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Training and Time
These rules no longer in use see new thread

You will notice, on your character sheet skill lists, that I have added a New column called "Train half days".

This represents the amount of time you would need to accrue in order to spend your development points buying another rank in the skill.

You can see that training time table I use on page 25 of "RM Companion V".

In My game, a "Half Day" is equivalent to 1 hours of time spent training.

This time can be acquired in several ways.

#1 you can Try to teach yourself. If you don't have any ranks in a skill at all, You will need some way of obtaining initial training, which might require a teacher. This method takes the Base time to acquire each half day.

#2 Teachers, trainers, Manuals, training/study equipment. Using these resources can actually Reduce the amount of Hours of study/Training needed to acquire a half day. This is generally represented by cutting the time required in half. Also certain skills, such as Research, Can also help reduce the time required.

#3 Practical use. Using your skills in a Actual experience situation can garner you half days. (Using your martial skills in an actual fight) These half days will be determined and awarded by me. If you feel that I missed/forgot to apply a reward you feel you should have earned, Please speak up about it in your private threads. I will then determine if any should be applied and do so or not dependent on whether the situation warranted it.

I have already gone through your lists when adding the new column. Please let me know if you think I missed anything.

Also, if there are skills you are wanting to get in the future, and may already be trying to acquire for your next level, Please add them to your skills lists so I can begin to watch for possibilities of earning half days.

If you have a skill that, during game play, has already accumulated enough traing hours then you may automatically spend the Dev points (if you have some to spend from the appropriate stats).
If you have accumulated More hours than needed for the next rank, the extra hours carry over to developing the next rank after that.

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Re: Training and Time
how to determine how many training hours you need. ( you may accumulate up to 10 hours a day normally, Exceeding this is possible but will gie you mental fatigue over time)

The chart below is how you determine your base Training time. This is the time needed to reasonably learn something on your own. Physical skills don't often need any resources, though to learn to climb you need something to climb and to swing a sword you need a sword. Academic skills are not always as easy as they need a source to learn from... The a Spell caster, as long as he is just increasing his skill (not learning a new list or portion of a list) can train to increase his skill as he already has access to the book/list up to a certain point.

As you add Resources to train with you can Decrease these training times.

For physical skills, a set up training ground can decrease the time by half. a Trainer can also decrease the time by half. If you have both, then you decrease the training time by half twice. So if a rank would take 16 hours to train and you had either training grounds or a trainer, it would only take 8 hours to train. If you had both, it would take only 4 hours.
(a trainer is some one more skilled than you. a Sparing partner is not a trainer.)

For academic skills, things work fairly close tot he same, though, in many cases, you can not just train without resources. Where a man can go out and climb trees, Houses and cliffs to train climbing, academics must find or have the resources to study from.
a Properly stocked Library (the higher your skill the more extensive a library you may need) research lab or Books on the subject can cut the time by half for your herb lore, rather than just going out and studying plants by themselves. and again, a Teacher can decrease the time by half as well.

Master Teachers/Trainers can have a larger effect on the time to train.

Reading the chart

The Column on the left Indicates the Rank you are trying to develop.
He Row across the top indicates the Level bonus you may be getting for the skill.

Cross referenced gives you the base number of hours needed to train the new rank.

Example: Gnelson has 2 ranks currently developed in the spell list Lofty bridges.
He wants to develop a 3rd rank and has a +1 bonus to spell lists. This shows that he needs 6 hours of study to train the 3rd rank. He also wants to get the 4th rank to the list which will require 11 more hours.  So he needs a total of 17 hours of study/training to be able to buy both ranks.  He gains access to a sages Library and spell lab. This reduces his time to train from 17 to 9 (always round up). If he also had a teacher who was more skilled in the spell list than he was, it would then reduce his required time to 5 hours to gain both ranks.
(6/2 = 3  then 3/2 = 1.5 round to 2  for the next rank 11/2 = 6 then 6/2 = 3 added tog ether = 5 hours of training)

Skill Rank  0 1 2 3
1 1 1 1 1
2 4 3 2 2
3 9 6 5 4
4 16 11 8 7
5 25 17 13 10
6 36 24 18 15
7 49 33 25 20
8 64 43 32 26
9 81 54 41 33
10 100 67 50 40
11 121 81 61 49
12 144 96 72 58
13 169 113 85 68
14 196 131 98 79
15 225 150 113 90
16 256 171 128 103
17 289 193 145 116
18 324 216 162 130
19 361 241 181 145
20 400 267 200 160

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