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Wed 8 May 2013
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Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
This is set between the events of Uncanny #3 and Ultimates #15

The remains of the Xavier's School for the Gifted is a sad sight.
The once great mansion laid low by sentinel attacks, the beautiful
grounds a blackened mire.
Many of the sub levels are still accessible, including the Cerebro
Chamber, a heavily damaged Danger Room, sections of the hanger, the
locker room (though it's flooded knee high from busted sewage pipes,
and parts of both the infirmary and Armstrong's lab remain intact.

Go ahead and start us off here Armstrong. It's safe to assume
Wolfcub, Gentle, Dazzler and Bishop have all made it back, as well as
a few of the refugies and X-Men.

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Wed 8 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
TK walks the grounds he grew so accustomed to living at. He visited the kitchen where they spent every breakfast. He wandered more around the halls, avoiding everyone he would come across. His tired feet took him to a sealed door that seemed to call to him. Without a thought, he opens the door and walks in to find a laboratory. In the center of the room sat the women he just met a few hours before, Dazzler was her name. He wandered around the room, looking at all his future self's experiments and creations. He felt the piercing gaze of the woman in the room.
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Wed 8 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
"I'm sorry, I can't get over how frakking young you are
Armstrong. This is for you."
she said, sliding a tattered
Star Trek backpack across the floor to the out of time X-Man.
"Not even old enough to shave! Who's on the team right now?"
she asked curiously. She was aware she couldn't let him know
too much about this timeline, butterfly effect and all, but
still she was curious what her old teachers, the men and women
she looked up to, were like when they first started fighting
for the old man and his dream.
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Wed 8 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
"Well, there's Dreadnought, Cupid, Nightcrawler, Spitfire, Impulse, and myself." TK was shocked how easily he seemed to divulge that information. But the more he thought of it, the more it seemed to make sense that he was in the future, despite how impossible that sounded. There were so many questions he felt like he should ask. The biggest question that weighed on him was what happened to his friends in this abhorrent hell. TK snapped out of his deep thought only to realise the bag that Dazzler slid near him. Hesitantly, he opened the bag.
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Wed 8 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
Within the bag are several worn and beaten notebooks
and sketchpads. They seem to be full of nonsense to
the casual observer, except for one page that Forge
had read earlier detailing the future Armstrong's

"Mean anything to you, kid? Looks like a bunch
of scribbles to me."
Dazzler said.
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Wed 8 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
"I... I am not sure. I can recognize some of the symbols. Half of those seem to be a form of.....*Ahem*..... klingon...." TK grew a tiny bit excited looking over his future self's notebooks. As he was emptying the book bag, a small letter fell out labeled "To Armstrong, from Armstrong." This caused TK to chuckle under his breath.
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Wed 8 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
"That is so frakking you! Hahaha." Dazzler laughed.
She began to think of the first lesson Armstrong ever taught her.
She'd been so mad when she'd gotten him as her mentor, she could
remember those days still. When her worst problem was not getting to
work with Sandstone. She'd looked up to the woman, and Armstrong was
such a serious nerd.
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Thu 9 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
TK looked through the notes. He was gonna need some time to decipher these. He looked up to see the older woman in a deep thought. What he was about to ask made him feel odd, but it's a question that has been on his mind since he accepted that he was in the future. "Ummmm.... Miss Dazzler, if you don't mind, what were Mr. Lee and Miss Valentine like before...... before......." TK couldn't push himself to finish that sentence. His expression fell into a sullen one as his gaze dropped to the floor. The weight of the people he knew and loved dying was almost too much to bear.
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Thu 9 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
"They were everything being an X-Man means, if
that's what you mean. They were shining examples
of Xavier's dream. You all were. And they both
died trying to prove humans and mutants could
get along. Is that what you wanted to hear?"
asked. She meant what she said, but she didn't think
that's what he really meant. She wasn't used to him
being so shy and self-conscious.
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Thu 9 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
TK realized that he was quiet for far too long after Dazzler last spoke. So many thoughts were racing in his mind. Questions he felt like he should ask, explanations, warnings for his future, than it it him, future. Why was he here. He understood that it was to decipher his future self's notes, but what were these notes for. And would he get to go back to his own time. He finally looked up and spoke "Why am I here, what do you even need me for." TK spoke with a bit of anger in his voice. He never asked to be brought to this hellish place. That and he seriously doubted that he could even be of any help
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Thu 9 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
"Okay, down to business it is." she paused a moment.
Seeing her mentor as a beardless teenager was really
hard. She couldn't just talk to him like she used to,
she had to treat him different. It was difficult adjusting
to the fact that even though he was the same person, he didn't
have the memories and maturity.
"In two weeks from when we found you, a man named Senator Robert
Kelly will be shot and killed by Gambit. We need you to send a
message back in time and have the X-Men stop it from happening.
Apparently you've left yourself some sort of notes that would
allow you, and only you to make the machine."
She sighed. This
was alot for anyone to take in.
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Thu 9 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
"Mr. Lebeau? I...I never took him for an assassin. But regardless, the only thing I can gather from "my" notes is cerebro. Do you have any telepaths in your X-men?" The more information TK got, the more hopeless this whole excursion felt.
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Thu 9 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
"Nope. No telepaths. We still have Cerebro, but no one has
used it in years."
she replied, as frustrated as Armstrong was.
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Sat 11 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
"No telepaths. *sigh* This seems to be an impossible feat my future self has set me out to do." TK stares at "his" notes, trying to decipher them. He could point out the klingon words for "time" and what seems to "cerebro". He sat there in complete silence, forgetting about his guest. Finally, an hour had passed. Dazzler was getting impatient. She was about to say something, but the silence was broken suddenly by TK yelling "EUREKA!!!" So sudden that her heart had skipped.

