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GM Joe
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Mon 12 Aug 2013
at 04:01
Game Discussion
Use this to Discuss in game... tell me what your looking for and what ever.
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Tue 13 Aug 2013
at 03:08
Shopping List
OK Joe, here is the shopping list we came up with last night.  If anyone else needs something that is not on the list make sure you add to the list.

Chalk (10)
Climbing Pick
Flint and Steel
Blacksmith's 3# Hammer (already paid for)
Lantern (2)
Oil Flask (8)
Pitons (10)
Superior Rope  200'
Sack (50# x 4)
Waterskin (40)
Wedge, staying (4)
Torch (6)
Bedroll, light x3
Cask of Mead
pint sized flagon x4
pack harnesses for Camels x4
Cooking tripod w/ Hook
Spit with supports

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GM Joe
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Wed 14 Aug 2013
at 18:31
Re: Shopping List
Prices are set per item, if you seeking multiples of the same item then multiply the cost appropriately
Chalk (10) 4tp per 10 (1"x 4inch) 1#/10
Chisel   9bp/ cold chisel <0.5#>
Climbing Pick  7cp
Flint and Steel 15bp
Blacksmith's 3# Hammer (already paid for)
Lantern (2) 18bp each (50 radius  of light, holds 2 pints of oil, weights 2lbs empty)
Oil Flask (8) 2bp/Pint (1 pint leather flask 0.25#s) or 12bp/gallon(1 gal leather skin <1#>
Pitons (10) Spikes/Climbing spikes 10/3sp 2# per 10
Superior Rope  200' 1bp/50' Standard Hemp 8# or 1sp/50' Silk 4# 
Spade  2bp and weights 4.5#
Sack (50# x 4)5bp per Leather Large sack 2# (5cu'/50#s)  or  7bp per  Canvas Lrg Sack 1# (5cu' 50#s)
Tinderbox 5cp weighs 0.5#
Waterskin (40) 1bp/pint Skins<0.25#s>, 3bp/quart skin0.5#, 5bp/Gallon skin <1#>, 12bp/5gal Skin 2#
Twine  1cp per 50' 1# (10#test)
Wedge, staying (4) 4bp per iron wedge 4#, or 5tp per wood wedge 0.5#
Torch (6) 5cp/Metal Torch with Pitch or 5cp per Metal torch with oil reservoir
Bedroll, light x3 3bp per light bedroll 5#
Cask of Mead   5 gallon cask 3sp45#, 12gal barrel 6sp105#
pint sized flagon x4 3tp per Plain Wood Mug
Iron Pan 1bp small Iron pan 2# or 15cp larg iron Pan 5#
Iron Pot 4bp Iron 1Gal pot  20#
Wooden Spoon 2tp per wooden spoon 0.25#
Wooden bowl, small 1cp per bowl 0.5#

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GM Joe
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Thu 22 Aug 2013
at 04:34
Re: Shopping List
A Correction in the game, I believe I told you travel to the Pass was a little over half a days travel.

I misread the Map to get to the Pass itself i a Bit over 40 miles of travel.

To get to the area where you will need to leave the "Caravan Trail" to get to the ruins/Tomb, is about 2 to 2 and a Half days travel.

If you need to purchase anything else, Let me know.
 player, 14 posts
Thu 22 Aug 2013
at 07:04
Re: Shopping List
In reply to GM Joe (msg # 4):

Gonna need rations and I believe the last thing that is needed for the travel.  I am thinking about 3 weeks of rations per person.  This will give us a total of 12 weeks of rations, better make that 14 weeks of rations...

I like to eat.
GM Joe
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Sun 25 Aug 2013
at 23:29
Re: Shopping List
Depends on what kind of rations you want.

Standard Rations 1 week for 1 person = 6cp (standard spoilage)18lbs
Trail Rations 1 week/1 person = 1bp (preserved ) 14lbs
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Wed 5 Mar 2014
at 16:23
Re: Shopping List
I thought this would be a good thread to put this . . .

In the battle's continuation scheduled for this Sunday, I foresee I will shortly have to decide to burn life levels to get some power (or sit out the rest of the battle, which would might be bad for everyone).  I know a little about what is involved in doing this, but I thought if it could be posted here we could hit the ground running Sunday without having to first deal with this.

So, my questions:

1.  One level for ten power points, correct?
2.  How long does it take to do this?  Is it like casting a spell, or does it just happen when I declare it?
3.  You indicated I would be at -10%.  Is that for everything, or just physical stuff?
4.  How long does it take to get it back?  I know it's longer than for exhaustion, but that's all I know.
5.  I assume the penalties are cumulative if multiple levels are burned?
6.  Anything else I should know about this?
GM Joe
 GM, 148 posts
Thu 6 Mar 2014
at 05:37
Re: Shopping List
Kewl Thanks for asking... no one has ever wanted to even consider trying...

