartoon scientist that said "In God we Trust, all others must show their work." TK took this opportunity to check out Nathan's drawing as well.
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 Nathan Lee
Wed 3 Apr 2013
at 16:24
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"It's hot? I guess that explains why I get to see Eric's pale legs." Nathan sat by the window dressed in jeans and a hooded sweater over his t-shirt, his mutation counteracting his choice of attire.

He was doodling food versions of the X-men. So far he had only finished Professor Cabbage and Nightcarrot. He had begun to work on Dreadknockwurst as the others took interest. He was glad to be drawing again, but he didn't realize anybody ever paid attention when he did.
Professor X
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Wed 3 Apr 2013
at 18:30
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Xavier entered the room, Richter in tow. He smiled at his students,
who quickly got into their seats. "Good morning class. Today's lesson
will be a treat for you all. I am in fact, sending you all outside."
waited for the cheering to stop. "Under the supervision of Mr. Richter
here, you shall compete in a scavenger hunt in the near by hills."
motioned to the smiling Julio. "I've a letter for each of you containing the unique items you must find, and disposable camera's to take pictures of things
you cannot carry back, such as rabid racoons Mr. Reynolds."
he grinned in
Jeff's direction.

Mechanically I think each of you will have a d4, d6, d8, and d10 complication to find gradually more difficult things in nature. Feel free to come up with what they are.

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Wed 3 Apr 2013
at 18:33
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"Oye, when joo are ready, come meet me in de blaburd, okay?
Make sure to bring good shoes. Oh, and like a jacket in case we out dere
por to long. I got like ropes and crap for joo but you can get if you wants."
he couldn't help but smile.

This is a transition scene. Feel free to make any sort of resources you'd like. All stress is cleared and pp are reset to 1. Describe what you pack or do before you get on the Blackbird. Then I'll post the action scene.
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Fri 5 Apr 2013
at 02:18
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Helen jumped out of her seat and hugged the Professor, a smile on her face.
She couldn't wait to get outside and stretch her wings! And a trip to the
hills would be fun! Helen loved scavenger hunts!
"What should I wear?" she asked Gemma as the two walked off
towards their rooms.

"I'd wear some real shoes Barbie, wouldn't want to ruin that
pedicure Jeff gave you."
she snickered. Helen smiled. She had
a cute pair of hiking boots she could wear.

Helen spends a pp for an acrobatics resource, packing things she'd
need for hicking, climbing and other such woodland activities.

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Fri 5 Apr 2013
at 02:24
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Gemma was stoked. She was so sick and tired of playing the good student.
Now she could go and screw around in the woods, smoke a cigarette and
mess around a bit. Plus she loved woodland area's, something about them
just made her feel free compared to the cities. It probably had to do with
the lack of roads and sidewalks. As shitty as it was to be a mutant, Gemma
couldnt argue with how good it felt to have the bare earth under her feet.

She spends her pp to buy a covert resource as she stuffs a pack of
cigarettes and a bottle of vodka in her bags, and puts on clothes for getting
into rougher places so she can keep her... illicit activities a seceret.

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Fri 5 Apr 2013
at 02:30
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Forest would be a wonderful place for them to go. Kurt wouldn't have
to hide out there. He could really let himself loose and enjoy himself.
"Vat should I bring, herr Hunter?" he asked Eric.
"Well, mate, gotta imagine we'll need to find flora and fauna
native to these hills. I for one am going to research them. Thinking the
Professor would have a book on them or something so my plan is to hit the
Kurt nodded in agreement.

Kurt is spending 1pp to buy a science stunt to know about the indigenous wildlife.
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Fri 5 Apr 2013
at 02:31
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Eric and Kurt spent their time in the library looking for books about the area.
Then Eric changed into more appropriate clothes.

Eric also spends 1pp for a science resource.
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 Nathan Lee
Fri 5 Apr 2013
at 03:02
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Nathan went back to his room and dug under his bed. He pulled out a small box and took it and his skateboard to the desk. He never got to use the off-road wheels much, so they were well maintained. Once he finished swapping them over he dashed off to the hangar.

Spitfire spends 1 PP to make an acrobatics resource
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Fri 5 Apr 2013
at 05:26
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
TK was glad to go outside, but he couldn't help but be a tad bit saddened by the fact that regular classes seemed to be cancelled for this scavenger hunt. "Oh well," he thought "It'll be nice to go for a hike in the woods." At that point, he overheard the conversation between Mr. Wagner and Mr. Hunter. It reminded him that he already had a detailed list of the flora and fauna of this area, as well as their potential medical benefits. He rushed to his room and grabbed his notes, as well as his backpack full of research materials and a first aid kit, he can never be too safe, if not for his own sake, one of his friends'.

TK spends a PP to purchase a science resource called "Research Data"
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Fri 5 Apr 2013
at 05:44
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"man dease chumps is all tryin to do dis da hard way"

Jeff slides his phone from his pocket and hurriedly starts searching the Internet.

