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Thu 24 Oct 2013
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Fatigue rates and Other Point calculations
Basic Fatigue Rates

Movement/ActionExh. Pts/event
Walk (x1)1/10 Min
Fast Walk (x1.5)1/5 Min
Run (x2)1/2 Min
Sprint (x3)1/10 sec
Fast Sprint (x4)1/1 Sec
Dash (x5)5/1 sec
Melee Attack1/10 sec
Missile Attacks 1/30 sec
Concentration 1/10 sec
Temp >100F x2
Temp >110F x3
Temp >120F x4
Temp >130F x8
Temp > 20F x2
Temp >-10F x3
Temp >-30F x5
Temp >-50F x8
Rough Terrain x2
Mountainous Terrain x3
Packed Sand/dirt x3
Bog/Loose Sand x4
>25% Wounds  x2
>50% Wounds x4
>10 Hours without sleep x2
>15 Hours without sleep x2
each add 5 hours w/o sleep +x2

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