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CoA  Frequently asked questions
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Is this a solo game, or party/group game?

Player's question:

One thing I am a bit unclear on: is this going to be primarily a solo campaign? I see there are three other players but it looks like only one of them has been on recently. I'm good either way. I've done games in groups and I've done a few solo campaigns. Just wondering.


GM's answer:
Good question! :)

The way I'm going to run it is 3 players within the same world/city/setting.

Effectively, you're playing a multiplayer sandbox. So yes - it'll be like solo campaigns for the most part. There will be plot arcs that have multiple players involved. In these cases I might open a multiplayer thread.

When you complete an arc, the other players might be effected. Say, a mining mission goes wrong and lots of poisonous gas is accidentally leaked into one of the biodomes... then yeah; the other players will know about it ;)

I'm trying to steer clear of the group/party gaming approach; as I have found it utterly painful in play by post environment. :)

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