Jeff spends 1 pp to buy a resource "taking a shortcut"
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Fri 5 Apr 2013
at 06:09
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
After they'd gotten prepared, the students board the Blackbird and it races
off to their destination. They are in good spirits and excited for the most
Julio lands the plane in a clearing, several miles into the forested area.
"Oye, all of dis lists is deefren, okay? I gunna put dem in dis mask
an you gunna pull one out."
He said, dumping the envelopes into one
of Eric's spare masks. Eric rolls his eyes.
After they get their lists and gear the students are free to go.
"One more thing, okay? Whe eber gets done firs does not have
to do homework tonight. Who eber is done las has to wash da Blaburd for me. We gunna leave wen da sun go down, so be here okay?"
he grinned.

Okay, d4-d10 tasks. First person to complete their d8 task starts a
d6 timer. 1 task per action.

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 Nathan Lee
Fri 5 Apr 2013
at 09:47
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Nathan shot out of the blackbird and left the others in his dust. He hadn't cared so much about winning in a long time and wasn't about to lose for something as menial as safetey. He cruised along the trail with his eyes peeled. Then he saw one of the things on his list, a natural rock formation. He couldn't get a good shot with the camera from this angle so he figured he would get some air.

Rolling D6 solo, Full Throttle Fool D4, Acrobatics D8, and Off-road skateboard D6
02:40, Today: Spitfire rolled 1,5,7 using d4,2d6,d8, unique dice with rolls of 1,2,3,7. catching air 10 effect 6
02:42, Today: Spitfire rolled 1,5 using d4,2d6, unique dice with rolls of 1,1,4. doom pool + comp vs spitfire. 4 effect 4

Spitfire eliminates his d4 complication and uses a plot point to buy the watcher opportunity as a stunt.

He veered off the trail and rode down the hill. A few seconds later he was using the rock formation as a ramp. As he flipped upside down he snapped it's picture from a birds eye view. This was going to be a piece of cake.
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Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 03:14
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Kurt saw Nathan race off as soon as the ramp opened and new the game was on.
With a *Bamf!* and a puff of brimstone he was across the clearing looking for
the first item on his list.

Kurt rolls d10 solo, d8 competative search, d8 teleporting  acrobatics d10 and d6 resoruce.
20:10, Today: Nightcrawler rolled 12,8,1 using 2d10,2d8,d6, unique dice with rolls of 4,8,1,7,1. 15 effect 10
doompool buys 2 opps growing to d8, 2d6. d4 complication.
20:11, Today: Nightcrawler rolled 6,7,4 using 1d8,2d6,d4, unique dice with rolls of 6,1,6,4. 12 effect 4

Kurt lands atop a tall tree, spying the next of an indigenous songbird. He snaps a quick photo of the eggs and moves on to his next item.

doom pool also buy's Spitfire's opp growing to 2d8, d6.
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Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 05:51
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
TK leisurely sauntered out of the Blackbird. He wasn't interested in coming first, he enjoyed doing homework, but he wasn't too keen on cleaning the Blackbird. TK glanced at his list of items to obtain, First up was "Moss that proves the stereotype wrong." Thinking about it, this clearly meant moss growing on any side of the tree save for north. TK got out his compass that Mr. Richter packed for him and went searching for moss with camera in hand.

TK attempts to find the moss rolling d10 solo, d8 competitive search, and d8 science.
Armstrong rolled 8,6,1 using d10,d8,d8 14e4
Armstrong rolled 5,6,7,2 using d6,d8,d8,d4 for the doom pool. 13e4
TK eliminates his d4 complication.

After a while of searching, he finally found some moss growing on the east side. He snapped a picture of the moss with the compass in the shot to prove it. He preceded on to next item. As he was en route, he looked up to see Miss Valentine in mid-flight.

Pass to Cupid
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Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 06:42
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Helen flew past TK with a smile.
"Good luck TK! But I'm so not cleaning the Blackbird!" she felt
like singing. The sun felt so warm and the view from above the trees was
beautiful. But she couldn't spend the whole trip taking it in. She had a deer
to find. And Helen loved deer! So pretty with their little spots. She smiled
just thinking about one.

Her solo d6, d8 warm spring day (a fawn is more likely to be out in this kinda weather i'd figure) flight d6, acrobatics d8 and d6 resource
23:39, Today: Cupid rolled 12,8 using 2d8,3d6, unique dice with rolls of 4,8,1,4,3. find a fawn for real. 14 effect d8. Doom pool buys her opp.

doom pool is 2d8, 2d6, complication of d4
23:40, Today: Watcher rolled 10,7,1 using 2d8,2d6,1d4, unique dice with rolls of 8,2,3,4,1. doom vs helen. a new opp. 14 effect d8. helen barley manages to remove her d4.

She spies two fawn near their mother and she swoops down to take a picture, she didn't think about the fact that her wings would scare them and barley manages to take a picture before she loses them in a thicket.

