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Game Intro and Char Creation
Welcome to the game.

Hope you like it, if so, click here and RTJ (request to join):
Link back to this game

Starting Remarks
We will be playing in Forgotten Realms. And you will all be part of an adventure party that has known each other for a long time.

The year is 1363DR, the 'Year of the Wyvern'

We will play in English

We will try to make at least 2 posts per week. frequency may be higher if all participate more actively.

You are free to choose any background history for your character, from anywhere in the Forgotten Realms within the time period (which is basically any 2nd edition modules)

If you want some quick reference, here is a compilation of FR main core books:

If you do not know anything about Forgotten Realms, do not worry, create your character with any background. Just pick a home city:
Large cities: http://forgottenrealms.wikia.c...ategory:Large_cities
Small cities: http://forgottenrealms.wikia.c...ategory:Small_cities

Character Sheet
Please use the txt template in the post bellow. And then post it under 'Character Details' here in the forum. There is a specific link for you to post you Char Sheet.

Races and Class
Let's stick with the classical races.
All the classes and kits from the 'Completes' series or any Forgotten Realms Sourcebook are available.

Starting Level
Single Class: 9th
Multiclass: 7th/8th or 6th/7th/7th
Dual Class:  Xth/Yth (where X+Y=10)

The amount of XP for the char sheet is the minimum to achieve the level of the chosen classes.

No evil, No CN

Rolling the Attributes
For me it is more important your choice of race/class than the rolls, so first
choose the character you want to play with and then roll the attributes. If you
do not meet the requirements I will adjust it for you.

The roll:
Roll 8 times 4d6-1d and then keep the top 6 total rolls

Link back to this game

Hit Points
Max HP for 1st and 2nd levels. Roll normally from 3rd and forward.

You may use all proficiency rules even the optional ones from the Completes.

Maximum per class x 4

Any from PHB, Arms and equipment, Completes and Aurora.

Magical Items
Each character will have 6 items.

5 will be rolled from the tables in the post below. Just pick a category and roll a d6. You can pick the same category more than once, just ignore if the d6 result is an item you have already gotten.

The last one, you can choose in the DMG, a SINGLE item up to 3,000 XP.

Although every caster will need to rest and study/pray in the morning, the
actual spells used do not need to be chosen/memorized in advance.

Wizard Spells:
SpellBooks can have 5 times the number of allowed spells per level.
For instance, if the character can cast 5 spells of first level per day, the spell book will have 25 spells of 1st level.

Especialist mages, only on their specialization school, can have an aditional 5 times the number of allowed spells per level.

Ad&d rules used
Core rules with Proficiencies and no 'Option' books.
for reference go to:

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Re: Game Intro and Char Creation

Name: Tem Plate
Class: Fighter/Mage/Cleric    Race:Elf   Alignment: NG
Level: 6/6/6      XP: 500.000/500.000/500.000      Next Level: 800.000/700.000/900.000
Age: 41    Gender:M   Height: 6'3"  Weight: 220 lbs   Eyes:Brow     Hair: Gray

STR: 18/61
DEX: 13
CON: 16
INT: 12
WIS: 13
CHA: 09

HP: 105
AC: 0          Armor: Leather +4
Thac0: 7

Weapon        				Thac0 | dmg
Sun Blade +2 (+4 Evil) Bastard Sword	  7   | 1d8+4 / 1d12+4
Mace            			  10  | 1d6+1 / 1d6
Short Sword    				  10  | 1d6+2 / 1d8+2
Sheaf Arrow (Short Bow)			  12  | 1d8   / 1d8

Mount/Animal Companion
Name: Tem Plate Animal
Race: War Horse
AC 2 HP 25 Mov 48
Bite:  Thac0:20  dmg: 1d4


Spheres Known
Major: All, Animal, Creation, Elemental Water (inclusive Wizard Spells), Healing, Protection, Weather
Minor: Combat, Elemental Air, Elemental Earth, Necromantic, Numbers, Time

