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Honor, Karma, Respect is how your character is viewed by the world/Universe at large.
Fitting into the "Role" the Universe and You Have chosen.

Honor is earned by Several Means.

Firstly, You will be rated on several Categories.

#1 Alignment
Alignment runs along 2 axis Good/Evil and Law/Chaos.
there is neutral ground between each axis for Grey area.
Law represents in a Belief that society needs laws and order to achieve it's Goals and that ones society or organization is more important than the individual. Chaos represents the belief in freedom of the Individual and that the individual is more important than the Society or organization.
Good Represents a Defined Moral Compass of what is Right and Wrong, where Evil believes in the end Justifying the Means or using what ever  you can to achieve your goals.

You must pick an Alignment that represents your characters Political and Social Out look in life.  Lawful/Good, Neutral/Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful/Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic/Neutral. No evil Alignments are allowed.

You will be rated on how well you play your characters adheres to your chosen alignment.

#2 Profession
You choose a profession and Should define your background around what you want that Profession to mean/Be. You will be rated on how well you follow that chosen Profession for your character. Does this mean if you choose a Magician you can not fight in melee or your acting against your Profession? No, But you should be using your spells and magic to accomplish your Goals.

#3 Roleplaying
Do you metagame? Do you play your characters Flaws and make sure they are accounted for? Do you participate in the Roleplay action in the game? Do you leave things just up to the Die? Or do you attempt to Describe and explain what your character is trying to do to accomplish his skill?

#4 Personal Honor

This one is Not a Rated in the same way as the other categories.
You will Gain honor for great deeds known by the world around you. You can Also Lose honor for deeds the World deems was disreputable for your character or for False rumors and accusations being spread about your character.

What can you use honor for?

Firstly, Depending on your Honor Level, you may gain benefits or penalties.

Disreputable = 0-5 points. -10 to all rolls
Low = 6-20 The average joe Citizen no bonuses no penalties
Average =  21-70  +5 to one roll per session.
Great = 71-100 +10 to one roll or +5 to 2 rolls per session and you receive 1 Mulligan per session.
Legendary = 101+ you get a +15 to 1 roll or a +10 to one and +5 to another roll or a +5 to 3 rolls a session. You gain 1 Mulligan and 1 GM forced Mulligan per session.

Also you can Spend your Points to Aid your character in his actions.

1 Point can be "burned" for a +5 to any die roll.
you can Burn 10 points to buy a mulligan or Force the GM to Mulligan a Roll.

Once you Hit Level 5, The Costs to spend Honor Double. At level 10 they tripple and So on every 5 levels.

Everyone Starts the Game with 21 honor.

You will receive additional Honor every 1/4 of a level.
you will receive up to 8 points of honor per quarter level.
I will also be tracking Exceptional events in game and you may earn or Lose an additional 1-2 points of Honor per event.

If you have any question, Please direct those questions to the Shout out thread.

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