Impulse ur up.
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Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 07:58
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Impulse is one of the last off the jet he strolls out with a swagger in his step. his first first task is a raccoon and Jeff knows he can find one of those without even trying

Impulse uses his solo d6, competitive search d8, psych d8 (he knows how they act), and "taking a shortcut d6. (as he googles a little about them as he searches)

00:49, Today: Impulse rolled 6,6,6,6 using d6,d8,d8,d6, unique dice with rolls of 6,6,6,6. search for the "elusive" raccoon. that is a 12 effect 6

00:49, Today: Impulse rolled 5,5,1,3,3 using d6,d8,d8,d6,d4, unique dice with rolls of 5,5,1,3,3. the doom pool. a 10 effect 6

the doom pool steps my effect down to a 4 but i do believe that removes the comp.

As Jeff jumps over a fallen tree he finds a couple of raccoon playing with each other near a couple of flowers and more than a few butterflies.

"this is going to be one badass picture, even if it don't get me outta "charlie detail" it ts gonna bump me up with the ladies, awww yeah!"

Just as he snaps the picture he sees a shadow pass him overhead, its Cupid and she looks like she is having the time of her life

<hey there flyin lady, how about me and youz have us a little truce and team up to show deeze guys what nature is all about?>

i pass to dread

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Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 08:03
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Helen stops as she hear's Jeff's thoughts in her head. She turns around and looks for him. He waves at her.
<Well... no one said we couldn't!> she flies down and the two begin to compare lists.
 NPC, 19 posts
Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 08:12
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Eric wasn't exactly interested in this game. He would much rather be doing
something as a team. He'd only just got Nathan and TK back, and they hadn't
practiced enough with Kurt yet. Besides, with Jeff having to fill in the
role of Betsy the team was in a really bad way. If only Gemma would help
Either way, this was the task at hand and like hell was he washing the Blackbird.

rolling d10 solo, Competitive Search d8, emotion sense d6(trying to find an animal)d6 covert rookie and d6 resource
01:09, Today: Dreadnought rolled 4,4,11 using 1d10,1d8,3d6, unique dice with rolls of 4,4,2,4,5. 9 effect d10
doom pool sits at 2d8, 2d6, comp is 1d4
01:10, Today: Watcher rolled 11,5,3 using 2d8,2d6,1d4, unique dice with rolls of 6,5,4,1,3. 11 effect d6

Eric forgets that just because he can sense an animal with his aura means it can become frightened by it.
"Bugger all, this is going to be a long trip." he sighed as the groundhog retreated into it's hole.

Pass to Gemma
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Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 08:18
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Gemma watched them all run off to find their silly scavenger hunt items.
She had a better plan.
"Hey, Flyboy, I've got a flask full of tequila and  a pack of smokes.
Let's have a little fun while the kiddies play?"
she said, showing
some skin to Julio as she pulled the items out of her bag.

she's roling her d10 solo, d8 secluded forest, d8 psych and d6 resource. 01:16, Today: Sandstone rolled 10,9,2 using 1d10,2d8,d6, unique dice with rolls of 10,1,8,2.  18 effect d6 mental stress on Julio. doom pool buys her opp growing to 2d8, 3d6.

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Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 08:24
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
rolling d6 solo, d4 ex-military (he likes to drink n smoke) covert d8 (to see if he notices she's got an alternator motive, okay?)
01:22, Today: Rictor rolled 2,2,3 using 1d8,1d6,1d4, unique dice with rolls of 2,2,3. a 5 effect d8. She steps up twice to effect d10.

"I lobe tequila!" he said with a grin and watched her
take a chug off the top. She handed it to him. He wasn't going to be out drank
by a girl.
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 Nathan Lee
Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 09:18
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"Coniferous tree seed? The hell?" Nathan was confused, hopelessly confused. "They must have rigged this so I'd spend all day looking for something dumb and come back with a pine cone like an idiot. Maybe if I break down the word, coni-ferous, coni- cone. Wait, cone, tree seed. It is a damn pine cone!" He steered towards the nearest patch of trees and gave himself a boost to send him flying towards the branches.

Rolling D6 solo, Full Throttle Fool! D8, Fire control D8, Acrobatics D8, Off-road skateboard D6, and D10 Rocket stunt
01:57, Today: Spitfire rolled 5,15,6 using 2d6,3d8,d10, unique dice with rolls of 4,1,2,5,8,6. Jet propelled jump. 14 effect 8
01:57, Today: Spitfire rolled 12,11 using 2d8,3d6, unique dice with rolls of 7,5,6,1,4. 13 effect 8
Spitfire steps down D6 complication to a d4.

Not thinking things through Nathan gets caught in the branches he was aiming for.His board falls to the ground below as he is now stuck up a tree.
"Ok that may set me back a bit. Wait are there pine cones on the ground? Dammit! I gotta find a way down."

