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House rules.

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GM, 9 posts
Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 20:24
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House rules

In general the rules are a guidelines. As the GM I can break them at will, although I intend to do so only rarely.
GM, 10 posts
Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 20:27
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Survival  Tests

Humans, Avatars, Inheritors, Nephilim: 
Threshold is -10, Penalty is -1 per 10 points

Exiles, Incarnates, Kerubim, and Seraphim:
Threshold is -30 points. Penalty is -1 per 30 points
below -30.

True Immortals:
Threshold is -300 points. Penalty is -1 per 100 (but only if the damage type is of a suitable one to indicate vaporization or similar of the body)

Angels if slain return to Ecstasis for a period of time (as per rule book, except that negative essence is unimportant). It is rumored to be possible to perform a ritual known as the Sundering to shatter their essence so that they will not return for a long time

True Immortals death is as per rule book: they are reincarnated. It is rumored to be possible to perform a similar ritual as per angels which will have a similar result.
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GM, 11 posts
Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 20:32
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Life point recovery

These are dramatically changed.

True Immortals
One point per Constitution and willpower per Turn.

One point per best of constitution and willpower per Turn.

Avatars and Inheritors
One point per Constitution and Willpower level per Minute.

Angels and demon
As human. They can heal using essence: D10 per Essence for Seraphim, D8 for Kerubim
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GM, 12 posts
Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 20:38
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Cellestial Form

Inheritors now have two forms: their celestial form, and their human form. They gain their increased attributes in celestial form only. A big benefit of celestial form is that they do not take double damage from bullets and blades. In human form their big win is that they do not count as supernatural creatures for the purposes of spells / wards / detects... It is up to the player how different their supernatural form is. It can be identical, although there will always be an aura of power about it. Every minute that an inheritor is in celestial form, their maximum essence is reduced by 5 (this can reduce their essence). When they return to human form, the maximum returns to normal.

All the powers that increase attributes (like sagacity, might, beauty) work while in celestial form for no extra cost.

Most True Immortals do not have a celestial form. However they regenerate like mad and are almost un-killable.

Nephilim are permanently counting as a supernatural creature. So they don't take double damage. They aren't affected by wards / spells / detects anyway...

Angels have two forms a profane and a divine form. They don't detect as supernatural in their profane form. There are very few magicians that can affect an angel in either form: Angels mostly ignore wards. In both forms they don't take double damage from bullets and blades. Angels are just better...and this is just one aspect of their superiority.
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GM, 17 posts
Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 21:19
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The seraphim has three forms:
  • Profance
  • Divine
  • Battle Angel

In divine form the holy light that shines makes unprotected sinful mortals go blind and destroys cameras

In battle angel form, the holy light increases. The Angels armour increases to 5*constitution, and any unprotected sinful mortals have their eyes burn out of their head.

The Seraphim is at serious social penalties with any mortal based on the mortal's sin rating.

The holy blade does D10*(Willpower +4) damage when in divine or battle angel form, ignores (most) armour, and costs no essence to use.

Holy bolts are as per rulebook (but note the limit on the essence you can spend in a round).
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GM, 18 posts
Sat 6 Apr 2013
at 21:21
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Essence spend per round

I've tried running this game with no limit (as per book) and I don't think it works. If in the book it says "unlimited", in this game it means "willpower + essence channeling maximum per round"
GM, 27 posts
Mon 8 Apr 2013
at 17:00
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Many locations have auras. I tend to freeform these.

  • A church would have a Divine Aura ranging from +1 to say +3. Even a +1 is a big deal.
  • An infernal location would have an Infernal Aura from -1 to -X.
  • A site devoted to pagans could be "Olympian Aura +2"
  • A site which is devoted to the study and practice of magic would have a magic aura

When using supernatural senses of anysort the background aura is obvious (simple perception test with a bonus of the amount the aura varies from zero).
GM, 28 posts
Mon 8 Apr 2013
at 17:07
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People's auras

I give most NPCs a sin rating which is obvious to Angels. If any party member is an Angel I will just include the information.

Sin rating is typically 5 +/- 3. Anything outside that range is extraordinary
Obviously communicants who have just confessed will have a sin rating of zero, but are unlikely to maintain that for more than even a few minutes.

Usually when viewing a supernatural's creature "mundane form" you will get the sin rating that the creature has undertaken in that form.

When using supernatural senses on creatures in their "non-mundane" form, you will get told the type of creature and a measure of its power.

On this scale:
3: If present in large numbers: may give the players a problem. If they get you by surprise may be an issue
5: similar in power to the players
7: may give an entire party a run for their money
9: Don't even think about it. Zeus / Appollo
10: Elder Titans physically present. Council of five
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