I will post the answers in the Spellcasting thread
 player, 40 posts
Thu 6 Mar 2014
at 13:52
Re: Shopping List
Nobody has tried it?  That sounds ominous.  Like when someone says, "I think I'll jump across this ravine" or "I'm going to drink that green bubbling liquid" and someone else says "Neat, nobody's ever tried that before."

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GM Joe
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Sun 9 Mar 2014
at 03:08
Re: Shopping List
game is on
GM Joe
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Mon 10 Mar 2014
at 00:06
Re: Shopping List
server is up
 player, 18 posts
Sun 2 Nov 2014
at 21:14
Re: Shopping List
Given the attack on the caravan when one of our camels was carried off; I'd suggest taking time to divide our water, foodstuffs (for humans) and provisions (for camels) as evenly as possible between the remaining pack animals.
 player, 47 posts
Mon 3 Nov 2014
at 00:07
Re: Shopping List
"I agree my short and hairy infidel friend" Jabari says with a smile
GM Joe
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Mon 17 Nov 2014
at 02:34
Re: Shopping List

Raurindi Camp dog

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 player, 50 posts
Tue 18 Nov 2014
at 19:58
Re: Shopping List
"My friends I am terribly sorry for not being with you but my handler (That infidel dog) was tied up with business concerns... his partner can be very difficult and since I am a creation of data - 0's, and 1.s, I could not teach that Infidel dogs a lesson in respectful boundaries...

The good news id that all my gaming buddies get a buy one get free - vets get a free shirt ...

really sorry I missed the game!
 player, 115 posts
Tue 18 Nov 2014
at 20:19
Re: Shopping List
On the bright side: we seem to have a group mascot.

See the post above yours.
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Tue 18 Nov 2014
at 23:00
Re: Shopping List
In reply to Gnelson (msg # 16):

can you give the $2 tour of what happened last week?
 player, 116 posts
Wed 19 Nov 2014
at 00:54
Re: Shopping List
$2 gets you this:

We found a dog (a Saluki) and took it in.  We haven't named him yet; I take this opportunity to suggest we call him "Lucky."

We survived a dust devil (a sort of tornado, not a literal devil) with no casualties or damage.

We found Pazar.  It is mostly swallowed by sand.

We investigated a giant statue and read the inscription, which basically confirmed this is Pazar and it was once glorious but now is not.

We found a mysterious boulder that has tunnel dug into the side.  The boulder was surrounded by a multitude of geodes.  The boulder is of an unknown (to us) rock, and was brought here through the use of powerful and ancient magic.  While the magic is still detectable, we cannot ascertain when or how it got here.  None of the magic is active, however.

We may eventually explore the tunnel(s) in the rock, or we may dig in the sand to find Pazar.  First, we are going to use the next few hours to finish scouting the portions of the nearly-buried city that are still above the ground.
 player, 52 posts
Wed 19 Nov 2014
at 02:45
Re: Shopping List
rmail me your paypal address...

 player, 21 posts
Wed 19 Nov 2014
at 04:26
Re: Shopping List
We found a dog (a Saluki) and took it in.  We haven't named him (her) yet; I take this opportunity to suggest we call him (her) "Lucky."

My suggestion is to call her "Wraith" (as she was very suffering from malnutrition, injuries and the heat when we found her).

Oh yeah, we also confirmed that "Razzle Dazzle" is a male dog and seems to have taken an interest in our new addition. We might want to consider elective surgery before our group becomes known as the "Dog Breeders." Just a thought.

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Thu 20 Nov 2014
at 15:24
Re: Shopping List
But I want to be able to scratch the dog behind her ears and say "Who's a lucky girl?  Who's a lucky girl?" and have it mean something.
 player, 53 posts
Thu 20 Nov 2014
at 16:46
Re: Shopping List
ok heres what I think - we need to name her Lucky but have it in arabic or another such language ....

Sansli pronounced Shan-slee is lucky in turkish... will look in to this a bit more as the day carries on
 player, 22 posts
Mon 8 Dec 2014
at 06:28
Re: Sand Golem aftermath
In reply to Jabari:

After the fight ended, some of us found an Amber-colored stone where the sand golem dissipated. After some discussion of whether or not to keep the stone (we suspected it to be the golem's essence); we filled a spare cooking pot with water, tossed the gem inside and sealed the lid as best we could. We then placed the cookpot inside one of the camel's large saddlebags.

Also: our two dogs (Razzle Dazzle and Lucky) dug up some bones during the fight. After some coaxing, we persuaded the dogs to let us take the bones without a struggle. We soon realized that they had found the bones of a very large human (approx 7; in height). Finally, we decided to lay the bones back to rest without further investigation.

The caravan workers insisted that we move the camp, so as not to sleep atop the bones of the dead; so we moved camp to the eastern side of the cavern entrance (the ruins are west of the entrance).
GM Joe
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Mon 15 Jun 2015
at 01:48
Re: Kalitharius


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