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Sat 1 Jun 2013
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RTJ: Request to Join
Purpose:  The purpose of this group is to promote awareness, gain feedback, and announce changes to mobile apps targeted for RPoL  (currently their is only an Android app).

Request to Join and Name: Simply send a RTJ showing your interest. It is our policy to create your "player" with the same name as your RPOL username. If for some reason you wish to be more anonymous you will need to request that in the RTJ.

Adult Status: This is not an adult game, so we do not require age statements. Posting adult content will require punishment and will include informing the RPOL moderators.  This forum is for all ages so even mild profanity is NOT permitted.  Keep it clean, and be nice.

Posting Requirement: None.
We do hope you will participate. But if you want to join just to get updates on what's happening that's perfectly alright.

New Threads: New threads may be requested. Staff will review the necessity.

There's a RPoL app?  Where do I get it?
Android:  https://play.google.com/store/...knights.rpolnotifier

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