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Spell casting Overview
Spell Casting Consist primarily of 2 Rolls ( 1 roll if it is a Non targeted Spell Like Projected Light)

The First Roll is the Casting roll. This roll determines if you are successful at casting the spell or if you Completely Muffed it up and possibly got an extraordinary spell failure.

In most cases you can Have a Partial success in casting it as well.
I use the Movement Maneuver table to determine your casting success. Consider all Rolls on the MM table to be on the Medium Difficulty chart.

A spell That is Cast equal to your Casting level/skill is a +0 to cast. (if you have 5 ranks you are consider a 5th level caster of that list so casting a 5th level, with full preparation, is cast at +0 to the roll.)
You get an additional +5 per level below you Casting level the spell is. that 5th level caster, casting a 2nd level spell would get a +15.
you can Also Over cast spells that you currently Know. If you know a List up to level 10 and, your casting level is 5, you can attempt to cast spells over level 5. but it is at a -10 for 1 level over, -20 for 2 levels over, -40 for 3 over, -80 for 4 levels over, -150 for 5 over.

Spells from level 6-10 have a -10 skill modifier regardless of caster level.
Spells from level 11-15 have a -20 modifier
Level 16-20 have a -40
level 21-30 have a -80
level 31-40 have -120
level 41-50 have -200

Partial Success may reduce the effectiveness of the effect where Extraordinary success may improve the effect. (Note: The Spell list skill is Replacing the "Spell Mastery" skill as well so if you spent points on Spell Mastery, please reassign them. )

If you roll an 01-02 unmodified it is an Automatic ESF failure with a Roll on the Spell failure tables. But if your casting also result in a Negative result it will be compared to the ESF failure tables for results.

You can Do several things with the casting roll, Like spell mastery, you can try to Alter the parameters of a spell. Though the degree of change on the spell will determine the difficulty modifier applied to the casting roll. For questing on just what "altering the parameters of a spell " Means Speak with me an I will give some examples.

Also, Spell preparation can affect the casting roll.

All Spells cast require a Minimum base casting time of 10 seconds (Except for Instantaneous spells which are 1 second cast time). If a Mage takes and additional base 10 seconds to prepare his casting, He can add a +20 to the roll. Taking a Base 20 seconds Time to prep Adds a Bonus of +40. Take a Base 30 Seconds to prep Give a Bonus of +80. Further time taken beyond this does not add any additional Benefit.

There a few other aspects that affect the casting roll that are specific to each realm of power.

Free Hands
Both Hands Free = +20 (Channeling/Essence), +10 (Mentalism/Arcane)
1 Hand Free =  No (All relams)
No hands Free = -50 (Channeling/Essence), -30 (Arcane), -20(Mentalism)

Vocal Components
Some Realms Require Vocal components to their casting matrix. Attempting to whisper these chants, or to Subvocalize them, incurs a penalty to successfully casting the spell.

Instantaneous Spells require not vocal Components.
Channeling: -50 Subvocalize Prayer, -25 to Whisper Prayer
Essence: -30 Subvocalize Chant, -15 to Whisper Chant (Illusionists suffer only -15 to Subvocalize and -5 to Whisper chants for Illusion Spells only.)
Mentalism: Requires no Chants or Vocalization.
Arcane: -40 Subvocalize Prayer, -20 to Whisper Prayer

Some Realms have difficulties when they are wearing or covered by to much Organic or Metal Materials. Penalties for the types of Materials are listed in the chart below.

Armor Type Essence penalty Channeling Penalty
1 0 0
2 0 0
3 0 0
4 0 0
5 -20 0
6 -30 0
7 -40 0
8 -50 0
9 -30 0
10 -50 0
11 -70 0
12 -100 0
13 -40 -30
14 -80 -50
15 -120 -80
16 -160 -120
17 -50 -40
18 -100 -80
19 -150 -120
20 -200 -160
* For Arcane, reduce all essence Penalties by 25%

Head coverings or Helmets can Also be detrimental to Casting.

Helmet Type Essence penalty Channeling Penalty Mentalism Penalty
All Leather -30 0 -40
Leather/Metal -50 -20 -80
All Metal -80 -40 -120
* For Arcane, reduce all essence Penalties by 25%

Instantaneous spell gain a +25 to casting.

The second Roll is the attack roll
If the Spell is considered a Targeted spell (any spell that has an Affect on ANYTHING targeted even if they are willing), then it requires an Attack roll. This can be either a Base attack Roll (BAR) For non Directed spell. This is for spells where the targets Make a Resistance roll to be affected (even friendly willing targets),
Or, In the case of Elemental attack spells, a Directed spells attack Roll. In this case, If the Result is an "F" on the Base attack Roll table, it means automatic Resistance by the target. No ESF is possible as it already passed casting procedures.
If it was a Directed spells roll and you roll in the Fumble range (or an unmodified roll of 1-2) on the attack table... it is treated Just like any other combat attack Fumble, with the results being rolled on said tables.

This is all I can think of at this time, I will add more as I remember.  Or ask Me in your private threads if something is Unclear or I haven't covered and I will post a response clarifying it here. I will also Put up an example of the rolls in the near future.

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Re: Spell casting Overview
Spell Casting And Fatigue
You burn 1 point of fatigue for every 1 Developed power point used base line.

If you Drop into your Base Power points you burn 5 points of fatigue for every 1 power point you burn.

Life Levels
Life Levels may be used/Burned for power points.

To determine how many Life levels you have follow, this Formula:

(5 + (con Bonus /10))yes this is a change from previous version.. Update your characters accordingly

IF you lose, or burn, a Point of Life level, you are at a -10 to All Actions, Per Life Level lost, Until it is healed/regained.
It takes 1 month per Life level lost to regain 1 life level.

Spell Casters can Burn a Life level as Spell points, up to 10 spell points of power. This can be considered a Form of Blood Magic in many Cultures. It is also Possible to Channel Life levels into power if you draw away the power released from a Person or creature at their death. Some casters Gain their power exclusively this way.
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Re: Spell casting Overview
After Consideration of the situation in the last session, Plus reviewing material on it in both RM2 books and RMSS spell casting books, I have added modifiers to the spell casting overview for the ignoring of such when needed. Please look this over and take note.
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Re: Spell casting Overview

Psions follow the same rules as spell casting in general except that it requires no Hands or vocalization. Though in some cases it may at least require Line of sight.