Pass to Dreadnought
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Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 09:34
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Doom pool buys your opp. 3d8, 2d6.

What in blazes was Eric going to do to catch a rabbit? He thought for a moment,
then remembered there were some veggies in the Bird. He headed back for the plane
and what he saw as he got up the ramp he did not expect.
"Why the bloody hell are you two snogging?" he said angrily
to Gemma and Julio. The whole cabin smelled of alcohol. The two turned and saw
him. Julio was giggling drunk and Gemma had her top off.
"Is no... hic... is no wha it loo liek...hic.... okay... hic... I lie." Julio said and then laughed hysterically.
"Bugger all... you've given up and plan to convince Julio to give
you a pass, haven't you."
he covered his face with his palm.
"Shhhhhhssssssshhhh!" her slurred shush sent spittle in
Eric's direction.  She began twirling Julio's hair in her fingers.
"Well then... As team leader I can't very well continue the task with two
drunk  teammates. Guess I better stay here and make sure you don't do anything
rash, right?"
they couldn't see it, but he was grinning under
his mask.

Pass to armstrong.
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Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 18:44
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
The next item on TK's list was a fern plant. TK hiked around the forest looking for the fern in question.

TK attempts to eliminate his d6 complication by rolling his d10 solo, d8 Blinded me with Science, his d6 Science resource, and his d8 Science specialty, all to identify the fern in question.
Armstrong rolled 8,3,6,4 using d10,d8,d8,d6. 14e8
The doom pool is rolled with the d6 complication.
The Doom Pool rolled 7,1,8,2,4,5 using 3d8,3d6. 15e8
There is 1 opportunity to purchase.

TK finds himself in a grove that has at least 4 different varieties of fern. Mesmerized, he stands there deciding which one to take a picture of.

I pass it to Jeff
 player, 23 posts
Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 23:47
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
the next thing no Impulse's list is Wild Sarsaparilla.

"what da hell! how am i supposed to know what that is?"

Jeff then opens up his phone and starts a search for whatever odd thing they have him looking for

Impulse uses his buddy d8, Competitive Search d4 (as he is trying to help out Helen as well as look for his own items)  "taking a shortcut" d6

16:37, Today: Impulse rolled 4,4,6 using d8,d4,d6, unique dice with rolls of 4,4,6. trying to find my flower.  that is a 10 effect 8

16:38, Today: Impulse rolled 14,12 using 3d8,4d6, unique dice with rolls of 7,6,1,2,1,4,5. huge doom pool.  that would be a 13 effect 6

also i am buying one of those stunts for my next round

as he is looking on his phone and their two lists he thinks he spots something that sounds like what he is looking for. he hurriedly starts shuffling towards it only to get distracted with his "juggling" he trips over thick brush only to fall onto the flower and smash it beyond recognition,

"Oh Jeff! What did you do to that beautiful flower?" Helen shouted almost in shock

"Ah crap!"

i pass to dread

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Sun 7 Apr 2013
at 06:31
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"Come on, Vader, take the mask off and I'll let you lick tequila off my chest." Gemma was really drunk. Her and Julio were rather obnoxious.
Eric was starting to wish he'd continued with the scavenger hunt.
"I'm not taking off the mask, Gemma, as upset as I am with the lot of
you I'm likely to blow a hole through the floor."
he said dryly.
"Ib you do...hic... you gunna haf to fix it... hic... but, okay, I kno a guy who can do it for cheaps... okay? hic." Julio made less sense drunk... Eric sighed at the fact that that was possible.
 NPC, 12 posts
Sun 7 Apr 2013
at 06:36
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Eric was being a real buzz kill. Wouldn't let her smoke in the jet, wouldn't
let her take her top off. What the hell was a girl to do?
"Come on Vader! I wanna see what it's all about under there!"she
got really close to him, like she used to at the club. She saw his eyes drop down
to her cleavage for just a split second. Maybe she would get a little fun after all.

rolling her d8 buddy, rocky attitude d8, psych d8
23:36, Today: Sandstone rolled 8 using 3d8, unique dice with rolls of 3,1,4. seduce dread. 7 effect 4.

 NPC, 6 posts
Sun 7 Apr 2013
at 06:41
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
dreadnought's reaction. solo d10, fear the reaper d8, psych d6
23:38, Today: Dreadnought rolled 2,6,3 using 1d10,1d8,1d6, unique dice with rolls of 2,6,3. 9 effect d10 he spends 1pp to counter it. Sandstone gets d10 mental stess

"Julio ever show you the scars from his helicopter crash?" Eric asked and suddenly Gemma was staring straight at Julio now.
"Is not... hic... da big, only like most ob my back. But  I led you
touch it ib you wants... hic"
he pulled his shirt half way over his
head, got stuck and fell hard. Gemma laughed.
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Sun 7 Apr 2013
at 23:05
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
this is Nightcrawler's round 2 action I forgot him.

