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Sun 14 Apr 2013
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House Rules
This thread will be used for the House rules as questions get answered.
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Sun 14 Apr 2013
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Re: House Rules

Both Wizards and Priest can cast spells without having to memorize them.

But they need to pray/study everyday as a compensation, even if they had not cast anything the day before. It is like refreshing the memory.

If a  priest or wizard could not pray/study for at least one hour, after 8 hours sleep. No spells that day.
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Sun 14 Apr 2013
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Re: House Rules
Dual Class

There will be no penalty on XP for using skills/abilities of the higher class if you have shifted and still are at a lower class.

If you couldn't understand what that means, just play.

If you are a 2nd edition freak, you got it.

If you would like to know what the hell I am talking about, check here:
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Thu 25 Apr 2013
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Re: House Rules
Experience Points

XP will be awarded on an ongoing basis.

Each player is responsible to keep adding the values to its character sheet.
Multiclassed Characters should split the XP earned evenly into each class.

XP will be awarded as bellow:

  • Number of posts of main character
  • Number of posts of companion/mount/weapon
  • Comic Relief
  • Use of special power/spell/item in a RELEVANT context
  • Character Development (linking to background/class kit/specialization/personality)
  • Defeat of monsters/enemies
  • Acquisition of Gold/Items
  • Special - up to DM decision

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Sat 8 Jun 2013
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Re: House Rules
Spells with expensive and/or hard to find components

To put some limitations on spells that were never supposed to be used very often, you will have to acquire the components for some spells.

But to also compensate for the fact you have a previous adventuring life, for each spell the DM finds suitable you will receive the equivalent of 2d3 units of the needed components. After that you will need to buy/acquire them.
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Tue 15 Oct 2013
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Re: House Rules

if a player does not roll his/her INITIATIVE in a given round, he/she will perform last.