Careful, Armstrong, I'm up there in years."

"Sorry, Miss Dazzler, but I believe I have cracked the encryption. It's quite simple, I was focusing too hard on what the paper said, not what the "paper" was made of." Dazzler looked at the young man quizzically.

"What the paper is made of?" she asked.

"Yes, to the naked eye, this appears to be carbon-based paper...." TK realized it would be easier to show, rather than explain. He made his way deeper into the lab to look for the right chemicals to strip away the layer of carbon-based paper. after some searching, he found what he was looking for. He mixed the concoction and poured it all over the notes.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Dazzler yelled out.

"Just watch..." the paper crumbled up, and then started to separate. TK took the layer that was on the inside and straightened it out. "And there we have it, the real notes, written in basic klingon."

"Bloody brilliant" Dazzler said
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Sat 11 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
TK was busy dipping all the notes into the chemical concoction for the better part of an hour. Dazzler had left to check on everyone else. On of the last pages he converted was actually a letter, addressed to him, from his future self. He read the letter, and it was both soul-crushing and enlightening. He sat there stunned, until Dazzler re-entered the room. "I was instrumental to the creation of the Sentinels?" TK said, tears forming in his eyes.
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Sat 11 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
she could manage to say. She looked at Armstrong and realized
he didn't get it.
"Look... yes, you helped, and so did Fang. Or... erm... Cho,
but you have the worst sense of guilt in the history of the
X-men. Everyone knew the two of you worked on the project, but
seriously, that work was also sent to S.H.I.E.L.D. and saved
thousands of lives. You always did beat yourself up for that work,
never let yourself see the good it did. So don't listen to a dead
old man who outlived all his friends. No one blamed you except you."

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Sat 11 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
Dazzler's words did have a sort of calming effect to them. She effectively refocused the young man in his purpose. "Alright, I got some work to do." and with that, TK started to study his older self's notes.
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Thu 16 May 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
The X-Men could see the smoke from what was once their mansion home
pillowing into the sky even though they were miles away from it. Many
of their number had fallen in the battle, as had most of their supplies
and munitions. Still, Bishop lead them on as if this war was soon to be

They broke camp in a cave and covered it's entrance with a high tech
camouflage generator, the likes of which TK had never seen, though it
was said he'd designed it for the Blackbird. Most of the X-Men left him
alone, sparing him only resentful glances. He wasn't proving to be the
Messiah Bishop had promised them. He was just some kid, as afraid of the
sentinels as they were.
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Sun 2 Jun 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
TK had just arrived home from the future, and from the massacre that  was their last mission. TK sat in his room, crying, partly for the denizens of the future and partly for those lost in their most recent mission. TK had enough, he tired of the death, the conflict, but most of all, he tired of his inability to be of much use in a fight. TK stood up, and made his way to his destination, with grand resolve. He ignored the attempts of Helen trying to talk to him, much to her chagrin.

TK arrived at his destination, the Danger Room. He walked in on Eric in the middle of a training session.

"Bloody hell, Gumby. This will likely get you killed and all that." TK took a deep breath. He feared Dreadnought's powers more than anything on this planet, but that mattered not anymore.

With determination in his eyes, TK looked into Eric's eyes. "I want you to train me to fight."
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Sun 2 Jun 2013
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Re: Uncanny Ultimate X-Men (530) Dazziling Future (One Shot)
"Right, that's what I've been doing mate, if you weren't so bloody afraid I'm going to bite you maybe you'd have learned by now." he looks at TK, a new steel in the kid's spine after his ordeal. "But alright, I'll see what I can do."