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Thu 23 May 2013
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The Drive In
With Graduation looming, the students of Xavier's School for the Gifted have decided to see a pair of movies at the local drive in. As they begin packing snacks, blankets and chairs for the trip, an eagerly awaited door bell rings.
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Thu 23 May 2013
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Re: The Drive In
"Verdamnt! Quickly, Helen is mein hair alright?" Kurt asks nervously. She smiles and ruffles it up.
"Go open the door for her Kurt, girls don't like to be kept waiting." Helen smiles. He's off with a *BAMF*
 He opens the door for his girlfriend Ana. She's in a lovley red dress, her aburn hair down around her shoulders. His friends have never seen Kurt at a loss for words like he is right now, so stunned by how beautiful the young woman looks tonight.
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 Nathan Lee
Thu 23 May 2013
at 19:18
Re: The Drive In
Nathan walks behind Kurt carrying a box of various candies and snacks. He figured he'd better help him out or Kurt would spend the whole night gawking at his date in the doorway.

"Wow! I didn't know you were a mutant, though I gotta question the usefulness of having the ability to make Kurt's jaw touch the floor." Ana giggled and Kurt blushed, his work was done here. Now to sneak the jellybeans out of Jeff's smoothie cupboard.
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Fri 24 May 2013
at 06:10
Re: The Drive In
"I am confused, okay. I thot you say she is no a mutant? If her power is to touch Kurt to the floor then---" Julio began.
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Fri 24 May 2013
at 06:13
Re: The Drive In
"It vas a joke, mein freund. A much appreciated joke, as now mein jaw ist vorking properly. How are you today, meine schöne Dame?" Kurt asks, taking her hand and kissing it.
"I'm wonderful Kurt, are you going to introduce me to your other friends?" she smiled. He nodded shyly.
 "Vell, zis is Eric," he said and Eric waved.
"Nice to meet you and what not, excuse me a second... Remy, Remy give me back my bloody wallet you wanker!" He said, setting down a box of snacks by the door.
 "And here is Remy," he pointed as Remy came into the room.
 "Gambit does not have your wallet, mon ami, Gambit has his wallet. That your name is in it is a simple sign of how much Gambit respects you." the Cajun grinned before noticing Kurt and Ana. "Well now, who be dis lovely lady?" he asked, kissing her hand and grinning.
 "Zis is Ana, mein girlfriend, Herr Lebeau." Kurt said defensively.
 "Well, den she a lucky woman, as well as beautiful." he smiled at her again before making his way to the kitchen.
 "I am sorry, Ana, anyvay, come meet Helen and Gemma, zey are baking in ze kitchen." he took her by the arm and made his way to the kitchen.

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Sat 25 May 2013
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Re: The Drive In
"Eh man I'm walkin' 'ere!" Jeff says as Kurt opens the door almost knocking Jeff over.
"What kinda smoothies do yous and yo lady friend want? I can make one big one and put
two straws in it if ya like?"
Jeff said nudging Kurt with his elbow.

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Sat 25 May 2013
at 02:09
Re: The Drive In
"Come on Jeff, the girl doesn't want hair in her smoothie! Maybe some vodka though, am I right?" Gemma grinned and gave Ana a big hug.
 "Vell, you've already met Gemma over Skype, but zis is Jeff, our resident smoothie expert." Kurt said rolling his eyes as Gemma stole Ana from him to discuss girl things with Helen.
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Sat 25 May 2013
at 02:10
Re: The Drive In
"TK! Come meet Kurt's girlfriend Ana! And what kind of sandwich did you want?" Helen shouted.
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Sat 25 May 2013
at 20:09
Re: The Drive In
TK walks in wearing a shirt that says "√-1 ♥ Math"

"Just peanut Butter is fine, Miss Valentine." He said to her and made his way to the guest.

"Hello, I...I'm TK."
the young man introduced himself timidly.

"My name is Ana, nice to meet you TK. I'm curious, I don't understand your shirt." she said, sticking her hand out to shake TK's.

He shakes her hand and looks to his shirt. "Oh, yes, since it's irrational to get a square root of a negative number, they made the letter I to represent the imaginary integer to represent the square root of 1. It is a pun for 'I love Math'."

"Bloody hell, Gumby, no one thinks your shirts are funny." Dreadnought said from the table. This caused TK to look a tad bit saddened.

"I think it's a wonderful joke, TK." This caused TK to blush a bit.

"Th...thank you." TK murmured and made his way to the table, where his sandwich was waiting for him.
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 Nathan Lee
Mon 27 May 2013
at 02:37
Re: The Drive In
Nathan slinks quietly into the kitchen through the other door. He would have to time this correctly or it wouldn't work. Luckily he had a partner, though he was oblivious to his role.

"Alright Patches, if we pull this off I'll unlock the cabinet where Helen stashed the catnip." He didn't know if the cats lack of a response was due to his horrible pep talk or the fact that he was talking to a cat. "Go!"

The cat was released under the table and immediately made it's way towards the group, hoping for treats. As it neared Nathan pulled his secret weapon from his pocket, firecrackers. He lit the bundle and discreetly dropped them into the trash can. As they went off so did Patches, wildly darting through the legs of confused teens causing most of them to fall in a heap on the floor. Nate ran around the hall to the main door and entered into the commotion, hoping it would draw attention away from his mission, and "fell" head first into Jeff's smoothie cupboard. He reached for the jelly beans and the marshmallows while he was at it. He reemerged just as everyone else was recovering.

"Wow! What was that? I almost broke my neck-" Nate waved his arms for emphasis, candy and marshmallows still in hand. "Uh, Gotta go!"