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IC CoA | Launch sequence initiated
This is a group thread. Three players.

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Past-tense; third-person.

The past six weeks had been intense, to say the least. Not only had everyone been shipped to the middle of butt-fuck nowhere in the Australian outback; but they'd also been put through extensive equipment & protocol training, individual & group psychological profiling and testing exercises; and each staff member had been required to study the functional and philosophical aspects of The Venus Project. Needless to say there was never a dull moment at the Station - which the CoA crew had endearingly come to call their home.

Comprised of a variety of large geodesic structures utilised for all aspects of training and prep, hundreds of smaller geodesic domes honeycombed across the desert which served as the crew's personal quarters and mess halls, and a series of interconnected subterranean tunnels that joined the areas together, like blood vessels chiselled into dirt and rock, the Station was a prime example of what was clearly the world's leading edge in construction, design and technology.

Upon arrival and initiation of the seemingly vast structure, many had remarked how it had felt like being on the set of a science-fiction film. However, once all the preparations and training had commenced, most nearly everybody quick adjusted to their new surroundings through necessity and immersion.

Days had quickly turned to weeks. Weeks had flown past. The crew, approximated to be around six hundred (only senior officers were privy to details like this), had been brought up to speed and were deemed ready for departure.

Beneath the desert, The Hub had been built, was fully equipped and awaited it's passengers. The vessel that was to take them to Mars was of epic stature. It could only be described as a city, sleekly designed around a vastly equipped university, that would fly across the solar system to land on Mars and become the pinnacle of human exploration... the CoA would land The Hub on the surface and become not only the first manned mission to the red planet - but the first human city beyond the atmosphere of Earth.

Only - the world didn't know. Not yet. Davos Ghor had communicated to the CoA his intentions of sending every major and independent media outlet a video message from space, outlining the mission: to closely study the geology of Mars, sending all data back to Earth; to experiment with and enhance GPX's manufacturing and construction techniques to pave the way for future waves of manned missions to Mars - and other planets in and beyond our solar system; and to implement a society devoid of consumerism, poverty, war and politics.

Once Ghor had confirmed his video had been broadcast around the world, he would allow the CoA crew to prepare as many personal videos to loved ones as they desired, that he would facilitate their delivery to their recipients on Earth.

The CoA crew were ushered onto The Hub, into their residential apartments to stow their belongings, get changed into their official uniforms, and moved into two large rooms - basically massive cinemas. Tiered seating, comfortable seats with harnesses so One could be strapped in securely, and an immense screen.

Rotating on the screen was a giant logo of the CoA and beneath the message,
"Please be seated and prepare for launch."

The cinemas had filled rather organically, and the crew mingled freely, quietly talking amongst themselves - which of course meant each cinema was a hive of activity.

Three men found themselves striking up a conversation. Two seated next to each other, and one in a seat in the next row in front had turned around to introduce himself. Across the uniform's left chest pocket his name, like everyone else, was embroidered. GARRENS. Upon the left chest pocket of the other two read FRAKES, and R.ARREDONDO respectively.

OOC - Let's begin with some RP. I have spent 60 odd minutes writing this up just now. Feel free to PM me or OOC thread me if you want more details about anything.

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Re: IC CoA | Launch sequence initiated
  The compact man identified as GARRENS had been taking in their surroundings for some time.  Eventually, he decided he could only go so long without talking.  "Hey.  Um, Ken Garrens..."  After a too-long pause, he added, "Mechanic."  Despite initiating the conversation, it was clear that Ken was hardly a social butterfly; more eloquent people might have added in something, anything to start a conversation.  Instead, he just stuck his hand out to greet the others.