Spells per day:
1st: 5
2nd: 5
3rd: 5
4th: 4
5th: 4
6th: 2
7th: 1

Spells per day:
1st: 5
2nd: 5
3rd: 5
4th: 4
5th: 1

1st: 5 (detect magic, enlarge, reduce, grease, light)
2nd: 5 (alter self, blindness, knock, mirror image, web)
3rd: 5 (dispel magic, protection from evil 10', slow, hold undead, melfs min meteor)
4th: 4 (Evard´s black tentacles, improved invisibility, wall of fire, wizard eye)
5th: 4 (airy water, teleport, wall of force, wall of iron)
6th: 2 (Bigby´s forceful hand, desintegrate)
7th: 1 (shadow walk)

     PPDM  RSW  PP  BW  S
Base   5    7   6   5   8
Bonus  1
Total  4    7   6   5   8


Proficiency      	| Check  | Slot
Animal Lore      	| 16     | 1
Herbalism        	| 14     | 2
Spellcraft       	| 14     | 1
Tracking*        	| 17 +5  | 0
Rope Use         	| 19     | 1
Animal Training  	| 17     | 1
Set Snare	 	| 18     | 1

Proficiency      	| Check  | Slot
Ambidexterity      	| N/A    | 1
Two-weapon STyle      	| N/A    | 1
Broads Group - Blades  	| N/A    | 3


Equipment         	| Value
Arrows Sheats (x100)  	|  10
Dagger (x3)            	|   5	
Greek Fire             	|  20	
Clothes             	|   1	
Knife           	|   2		          	|  	
Total             	|  38	|

Ring feather falling	| 1.000 |
Composite Long Bow +3	| 2.000 |
studded leather +5	| 3.000 |
Total			|26.000 |

Money: 25gp + jewels and gems (150,000 gp)

Druid Special Abilities
1st		+2 Bonus ST against Fire and Eletrical
3rd		Identify Plants, Animals and Pure Water
		Pass Through Overgrown Areas, no trail, full movement
		Learn Woodland Creatures Languages (1 per level after 3rd)
7th		Immune to Woodland Beign's Charm Spells
		Shapechange (Repitile,Bird,Mammal) heals 1d4 x 10% DMG when human
Shapeshifter    Shapechange at first level, twice as often, HD <= lvl/2
		If more than 3 per day must roll ST x Spell
		7th level: Partial shapeshift
Half-Elf Abilities
* 30% resistance to sleep and all charm-related spells
* Infravision 60 feet
* Concealed Doors - Finding
  - Merely passing:  1 on 1d6
  - Actively seeking:1, 2 or 3 on 1d6
* Secret Doors: 1 or 2 on 1d6

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Re: Game Intro and Char Creation

Each player can roll for 5 items, from the tables bellow. Just chose a category and roll a d6. You can choose the same category more than once.

Weapon (any)
1 Any +3
2 Any +4
3 Any +2 & Speed
4 Any +2 & Fire Dmg (+1d8)
5 Any +2 & Ice Dmg (+1d8)
6 Any +4 & Intelligent

Sword (any)
1 Sword of Speed +2
2 Sword Flame Tongue
3 Sword +3 Frost Brand
4 Sword +4 Defender
5 Sun Blade
6 Sword +2 Giant Slayer

1 Sword +3 Purifier
2 Sword +4 Divine Protector
3 Sword +4 Invigorator
4 Sword +5 hallowed redeemer
5 Sword +5 Holy avenger
6 Sword +5 Holy avenger & Intelligent

1 Crossbow of Speed
2 Darts of Homing
3 Dagger of Throwing
4 Sling of Seeking +2
5 Axe of Hurling +3
6 Axe +2, Throwing

1 Any Bow +2
2 Any Bow +3
3 Any Bow +4
4 20 Arrows of Seeking +2
5 20 Arrows Fire Seed
6 20 Arrows of Extended Range x4 +4

