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Request To Join and Meta-rules.

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Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 19:43
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Request To Join and Meta-rules

This is a game set using the rules of Armaggedon, although not the background. The background is similar but not identical. The world is similar to our own. Most people don't believe in supernatural threats. A few have experienced strange events, but mostly they are rationalized away. The thread "Council of Five" gives a summary of the starting position.

This will be my first time GMing a play by post on RPOL, so I am keen for it work. Any help / advice would be gratefully received.

The rules can be found at  I have a few house rules. These (mostly) make the players better / more survivable.

If you want to take part, but don't have the rules, I'll accept an (old or new) World of Darkness character and tweak it into the game system.

I am looking for the following:

  • A Seraphim
  • A Kerubim
  • up to 3 others of any type: however there will be no demons and only the one Seraphim

  • The Seraphim will be the Guardian Angel of Los Angeles. (S)he has the Mandate of Heaven to ensure the Covenant is kept, and that the poor little humans can get on with their poor little sinful lives.
  • The Kerubim is assigned as Human / Angel Relations. Seraphim tend to get on very poorly with almost any human, and need the Kerubim to translate
  • The others will be assigned to the Guardian Angel as helpers.

This game is a work of fiction, meant to entertain. It is not an occult manual, or a religious work. None of the concepts, ideas, and elements of this game are meant to be accepted as “real.” If you think that this or any other roleplaying game has any  bearing on reality beyond that which a novel or a movie might have, you probably should seek professional help.
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GM, 36 posts
Mon 8 Apr 2013
at 18:27
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Character Creation

The game is set at Heroic, with 10 extra qualities or metaphysics (whichever you want). After your character is created I may (will) give a few extra things to make it (in my opinion) more suitable for the game.

The characters I would like the best are tied to the community in some way. Dependents / family members / enemies are all good things that help us make the story better. I don't want any psyco or sociapaths. You don't need to be a goody two-shoes, but I want characters that care about something.

I would like to know the following about your character. I don't need to know when you initially decide to join, as we can work on it together, but the sooner I know the sooner we can play

  • Name
  • Concept: Tell me what kind of character you are trying to make so that I can help you make it.
  • Physical Description (Pictures are good)
  • Age
  • History: Tell me a little about your characters past.
  • Why are you helping the new Guardian Angel:
    • Did you get forced into by your divine parent?
    • Did you know Razael, and have you been at / associated with the Sanctuary for a while?
    • Did you commit some hideous sin, and as part of your judgement under the terms of the Covenant you have to redeem yourself through community service?
    • Other
  • Have you had any run ins with the Angelic forces before (either positive or negative)
  • Motivation:
  • Anything else I should know?
  • What kind of plot hooks will motivate your character

I would also like you to think about three "Foreshadows". These are statements that as a player you want your character to experience. This is primarily a tool to help me construct content that everyone enjoys.

  • I will be taken captive by an evil cult, and learn the details of their plan.
  • I will find a teacher of magics
  • I will enter a romance (this is mature romance...not adult) with a beautiful member of the opposite sex

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GM, 38 posts
Mon 8 Apr 2013
at 18:40
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Bylaws of Behavior

Although open to all sorts of characters and possibilities, there are some rules you must follow if you want to participate in this game.

1.) No Adult Content. This game is rated M for Mature. If I observe adult content in this game, I will be forced to follow RPoLs ToU. You too must follow RPoL's ToU at all times.

2.) Be Respectful. Treat other players and the GM with respect in game and out. This includes PMs, Chatterbox posts, and character posts. Please do not harass other players. Personal issues with other players should not be brought into the game. Also, please remember that just because two characters are arguing, it should not leak into the players' interaction.

3.) No skipping school. Each character must post an entry at least once a week, unless they notify me that they cannot (we all have periods in our life when we have to do other things). If you haven't posted for 3 days I will feel free to post for you, although I will try to be careful when doing so. In combat (I have no idea if there will be a lot or a little combat as that will be up to the players) I would appreciate a more frequent posting to keep the immersion going..

4.) Keep a civil tongue in your head. Netspeak will not be tolerated, neither will bad grammar or spelling: you will be asked to correct it. Cursing within the game will be tolerated to an extent (don't abuse it). When addressing other players and the GM, you should never curse. Be as clear as you can when speaking in game and out.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask questions!
GM, 40 posts
Mon 8 Apr 2013
at 19:00
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I will hand out experience at the end of major Acts.

If you really need some experience in the middle of an act to spend points on a skill that you have managed to arrange a training montage for, that will be fine: just deducted from the amount I give at the end

I will occasionally arrange training montages, in which case these are free xp and you will receive the benefit immediately.
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