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CoA | Arcs, Badges and Streams
It's quite simple.

As this is a 'choose your own adventure' setting, your character can choose from a number of adventures - or Arcs.

Arcs belong to genres - or Streams

Completing enough arcs within a stream will earn you a Badge. Badges are indicators of a character's XP, or level.

StreamJob / arc types
HorrorInvestigate, research, study
MysteryInvestigate, research, study, intrigue, exploration, experimenting
RealismConstruction, mining, exploration, farming, couriers, day-to-day jobs in a small city on Mars, romance, conflict resolution
ManagementDecision making, town building, etc
TechnologyInventing, designing, creating, experimenting
CombatScouting, protection, law enforcement, war, exploration

Other ideas?

Let me know...

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