Kurt made his way around the woods, jumping, fliping and swinging from tree
to tree. The freedom was amazing. he could easily spend all day out here. But
he also had no desire to wash the Blackbird, so he had to continue his search.
The next item on his list was to find an animal fishing. He saw a stream and
made his way to it.

Solo d10 competitive search d8 invisibility d6, covert d8 resource d6
16:02, Today: Nightcrawler rolled 10,8,10 using 1d10,2d8,2d6, unique dice with rolls of 10,3,5,4,6. fishin. spends 1 pp to keep 3. 21 effect d8
Doompool is 3d8, 4d6, comp d6
16:03, Today: Watcher rolled 13,16 using 3d8,5d6, unique dice with rolls of 2,4,7,4,1,3,2,6. 13 effect d8. Kurt's success steps up and beats the comp.

It takes him a little while, but he comes across an amazing sight; a mother
bear teaching it's cub to fish. He takes a photo and spends a little while
watching them before he quietly leaves to find his next item.
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 Nathan Lee
Mon 8 Apr 2013
at 00:24
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Spitfire buys the remaining opportunity for a stunt.

Maybe if he jumped he could land on his board and get moving again. "Here goes nothing."

rolling D6 solo, competitive search D8, acrobatics D8, stunt D10 "jumping down" Off-road skateboard D6
17:17, Today: Spitfire rolled 8,9,3 using 2d6,2d8,d10, unique dice with rolls of 5,3,3,6,3. jump out of tree. Spending a PP to keep an extra die. 14 effect 10
17:20, Today: Spitfire rolled 4,14,9 using d4,4d6,3d8, unique dice with rolls of 4,3,1,6,4,3,1,5. doom pool vs Nathans bones. 11 effect 8
Nathan eliminates the complication.

Luckily Nathan manages to make the jump without breaking anything. He snags a pine cone off the ground and starts making his way back to the trail.

Pass to TK

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Mon 8 Apr 2013
at 05:50
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
TK stood there, undecided on which specimen to document.

TK attempts to decipher what the most appropriate variety of Fern to snap a picture of for the Scavenger Hunt.
He rolls his d10 solo, d8 Competitive Search, d8 Science and d6 Research Notes.
Armstrong rolled 9,1,3,4 using d10,d8,d8,d6. 13e8
Doom Pool rolled 3,3,4,6,6,5,1,2 using d8,d8,d8,d6,d6,d6,d6,d6 12e8
TK nerfs his d6 complication to a d4

TK stands there for a while longer before eliminating all choices save for two

Pass to Jeff
 player, 24 posts
Mon 8 Apr 2013
at 23:29
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Jeff jumps over another log and stops just in time to not trample this flower.

"Ey i think i found it this time!"

Impulse rolls a buddy d8, "something to prove", covert d6, and "shortcut" d6

16:24, Today: Impulse rolled 3,8,3,3,5 using d8,d8,d10,d6,d6, unique dice with rolls of 3,8,3,3,5. finding my damn flower. 13 effect 10

16:23, Today: Impulse rolled 14,14 using 3d8,4d6, unique dice with rolls of 2,7,5,1,6,3,4. doom pool. 13 effect 8

i will pass to Cupid

"ey whats left on your list?"
 NPC, 21 posts
Tue 9 Apr 2013
at 20:54
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
rofl, i guess Helen get's two turns as well, bcuz i forgot her round 2.

Helen stopped when she read it. She squealed with so much excitement Jeff
nearly fell over in surprise. She held the list close to him so he could
read it because words escaped her.
"Where we gunna find baby rabbits?" he asked, scratching his
head. Helen looked at him and smiled.
"I don't know... but if we don't I am literally going to die!" she flapped her wings and was suddenly in the air. She soared high into the sky as
Jeff looked on. She kept forgetting he couldn't fly too. She flew back down to
him embarrassed.
"Com on Jeff! Every second we wait is a second I don't get to try and
pet adorable baby bunnies!"
she took him by the hand and they raced off
into the woods.
She'll roll d10 buddy, d8 warm spring day, d6 resource.
13:51, Today: Cupid rolled 6,5,6 using 1d10,1d8,1d6, unique dice with rolls of 6,5,6. 12 effect d8
doom pool gets 3d8, 4d6 and d6 comp
13:52, Today: Watcher rolled 13,16 using 3d8,5d6, unique dice with rolls of 5,7,1,3,2,1,4,6. 13, effect 6

They see a mother rabbit and two of her babies, but Helen's squeal of excitement scares them away before she can get a picture.
"Oh shi-oot... dey getting away!" Jeff shouts.
 NPC, 22 posts
Tue 9 Apr 2013
at 21:03
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Helen's heart sinks until she sees Jeff racing after them. She takes to
the sky, pulling out her camera.