1 Any Armor +2
2 Any Armor +3
3 Any Armor +4
4 Elven Chain Mail +2
5 Elven Chain Mail +3
6 Any Armor +2 Blending

1 Ring of Protection +3
2 Bracer of Defense AC 3
3 Cloak of Protection +3
4 Cloak of Protection +4
5 Ring of Protection +4
6 Bracer of Defense AC 2

1 Blending
2 Eyes
3 Scintilitating Colors
4 Useful Items
5 Cloak of Archnida
6 Cloak of the Bat

1 Staff of Curing
2 Necklace of Prayer Beads
3 Candle of Invocation
4 Mace of Disruption
5 Ring of Spell Storing
6 Rod of Smiting

1 Ring of Wizardry 1st & 2nd Lvl
2 Ring of Wizardry 3rd Lvl
3 Necklace of Missiles (13-16)
4 Wand of Wonder
5 Ring of Spell Storing
6 Ring of Spell turning

1 Figurine - Serpentine Owl
2 Figurine - Ebony Fly
3 Rope of Entanglement
4 4 Ioun Stones
5 Medallion of ESP
6 Bag of Tricks

1 Invisibility
2 Free Action
3 Telekinesis
4 Blinking
5 Human Influence
6 Elemental Command (air)

1 Earth and Stone
2 Lightning
3 Illumination
4 Magic Missiles
5 Size Alteration
6 Fear

Musical Instrument
1 Harp of Charming
2 Chime of opening
3 Pipes of the Sewers
4 Pipes of Sounding
5 Horn of Goodness/Evil
6 Horn of Fog

1 Staff of the Serpent
2 Staff Swarming Insects
3 Ring of Animal friendship
4 Cloak of the Bat
5 Staff of Slinging
6 Staff of the Woodland

1 Cloak & Boots of Elvenkind
2 Gauntlets of Dexterity
3 Ring of Invisibility
4 Ring of Blinking
5 Stone of Good Luck
6 Oil of Etherealness (5 vials)

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Re: Game Intro and Char Creation

ABILITY REQUIREMENTS: Constitution 13, Wisdom 15, Intelligence 14
PRIME REQUISITES: Wisdom, Intelligence

