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Skill and Talent Lists
Here's the current list of Skills and Talents.  These can be expanded and edited during the course of the game.
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Mon 27 May 2013
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Acrobatics (Instinct)
Training in activities like dancing, contortion, climbing, tightrope walking, tumbling.

Alchemy (Reason)
Training in creating and identifying potions and salves.

Athletics (Vigor)
Training in swimming, running and jumping.

Awareness (Reason)
This skill is a measure of a characters awareness of his surroundings.

Axes (Vigor)
Training with axes.

Blunt (Vigor)
Training in all blunt weapons incl. maces and staves.

Bows (Instinct)
Skill for using bows and crossbows.

Daggers (Instinct)
Training with daggers and knives.

Divinations (Reason)
Skilled with divination spells and rituals.

Enchantment (Reason)
Skilled with enchantment spells and rituals.

Evocation (Reason)
Skilled with evocation spells and rituals.

Healing (Reason)
Skilled with healing spells and rituals.

Herbalism (Reason)
Knowledge of plants, herbs and their medical uses. Can be used to heal critically wounded characters.

Lore (Reason)
General knowledge.

Polearms (Vigor)
Training with polearms, spears and lances.

Riding (Vigor)
Training in riding on horses and other common mounts.

Summoning (Reason)
Skilled with summoning spells and rituals.

Swords (Vigor)
Training with all kinds of swords, including two-handed ones.

Thievery (Instinct)
Training in the roguish arts like picking locks and picking pockets.

Thrown (Instinct)
Proficiency with thrown weapons like shuriken.

Traveling (Reason)
Skilled with traveling spells and rituals.

Unarmed (Vigor)
Training with unarmed fighting.

Warding (Reason)
Skilled with warding and protection spells and rituals.
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Mon 27 May 2013
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Adept Caster
You may cast 2nd, 3rd and 4th circle spells.  Must have Apprentice Caster.

Apprentice Caster
You may cast first circle spells.

Armored Caster
You may reduce the armor penalty by 2. May be taken more than once.

Blood Mage
You may use hit points instead of mana when casting spells. You may use your HP for some or all of the cost of a spell when it is cast.

Select a cause. You get a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls against enemies of that cause. May be taken more than once.

You may add your Reason attribute level to your magic attack damage once per combat.

You are trained in a craft like blacksmithing, carpentry or bowmaking. May be taken more than once.

Dual Wielding
You may wield a weapon in your off-hand without penaly. Does not grant an extra attack.

Double Attack
You get a second attack at -2 for wielding a weapon in your off-hand.  The off-hand weapon must be of the same type as the primary weapon.  Must have the Dual Wield Talent.

You have a small animal like a cat or falcon as a pet that can do some simple tricks.

You are followed by a henchman who carries your equipment and treasure around and may be asked to perform tasks.

You are a trained hunter and may live off the land easily. When given enough time, you can provide enough food to feed a party of four.

You are a talented leader any may command troops.

Lucky Devil
You may reroll any roll once per scene (or combat)

Massive Attack
You can add your Vigor attribute level to your melee attack damage once per combat

Precise Shot
You can add your Instinct attribute level to your ranged attack damage once per combat

You are trained in steering a boat or sailing ship and donít get any penalties for fighting on a sea vessel.

Sixth Sense
You may roll a die before any ambush or other situation where you are about to be surprised. If you roll 4+ you are not surprised and may act first.

Tough As Nails
Damage you take from an individual attack is reduced by 2.

This talent allows a character to go berserk during combat. Going berserk adds +2 to the Vigor attribute and all damage caused.  A berserk character temporarily ignores all damage effects: note all the damage the berserk character takes, and apply the total when the berserk rage wears off. The Reason attribute is reduced to 0 during the duration of the berserk effect, and casting of magic is impossible.

The character has to attack the nearest enemy and is only allowed to fight in close combat (melee or unarmed). When all the enemies are incapacitated or dead the berserker has to make an Easy (5) check using his or her normal, unmodified Reason score. If the check is successful, the effect ends and the character drops unconscious to the ground. A character who has taken enough damage to be reduced to 0 or less HP is dead or dying. Otherwise the character is knocked out for 2d6 minutes and awakes with a headache. If the roll was unsuccessful, the berserker has to attack the nearest ally but can continue making the roll to come out of berserk every combat turn.

Exceptional Attribute
This talent allows the player to roll two six-sided dice instead of one when making a check using the relevant attribute. The highest result counts.

Natural Armor
Natural armor usually is in the form of scales or thick fur that protects the character from damage. The Defense granted by natural armor works as long as no other armor is worn.

This talent grants a +2 bonus on all checks related to repairing, dismantling or using technical equipment like mechanical traps, golems, clockwork, etc.

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