D10 buddy, d8 competitive search, d6 flight, d8 acrobatics, d6 resource d10 stunt bought with a pp
13:56, Today: Cupid rolled 7,10,5 using 2d10,2d8,2d6, unique dice with rolls of 3,4,2,8,1,4. buys her opp so she keeps 3 16 effect 10
doom is 3d8,5d6, comp d6
13:57, Today: Watcher rolled 20,21 using 3d8,6d6, unique dice with rolls of 8,5,7,4,1,3,6,2,5. 15, effect d8 she gets the picture

Helen manages to get the picture, but she doesn't really care. She wanted to
hold one of the baby rabbits. She slowly makes her way to find Jeff.
"I got the picture." she says gloomily. She sees Jeff, on the ground
and covered in dirt. She's worried he's fallen and hurt himself, he appeared to be bleeding from his forearm and was clutching his arms together protectively.
"Jeff, honey, are you hurt?" she rushes to her friend's side as he
rolls over with a grin. She looks at him confused for a moment, until he lifts
his arm, revealing a baby bunny.
'Omigod! Best X-Man ever!" she hugs him and he hands her the
struggling bunny. It calms down the second she holds it. Must be a boy.
"Well, I wasn't gunna let you outta here without holdin a bunny! You might die remember?" he laughed. Helen smiled at him, stroking the rabbit's ears.
They sat for a time, before taking the rabbit back to it's mother.
pass to impulse, new round.

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 player, 25 posts
Wed 10 Apr 2013
at 01:20
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"ey i do what I can, yous the only x-man that treats me like a real person"
his third item is a picture with more than one animal in it by natural causes.

"hmm if i were a Forrest livin creature where would i be?"
he asks out loud as him and Helen think about it for a second. he jumps up throwing his hands in the air. "how did i not think of this before" he grabs helen by her free hand and runs off to find a stream

using his d8 buddy, d4 competitive search, d8 psych, and finally d10 stunt.

18:07, Today: Impulse rolled 1,3,5,10 using d8,d4,d8,d10, unique dice with rolls of 1,3,5,10. finding my third item.
18:14, Today: Impulse rolled 2 using 1d6, unique dice with rolls of 2. forgot my recource . 15 effect 8

18:02, Today: Impulse rolled 20,16 using 4d8,5d6, unique dice with rolls of 8,2,6,4,6,4,1,3,2. doom pool . 14 effect 8

i step down my comp to a d6

he sneaks up on the animals on the stream but just as he is leveling his camera a wild moose is wandering too close for comfort. He wraps his hand around Helens mouth. <Those things aint to be messed with, they will charge for almost no reason>

i pass to nathan
 NPC, 7 posts
Wed 10 Apr 2013
at 23:37
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Julio couldn't see something was wrapped around his head. His arms were
tied too. Suddenly he felt cool hands all over his chest.
"Come off it Gemma, let him get up before you have your fun."he heard Dreadnought say. The hands stopped for a moment. Then he felt
someone lift him into a sitting position. Suddenly he could see and move his
arms. He looked down and his shirt was off.
"Ooo baby. Now that is a scar." Gemma's finger traced the
scar along his back. He was too drunk to really even notice.
"I don feel so goo-" he fell over wretching.
 NPC, 13 posts
Wed 10 Apr 2013
at 23:38
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Gemma couldn't help but laugh and then she pulled back his hair as he
continued to heave.
"That a boy, all over Vader's boots." she laughed hard
at the look on Eric's face.
 NPC, 22 posts
Wed 10 Apr 2013
at 23:41
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Damn it man! Can you at least get some of it on the bloody floor
and not me?
Eric said furiously, getting out of Julio's way.
Gemma was laughing hysterically and the smell was beginning to overwhelm the
cabin. He got up and walked out side to look for a stream.
 player, 21 posts
 Nathan Lee
Thu 11 Apr 2013
at 06:31
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Nathan stared at his list as he made his way back to the trail. Next item: a black bird. Did he dare? Well, it probably wouldn't hurt to try and it's not like he was short on time yet. He decided it was worth it to go for the laugh and started back to the jet.

Rolling d6 solo, d4 warm spring day, d8 acrobatics, d6 off-road skateboard
23:26, Today: Spitfire rolled 1,5,6 using d4,2d6,d8, unique dice with rolls of 1,4,1,6. skating the trail. 10 effect 4
23:27, Today: Spitfire rolled 20,19 using 5d6,4d8, unique dice with rolls of 3,6,2,4,5,6,8,3,2. doom pool vs spitfire. 14 effect 8
Spitfire fail the action, he has 2 opportunities.

After a few really awesome minutes of speeding along the trail, Nathan realized he didn't recognize anything. "Ah crap." Now he was lost in the woods and if he ever was found he'd end up having to wash the blackbird.

Pass to TK

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Sat 13 Apr 2013
at 05:02
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
TK stood there, in awe on his indecisiveness. He finally decided to grab all the varieties of fern in that grove and take a picture of them.