   Monks are priests who belong to cloistered or monastic orders, withdraw ing from the everyday affairs of the world around them to contemplate their faith. Powers of philosophy, thought, and scholars are commonly represented by monks, as well as any deity that is not normally worshiped by the common people of an area. Monks must be lawful in alignment, although they can be lawful good, lawful neutral, or lawful evil. While monks are often associated with oriental campaigns and settings, monastic orders do exist in Faerûn and elsewhere, as well as in Kara-Tur.
   Monks believe that rigorous training of body, mind, and spirit leads to enlightenment. Consequently, a character must have high Intelligence and Constitution scores to qualify for this class. Wisdom and Intelligence are the prime requisites of the monk, and monk with scores of 16 or better in these two abilities gain a 10% bonus to the experience points they earn. Monks progress in experience levels as do clerics.
   While monks do not attempt to minister to the masses or gather followers for their patron deity, they believe in demonstrating the qualities of their faith by example. A monastery or abbey 15 a place of learning and strength that is open to any person who requires shelter, advice, or assistance. Other monks choose to leave the abbey and travel widely, setting an example to follow among the people they meet and help. Monasteries devoted to evil powers are sinister places where knowledge and wealth are hoarded for the use of the order, regardless of who may need it.
   Monks bring a variety of skills to the adventuring party. They are somewhat like bards in that they are jacks of all trades and masters of none. Monks are not front-rank warriors, but they can be very capable infiltrators and skirmishers. The monk class`s selection of spells allows access to some of the most unusual and versatile priest spells, even if a monks spells tend to be short on sheer combat power. Like other priest characters, the monks principle role is to support and guide the party.’
   Monks do not wear armor, since the training of the body requires quickness, agility, and discipline. Monks see armor and other ironmongery as crutches for a people of weak spirit. To compensate, monks are trained to avoid blows through misdirection and positioning, and their base Armor Class improves by one point at every even level (AC 9 at 2nd level, AC 8 at 4th level, AC 7 at 6th level, and so on) to a maximum base Armor Class of 2 at 14th level. Note that a monk must see an attack coming in order to use this benefit - backstabs, ambushes, or missile attacks from behind a monk will strike the monk as if she or he were unarmored.
   Monks may not use magical items that are constructed to resemble armor or pieces of armor, such as bracers of defense, but they are allowed to wear cloaks or rings. Otherwise, they may use any magical item normally usable by priests. Monks are considered to have a nonweapon proficiency crossover with all other classes and may learn any proficiency listed at no additional cost.
   Monks enjoy major access to the spheres of all, divination, numbers, thought, and guardian. They have minor access to combat, healing, necromantic, and time. Monks cannot turn undead. Beginning at 5th level, monks are entitled to a saving throw vs. spell to block detection, scrying, or mind-reading through magical or psionic means (see the 3rd-level wizard spell nondetection). At 7th level, monks gain the special granted power of free action, which duplicates the effects of the 4th-level priest spell.
   Monks never gain followers, but at 9th level monks may receive permission to establish monasteries as outposts of their order. If a monk does so, 10 to 40 monks of lower level come to the new monastery and take up their studies there, recognizing the PC monk as the head of their abbey.
   Monks may employ any wholly Type B weapon in combat, just like the cleric, but they have exceptional skill in unarmed combat. When monks make an unarmed attack against an armed opponent, they disregard the Weapons in Defense rule, since they are trained in dealing with armed enemies. (The Weapons in Defense rule is found in the Weapons in Non- Lethal Combat subsection of the Attacking Without Killing section of the Combat chapter of the PHB. Normally, this rule allows an armed character to attack first with a +4 on attack and damage rolls when another character makes an unarmed attack against him or her.) In addition, monks begin play with a free weapon proficiency which may be used to specialize in unarmed combat. Martial arts and other forms of unarmed combat are described in detail in The Complete Fighter.s Handbook and The Complete Priest.s Handbook.
   Unarmed Combat with The Complete Fighter.s or The Complete Priest.s Handbook: In this system of unarmed combat, monks begin play as punching specialists, wrestling specialists, or martial arts specialists. If monks choose martial arts as their preferred unarmed combat form, they must spend one of their initial weapon proficiencies to do so, since this is more difficult than specializing in punching or wrestling. Specializing in these combat forms gives monks a +1 bonus to attack rolls, a +2 bonus to damage rolls, and a +1 chart bonus with their unarmed attacks. Monks specialized in punching or martial arts gain one extra attack per round, while monks specialized in wrestling gain a +2 bonus to their effective Strength score for purposes of maintaining or breaking holds. Every fourth level after 1st level (5th, 9th, 13th, etc.), monks gain an additional free weapon proficiency which can he used to continue specialization in their chosen mode of combat. Each additional specialization grants a character an additional +1 to attack and damage rolls, and a +1 chart bonus. The paragraph about The Complete Fighter.s Handbook details the effects of specialization and continuing specialization for these forms of unarmed combat.
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Re: Game Intro and Char Creation

Once the Character is created you need to fulfil a few things on RPOL.

Here is the list:

  • Chose a Portrait for your character and your companion/mount/weapon[c/m/w]
  • Update both lines of your & your c/m/w Biography (example bellow)
  • Update your and your c/m/w 'Description'
  • Copy/Update your Char Sheet, to its proper location on 'Char Details - Char Sheet'

For Characters:
Biography pt 1 : Race Class
Biography pt 2 : HP:HP Current[HP Full] AC:x

For Companions:
Biography pt 1 : Race/Kind HP Current [HP Full] AC:x
Biography pt 2 : Owner

So taking an example from Sol-ess Alean-Raheal, it should appear like this:

Character Name : Sol-ess Alean-Raheal
Biography pt 1 : Half-Elf Priest/Mage
Biography pt 2 : HP:27[27] AC:-2

Character Name : Saphire
Biography pt 1 : PseudoDragon 14[14] AC:2
Biography pt 2 : Sol-ess Alean-Raheal