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GM Joe
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Tue 26 Aug 2014
at 03:00
Disucssion of  Possible New Shield Rule/Change.
Okay, I would Like to Implement this idea.

And I also Realize that No ones Character Currently actually uses a Shield.

But First I would Like to hear people's Thoughts on the idea and THEN get a Yes or No Vote from each person on it's Implementation.

This would apply to Both Missile and to Melee.

Instead of a Shield Applying a Bonus to ones Defense Bonus, It instead gives a Chance to "Block" and attack.

The Idea, for me,is that the way shields work currently in RM feels wrong.
Yes a Shield should make you harder to hit, But, a shield shouldn't help you take Less Damage. Plus, this will give a determinate possibility of when a Shield Might Be broken.

The Idea is that, When an Attacker makes an attack against an opponent that is defending with a shield, the Shield wielder makes an RR (Resistance Roll) against the attack to try and block it.

The Shield Wielder gets a Bonus to the RR based on the Size/Type/Quality of the shield.
The Attackers Level and the Defenders Level are determined by the Number of Ranks in each combatants skill (weapon skill ranks = attacker level, Shield Skill Ranks = Defenders Level)

The other option would be to make it strictly Skill vs Skill opposed rolls, Highest value wins. Might be simpler this way. Anyone with a shield, even with no skill, gets a Base roll with the Shields Bonus value added in.

I am still working on how to determine breakage and Damage, But Thinking basically that I would just use the Standard Breakage rules using the Blocked attack roll as the breakage check for both shield and weapon.

Another option is to base it upon the Attack rolls Damage dealt and crits.
1% chance of breakage per point of Damage dealt by the base hit, +5% for an A crit, +10 =B, +20=D, +50=E. Minus the material rating and Quality bonus of the shield (to be determined ). I actually Like this Idea better... but Again.. Putting the Ideas out there.

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GM Joe
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Thu 4 Sep 2014
at 13:49
Re: Disucssion of  Possible New Shield Rule/Change.
Anyone without Skill can sue a shield to Block.
They get a d100+ shield Bonus ( See below for our modified Shield Bonuses )
Those Who have Developed Skill ( Shield skill Str/AG cost = 1 handed Crushing (debating giving it a separate cost based on profession separate from weapons. )

If the Block roll exceeds the attack roll the Attack roll the The Shield Takes the hit.
The Gm checks the attack Roll on the Chart Normally for results less Defense using X AT ( still deciding on What AT to use though may define this based on Material type).
Compare the result versus what the shield can take.

Buckler = 10 hits / -1 Crit reduction
Target = 15 Hits / -1 Crit
Normal = 20 hits / -2 Crit
Full Shield = 25 Hits / -2 Crit
Wall Shield = 30 hits / -3 Crit

All Hits that exceed the shields "absorbancy" Transfer into the character +5 hit per crit type exceeded.
Johns Target shield is hit for a 22C, The Shield reduces the the hits by 15 and the crit 1 level, but since it still exceeded the shields absorbancy, John Feels the blow, taking 17 hits of damage. 22-15+10 for 2 crits higher.
Had John been using a Normal shield, he would have only suffered 7 hits of damage from the shock of the blow.

Also, The Gm would check for breakage normally, But the breakage factor of the shield would be permanently reduced by 5 points for each level of crit that exceeds it's value, and -1 point for each crit level it absorbed.

Now of course, Quality Material and even Magic Can increase the Absorbancy levels of a Shield. And Magic Makes it more resilient.
Magic shields Aren't as Easily "beaten" to death.  They Only take damage to the Breakage factor at a rate of -1 per crit that exceeded it's value. Crits that are absorbed have no effect of a Magically enchanted shield.

A Shield can Absorb additional hits equal to it's Quality/Magical Bonuses, and it's Crit absorbancy is increased 1 level per 10 points of quality/magic.
GM Joe
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Thu 4 Sep 2014
at 13:50
Re: Disucssion of  Possible New Shield Rule/Change.
 Squigy and Lenny face off in a fight.

Squigy has is using Broadsword and Normal Shield (1/2 Parry bonuses)
DB: 15
OB : 80 with 20 points put to DB ( DB = 25)
Shield Block skill = 40+25 giving him a 65 to block.

Lenny is Just using a Broad sword
DB : 15
OB :80 with 20 points to DB ( DB = 35 )

Lenny Attacks Squigy and Rolls 85+60 for OB = 145 less Squigy's DB of 25 = 120
Squigy rolls to Block the attack with his shield and rolls 74+65 = 139
He succeeds in blocking the blow.
Lenny's Attack of 120 would have yielded a 15DK.
Since Squigy is using a Normal shield, the Shield absorbs the 15 hits of damage. But since the shield can only absorb the shock of  2 levels of crit, (an A or B crit ) there are still 2 levels of crit exceeding it. Squigy Feels the shock of the Blow, taking 10 hits damage through the shield. (5 hits damage per crit level exceeding the shields rating).
He feels good though cause that blow could have seriously hurt him.
But the Blow Also left a good Mark on his shield (BF is now reduced 12 points from 155 to 143)

On the Next Attack
Lenny Rolls a 113+60 = 173 - 25 = 148
Squigy Rolls to Block rolling an 80+65 = 145 Not enough to Block so he suffers a sever Blow.
Taking a 22E
Had Squigy but rolled a few Points Higher the Shield would have reduced the Hits to 2 Points Plus 15 from the Excess crit shock value leaving Lenny suffering 17 hits of damage but relatively Uninjured.
But the, Blow Lenny Delivered also exceeded the shields Currently reduced Breakage Factor. BF 143 vs Attack of 148, checking the BF of the sword shows it to have a BF 160, So Squigy's Shield Would have shattered under Lenny's Blow becoming Useless to defend with.
GM Joe
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Fri 12 Sep 2014
at 20:45
Re: Disucssion of  Possible New Shield Rule/Change.
no opinions? No comments?
Amon Ad'Raza
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Fri 5 May 2017
at 23:57
Re: Disucssion of  Possible New Shield Rule/Change.
In reply to GM Joe (msg # 4):

I would like to play test it... since I am less familiar with rr rolls I am inclined to pick the d100 roll.

This would make going for a shield shatter much more viable, and I prefer an active defense