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Mon 1 Apr 2013
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Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
The X-Men are in good spirits on April 10th, 2013. After a great
breakfast as a group they make their way down the halls, smiling
and joking amongst themselves. Class begins in a couple of minutes
and the students pick their seats in the newly restored classroom.

Scene Distinctions:
Back to Normal
Spring is in the Air
Early Morning

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Tue 2 Apr 2013
at 21:10
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"I wonder if the Professor will let us have class outside
today! It's so beautiful. I wanna stretch my wings in the sun."
said to Gemma and Kurt with a smile. She was wearing a pink dress and sandals.
The back of the dress was very open, revealing her wing tattoos, but the front
was modest.

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Tue 2 Apr 2013
at 21:14
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"No way Barbie, you know the Professor; Our boring studies
come before everything. Especially fun. Now open your dusty old books
to page seven-hundred and two and let's discuss the mating patterns of
African Swallows."
Gemma gave a weak impression of Xavier,
making a serious face all the while. Helen and Kurt couldn't help
but giggle. Gemma wore a black tank top, the sleeve of tattoos on her left
arm ending in a spiked bracelet. Her right arm covered in a fishnet arm warmer.
She wore blue jean shorts that hardly even reached her thighs.

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Tue 2 Apr 2013
at 21:17
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"Did you just make a Monty Python reference in your
Professor voice?"
Eric asked with a laugh. "That's
brilliant. But I have to agree with Helen, going
outside would be great today."
he nodded in agreement. Eric wore
a blue t-shirt with the British flag on the chest, and tan cargo shorts.

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Tue 2 Apr 2013
at 21:28
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"But Gemma is right, ze Professor vould be unlikely to vant
to do so. Ve would be easily distracted outside. Jeff and Gemma pay
little attention as it is. And don't get me started on you, herr Nasan."
said with a grin, pointing at Nate who was already doodling. Gemma
rolled her eyes and Helen walked over to see what he was drawing.
Kurt wore a white under armor t-shirt and blue basketball shorts, his
tail poking through.

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Wed 3 Apr 2013
at 00:52
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"Ey i pay attention just fine!"

Jeff hurriedly puts his phone away into the pocket of his Bermuda shorts. Unbuttoning the top two buttons of his Hawaiian shirt and wafting the collar to fan his chest.

"Anyone else think its gettin' stuffy in 'ere already? it aint even may yet and I'm losin' to the heat already"

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Wed 3 Apr 2013
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Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
TK sat in the front of the class, per usual. He was reading his book while listening to the conversations going on around the room. He really did want to go outside as well, but he realized it to be easier to take notes in the class room. He stood up, reveling his white Tee with a cartoon scientist that said "In God we Trust, all others must show their work." TK took this opportunity to check out Nathan's drawing as well.
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 Nathan Lee
Wed 3 Apr 2013
at 16:24
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"It's hot? I guess that explains why I get to see Eric's pale legs." Nathan sat by the window dressed in jeans and a hooded sweater over his t-shirt, his mutation counteracting his choice of attire.

He was doodling food versions of the X-men. So far he had only finished Professor Cabbage and Nightcarrot. He had begun to work on Dreadknockwurst as the others took interest. He was glad to be drawing again, but he didn't realize anybody ever paid attention when he did.
Professor X
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Wed 3 Apr 2013
at 18:30
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Xavier entered the room, Richter in tow. He smiled at his students,
who quickly got into their seats. "Good morning class. Today's lesson
will be a treat for you all. I am in fact, sending you all outside."
waited for the cheering to stop. "Under the supervision of Mr. Richter
here, you shall compete in a scavenger hunt in the near by hills."
motioned to the smiling Julio. "I've a letter for each of you containing the unique items you must find, and disposable camera's to take pictures of things
you cannot carry back, such as rabid racoons Mr. Reynolds."
he grinned in
Jeff's direction.

Mechanically I think each of you will have a d4, d6, d8, and d10 complication to find gradually more difficult things in nature. Feel free to come up with what they are.

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Wed 3 Apr 2013
at 18:33
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
"Oye, when joo are ready, come meet me in de blaburd, okay?
Make sure to bring good shoes. Oh, and like a jacket in case we out dere
por to long. I got like ropes and crap for joo but you can get if you wants."
he couldn't help but smile.

This is a transition scene. Feel free to make any sort of resources you'd like. All stress is cleared and pp are reset to 1. Describe what you pack or do before you get on the Blackbird. Then I'll post the action scene.
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Fri 5 Apr 2013
at 02:18
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Helen jumped out of her seat and hugged the Professor, a smile on her face.
She couldn't wait to get outside and stretch her wings! And a trip to the
hills would be fun! Helen loved scavenger hunts!
"What should I wear?" she asked Gemma as the two walked off
towards their rooms.

"I'd wear some real shoes Barbie, wouldn't want to ruin that
pedicure Jeff gave you."
she snickered. Helen smiled. She had
a cute pair of hiking boots she could wear.

Helen spends a pp for an acrobatics resource, packing things she'd
need for hicking, climbing and other such woodland activities.

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Fri 5 Apr 2013
at 02:24
Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530) Issue #2
Gemma was stoked. She was so sick and tired of playing the good student.
Now she could go and screw around in the woods, smoke a cigarette and
mess around a bit. Plus she loved woodland area's, something about them
just made her feel free compared to the cities. It probably had to do with
the lack of roads and sidewalks. As shitty as it was to be a mutant, Gemma
couldnt argue with how good it felt to have the bare earth under her feet.

She spends her pp to buy a covert resource as she stuffs a pack of
cigarettes and a bottle of vodka in her bags, and puts on clothes for getting
into rougher places so she can keep her... illicit activities a seceret.