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Character Design

Characters are allocated 300 point base and can include up to 150 points of disadvantages, 15 points of quirks along with having a Racial Template Max 75 points.

Where the characters go and how they interact with the locals is their own choice. But do bear in mind actions can have reactions.

Based upon standard Racial Templates; Attributes can not be increased by more than 50% above their lowest Attribute each character has.


A standard Character with ST,DX,IQ and HT of 10 can not have their Attributes higher than 15 until they  proportionally improve their existing Attributes.

A Race base template of ST 18, DX 6, IQ 8 and HT 25 is limited to a maximum increase their ST IQ or HT by a maximum of 3 points; until the lowest Attribute is increased factors of 2.

Advantages that enhance Character skills etc; are limited to 50% the Attribute they are based on and enhance. eg an IQ 12 character can be designed with a max of Magery 6.
The highest two Status levels are reserved for NPC's
Healing and Necromancy Spell Colleges are unavailable.
Characters learning multiple Spell Colleges Must nominate the order these Colleges are studied and must know 90% of each nominated college before progressing in their next nominated college.

Character Advancement
Attribute improvement is limited to One point per development period.
Player's/NPC's with unassigned CP can apply these in whatever approved manner possible. They do not represent a number of hours ie "the perceived 200 Hours" required to make any improvements. The perceived hour requirement to gain additional CP's have been taken account off, prior to their allocation. Additionally anticipatory CP enhancements will be taken on a situational basis

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Re: Character Design
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Re: Character Design

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