Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530): Mutantball.   Posted by Watcher.Group: 0
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Tue 21 Jan 2014
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Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530): Mutantball
It was a beautiful day in Westchester, New York and the X-men decided to take advantage of it. The last day the school would host two teams of X-Men would also be the first day the two teams challenged one another to a "friendly" game of baseball.
The entire student body sat in the stands as the two teams gathered in opposite dugouts.

(Scott you have the floor.)
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Tue 21 Jan 2014
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Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530): Mutantball
Scott surveyed the students in the stands. Most looked excited to watch their teachers play. Then there were the others. He could pick out a bright yellow coat slipping behind the bleachers and knew Jubilee was about to get in trouble. Seconds later she marched out and took a front row seat, acting like a well adjusted lady should. He turned to spot Xavier at the far end of the bleachers with a grin as he threw a wink to Scott.

The team in the other dug out looked a bit more . . . professional than his own team. Kurt and Terry were on opposite ends of the bench hitting Santo with pebbles each time he looked away from one of them. Scott sighed.

"Well at least I talked them out of football . . ."
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Wed 22 Jan 2014
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Re: Ultimate Uncanny X-Men (530): Mutantball
Emma walked into the dugout, clearly unhappy. "This is not in the least bit acceptable. Even when I was actually in school I would never have been aught dead in... gym shorts." she visibly cringed as she said the word shorts.