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Sat 1 Jun 2013
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OOC: General Off-Topic Discussion
The obligatory OOC thread:

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Sun 2 Jun 2013
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Re: OOC: General Off-Topic Discussion
Are there "IC" threads?  Kidding.

To introduce myself, I'm not a developer or programer, and I don't have an Android, but I'm curious, especially about the prospect of an iOS app.  Also, I'd like to see/learn about the current functionality of the Android app.
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Sun 2 Jun 2013
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Re: OOC: General Off-Topic Discussion
Right now the Android app just sends notifications.  My server monitors your XML/Atom feed and sends a push notification to let you know to visit the site. Eventually I would like to add some additional functionality.  I'm already looking at rMail and possibly some preemptive post fetching.

Hopefully by having  a mobile forum will attract an iOS dev for you guys.  I doubt I'll ever have the time or resourses to develop on that platform.  Unfortunately you need an Apple PC to develop for them.

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Tue 18 Jun 2013
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Re: OOC: General Off-Topic Discussion
Hey guys. I'm a digital project manager, by trade.

I'm an android user.

I think I found a bug today...

I had two notifications - the later one for Game X and an earlier one for Game Y. I pulled down my notification tab, and clicked the Game X notification. I was prompted to select a browser AWESOME ADDITION BY THE WAY ;) and when the browser opened it took me to Game Y.

Or... I clicked Game Y and it took me to Game X. I can't exactly remember... I was on the tram coming home from work. Ha. But yes. A little bug there, with multiple notifications.


As for future additional functionality... we'll have to get really creative to figure out what we can do with such limited touchpoints for data ;)