TK rolls his d10 solo, d8 Competitive Search to snap him outta his daze, and Tech d8 for his camera.
Armstrong rolled 5,6,8 using d10,d8,d8. 14e10
Doom Pool rolled 4,3,4,7,5,5,6,4,2,1 using d8,d8,d8,d8,d6,d6,d6,d6,d6,d4 13e8
TK eliminates his d6 complication finally.

Satisfied with the picture, TK continued on his hike.

Pass to Nightcrawler to take the final turn of this round. I purchase to opportunity rolled by the Doom Pool for a d8 push.

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 NPC, 20 posts
Sun 14 Apr 2013
at 01:25
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
d10 solo, d8 competitive search, d10 reflexes, d8 covert, d6 resource, d10 stunt
18:19, Today: Nightcrawler rolled 17,14,5 using 3d10,2d8,d6, unique dice with rolls of 1,7,9,6,8,5. 17 effect 10
doom pool 4d8, 5d6,
18:21, Today: Watcher rolled 23,17 using 4d8,5d6, unique dice with rolls of 8,6,5,4,1,5,2,3,6. 14 effect d8 kurt beats the doom pool. 1 opp available.

"How am I to get ze feazer of a hawk?" Kurt asks himself, staring into the sky. He sees on circling for prey and an idea strikes him.
He leaps and with a *BAMF!* he's in front of the soaring bird.
"Guten tag, herr Hawk!" he said, plucking a feather quickly before teleporting back to the ground with a *BAMF!*

next round, starting with Spitfire. burn a d8 from the pool to create a d8 timer.
 NPC, 23 posts
Wed 17 Apr 2013
at 00:53
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Helen's heart was racing. The moose was huge! Jeff's hand
covered her mouth or she would probably have screamed in head.
It makes it's way to the water to drink.

She'll make an asset for Impulse. d10 buddy, d8 competative search
17:51, Today: Cupid rolled 9,5 using 1d10,1d8 with rolls of 9,5. 14 effect d4
doom pool is 3d8, 5d6
17:52, Today: Watcher rolled 9,17 using 3d8,5d6 with rolls of 3,3,3,3,1,6,5,2. 11 effect 8. Impulse gets a d6 asset

She taps Jeff's shoulder excitedly as she spots several fish swimming near
the moose.
 player, 25 posts
 Nathan Lee
Thu 18 Apr 2013
at 05:13
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"Aw hell." Nathan began to get frustrated. Maybe it's this way . . ."

rolling d6 solo, d4 secluded forest, d6 push dice, d6 off-road skateboard
22:07, Today: Spitfire rolled 4,8 using d4,3d6, unique dice with rolls of 4,1,5,2. find the jet. 9 effect 6
22:09, Today: Spitfire rolled 20,21 using 5d6,4d8, unique dice with rolls of 6,4,2,5,3,4,6,3,8. doom pool and comp vs. spitfire. 14 effect 8
Spitfire fails the roll and has 1 opportunity.

Nathan stops to catch his breath near a large stump. Maybe the guys will look for him in the black bird, then he'd at least get 3 of 4 by default.

Pass to Jeff
 player, 26 posts
Fri 19 Apr 2013
at 05:18
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
<I think i gots this, what are we gonna do 'bout the moose?>

Jeff reaches out and snaps for the picture hoping not to startle the moose.

Impulse uses his d8 buddy, d8 "something to prove" d6 covert and Helen's d6 asset

22:11, Today: Impulse rolled 8,6,5,5 using d8,d8,d6,d6, unique dice with rolls of 8,6,5,5.  spending a plot point to keep an additional that is a 18 effect 8

22:11, Today: Impulse rolled 13,19 using 3d8,5d6, unique dice with rolls of 7,2,4,3,1,6,5,4. huge doom pool. with a 13 effect 8

Impulse removes the complication.

"you got it!" Helen squeals  out with joy. now Impulse is face to face with this monstrous beast

Without hesitation it charges him, if not for his combat training he would be dead.

I pass to cupid
 NPC, 24 posts
Fri 19 Apr 2013
at 20:38
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Helen watches on in horror as Jeff attempts to jump on the moose's back.
She has an idea that might help, but it's a long shot.

Buddy d10, Angelic Beauty d8, mind control d6, psych d8
13:35, Today: Cupid rolled 7,14,6 using 1d10,2d8,1d6 with rolls of 7,6,8,6. 14 effectd10
doom pool 3d8, 5d6, d8 comp 13:36, Today: Watcher rolled 17,21 using 4d8,5d6 with rolls of 1,6,3,7,6,3,5,6,1. 13 effect 8 and 2 opps

It works! The moose calms down and makes it's way to her as Jeff clambers onto
it's back.

"Oh snap! Ride 'em moose boy!" Jeff says excitedly throwing
both hands into the air. Helen snaps the picture before reaching out to pet
the now friendly moose.

Pass to Armstrong
 GM, 32 posts
Sat 20 Apr 2013
at 21:19
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Spending a d6 from the doom pool to interrupt the action order to make it the timer's initiative. 2d12 go to the doom pool. I spend them to end the scene. You all gain 2xp.

