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Tue 25 Jun 2013
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Children of Ares - Players Wanted
:: Children of Ares - The First Era
:: Currently 0 of 3 players (2 absentees)
:: sandboxesque - The Window mashup with elements of APS mashup with my own homebrew sentiments

:: Mars is within sight. The landing is set to take place any day now. Join us.

:: Elevator pitch
In the not too distant future, a small facet of mankind has moved it's operations to Mars. In all their years of reconnaissance prior to the Migration, nothing indicated what was to come...

:: What to expect
CoA: The First Era is an adult game; for it's potential for graphic violence and horror themes.

I will not be heavily focusing on technology, equipment, weapons or combat.

Players will have a variety of plot arcs to pursue. I will focus mostly on horror - but other genres are available. I am responsive to the player's feedback and genre thirsts.

:: System and mechanics
The Window, for the most part. Though some homebrew elements will come into play - mostly around how characters activate plot arcs; and rewards for completing plot arcs. Characters may have multiple active arcs at a given moment. Arcs and jobs players elect to pursue, and complete, will earn their characters Favor with various major NPCs.

Players may choose to pursue story lines in a number of genres in this world - in the form of Streams. See post below. {Updated 26 June}

Players could co-op if they wish. Though PvP(vP) could get pretty interesting. I'm open to either approach. A bit of backstabbing allies is always entertaining.

Time and pace will be managed as and when needed. I will coordinate as required.

:: Posting rate
One to three posts a week. I respect RL; it always comes first. But I also dig RPOL.

If you're interested, please contact me in-game.

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Tue 25 Jun 2013
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Re: Children of Ares - Players Wanted
:: Further notes about play

  • Players will play mostly as solo threads.
  • Characters may decide to team up (or compete) for specific arcs. In which case, a new thread will be created for that arc.
  • I will attempt to manage time, so that days and/or weeks move forward at the same rate for everyone. This mechanic will evolve to suit the players.

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Wed 26 Jun 2013
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Check out the Request to Join requirements: link to a message in this game