The sun goes down and suddenly the X-Men realize they must finish their current task and make their way back to the blackbird.

Finish your current comp and make your way back but don't enter the black bird just yet.
 player, 26 posts
Sat 20 Apr 2013
at 23:02
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
As he realized the sun setting, TK decided to head towards the blackbird. But it wasn't going to stop him from trying to find as much on his list as he could. The next item was a Seneca white deer.

Rolling his d10 Solo, d8 Competitive search, d6 Research Notes and d8 push.
Armstrong rolled 2,6,2,2 using d10,d8,d8,d6. 8e10
The doom pool rolled 4,4,5,5,1,4,4,5 using d8,d8,d8,d8,d6,d6,d6,d6 10e8
One opportunity to purchase.

TK made his way through the woods, looking hard for any signs of the deer. But despite his attempts, he spots the blackbird before any fauna at all.

Pass to Spitfire
 player, 26 posts
 Nathan Lee
Sun 21 Apr 2013
at 05:51
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Aimlessly walking the path, Nathan sees the clearing they landed in. He isn't the first one back, but at least he wasn't last. Even if he didn't get everything on his list. He pulled out the camera and tried to focus on the jet but it was getting too dark.

"Nate if you're taking a picture for the scavenger hunt it doesn't count. If you're doing it to be an ass, well, knock it off." Eric called up to him.

"You're not the boss of me!"

"Actually I am. Now get your glowing blue ass in the blackbird. Oh and watch your step in there, Gemma and Julio decided to make it harder for whoever gets stuck cleaning it"

"Great." Nathan sighed and began to walk down the hill. He had quite enough of off-roading today and it wasn't worth wiping out to get out of cleaning duty. As he approached the ramp he could smell, well it wasn't really any one thing, but it was definitely disgusting. Maybe it wasn't too late to go down the hill.

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 NPC, 9 posts
Sun 21 Apr 2013
at 08:10
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"I gunna... hic... lay down... hic. I don... i don feel
no good."
Julio said, laying his head down on Gemma's lap.
 NPC, 14 posts
Sun 21 Apr 2013
at 08:12
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"Uh, Vader, little help here? Better get him strapped in
before everyone gets back."
the room was spinning for Gemma
but so far her stomach felt good. Until they were in the air at least.
 NPC, 25 posts
Sun 21 Apr 2013
at 08:13
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"Bugger all! Right, I'll get Nate in 'ere and help me set
him up proper, quick as you please."
he said making his way
to the ramp.
 NPC, 21 posts
Sun 21 Apr 2013
at 08:17
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Kurt felt good about his chances. He didn't have time for his last
item, but he'd had a lot of fun. He pictured his seat on the blackbird
in his mind and with a *BAMF!* he was there.
 "Vas? I sink I've sat in something vet?" he said,
feeling something warm and wet soak his pants.
"Well I was wet till you said that honey." Gemma
Julio got sick all over that seat mate." Eric sighed.
 player, 28 posts
 Nathan Lee
Sun 21 Apr 2013
at 08:30
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"Look on the bright side Kurt. Your blue furry butt may be soaked in vomit, but at least it isn't sewage."
 player, 29 posts
Sun 21 Apr 2013
at 10:23
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Impulse and Cupid ride up to the blackbird on mooseback, the biggest grin on Jeff's face. He can't wait to see how the others react
 NPC, 26 posts
Mon 22 Apr 2013
at 04:15
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Cupid laughs as they ride the moose up to the ramp. She and
Jeff dismount and pet the moose farewell before a stunned TK
and Nathan.

Once aboard, they all spin tales of their adventures and laugh
at Kurt, Julio and Eric. The flight home is quick and full of
excitement. One of the best days of class they've had in a long while.
Professor X
 NPC, 14 posts
Mon 22 Apr 2013
at 04:24
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Xavier welcomes his students back and asks after Julio. Eric
explains he's worshiping the porcelain god. Xavier seems a bit
disappointed as Eric goes on to explain about Ms. Stone and Julio's
poor choices. He takes a moment to decide the winner and loser.

"Well, it seem's there is a three way tie for first place. But
only two of you decided to work together and get work done faster as
a team. Jeffery, Helen, you two do not have to do tonight's
Helen and Jeff high-five and cheer while Kurt
sighs in disbelief. "Two of my students have nothing to show me.
One of them decided to take this field trip as a chance to act
he said, looking in the direction of Gemma.
Eric crosses his arms and gives her a stern look. "The other failed
to keep an eye on his team and let them fall of task. It would seem you are
the worse offender, Mr. Hunter, and as such you must clean the Blackbird as
well as tonight's assignment. Class dismissed"
Xavier said with a
smile, taking the smug look off Eric's face.

They laughed and bragged some more, leaving Eric to plead his case to Xavier.